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Explore The World With Lewis N. Clark Electrolight Backpacks



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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I was just reading about Lewis N. Clark ultra lightweight, little travel bags that come in a bigger bag the other day, and they sounded awesome. This is a brand worth knowing about for sure.

    • the duffle bag is pretty awesome. Since my eldest goes to camp in the summer, I am gonna pick one up for him to stash in case he needs more room to hold things on the way home. They really are awesome.

  • Lola Seicento

    What clever backpacks! It’s absolutely brilliant that they collapse flat! These are so practical for traveling too!

  • Love these backpacks! They look super light but looks like they can fit in quite a bit.

  • marciaf

    Great colors and I can see why your boys would like them.

  • I love the design!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    The backpacks look so cool!!!!

  • Those would be perfect for hiking! My kids would love them!

  • Wow, it holds up to 60lbs! That’s a lot, these sounds great!

    • It can hold up to 60 lbs… but its not suggested to do so consistently. It’s mainly used for light things – jacket, towel, water bottle, book, etc. The 60 lbs is if you really need it to hold something heavy for a moment when you have nothing else.

  • These look so useful and perfect for kids who need to pack around all of their stuffs.

  • My backpack-carrying days are over… or so I thought! These would be perfect for a trip to the theme parks or the beach around here. Love that they don’t add any more weight to what I’m already carrying.

  • I love versatile bags! I would definitely be using this for a gym bag if I got one!

  • Oh this is super cool!

  • Soooo awesome! How many times I wished for something like this to take with me when I walk the long pedestrian path by our local river. There are no water fountains so you have to bring your own water and the bathroom of sorts doesnt have a sink so I would have to bring sanitizer. When I would go on those walks I hated worrying about pockets to put things in and shifting a water bottle from one hand to another for hours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😀

  • I love that they are so lightweight!