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Fitness Friday – Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories With TKO Jump Rope



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  • TinaBowling

    You know I bought a jump rope a while back and never really used it. Thanks for the reminder, I need to go find mine!

  • Jumping rope is supposed to be fantastic for a lot of reasons. When I was young, my older brother was a boxer and he jumped rope to get in shape for a fight. I wonder if my bad knees could take jumping rope again?

  • marciaf

    I haven’t jumped rope is years and years. I know it’s great cardio.

  • I love jumping rope and do about 500 jumps every three days. I am working on making it every day, but scheduling and life get in the way.

  • That is such a cute rope! I remember the TKO boxing stuff! Glad to see they have a whole fitness line.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    If I tried to jump rope I’d probably break something. I use to double dutch and all that when I was younger, but just thinking about it now makes my muscles ache haha