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Hi there!  I’m Honey (yes, that really is my name).

I’m Honey Kaho’ohanohano, the wife, mother and blogger behind Honeygirl’s World.

I’m a 30 something (almost 40, but who’s counting) life loving, makeup hoarding mom and wife who really tries to get the most out of life.  I am the Editor and Chief Momma of this blog.  Here on Honeygirlsworld.com you’ll find everything and anything that my life revolves around whether it be food, my weight loss journey, inspiration, beauty and skin care or anything in between.  This site is an ever growing hub of my life.  I truly hope you enjoy the visit and find some inspiration for your daily life.

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Being a wife and mother can be one of the biggest challenges in life sometimes.  While overwhelming, I’ve been able to continue to dance to the beat of my own drum (with the help and support of family of course).  I started this blog as a way to document my life’s frustrations and so much has happened since I began writing here over 10 years ago, I:

  • Had several miscarriages and struggled to get pregnant
  • finally was able to get pregnant and start a family with my husband (boys are 14, 8, 8)
  • went through a variety of career changes (but who’s counting?)
  • had twins – probably one of my biggest challenges in life
  • suffered and continue to suffer from postpartum depression
  • spend endless evenings sleeping alone due to my husband’s job
  • started this blog as a way to document life

My life has been interesting, overwhelming and at many times I feel like I just want to run away and hide under the covers, but I push on and look forward to a brighter and much more interesting future.  I continue to write here as a way to move forward and onward with positivity and grace.  Everything I learn about products, being a wife and parent and all the bits and bobs in between, I try to share with you.  So maybe, you can take a little of what I have to offer and incorporate it into your life.

Here at Honeygirlsworld.com, I hope to share a little piece of me with all of you while giving you the tools to be able to balance your life with everyday obstacles and with products that will make it all interesting.