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Prioritizing My Health and Wellness with Nature Made® Probiotics



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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Probiotics, insoluble fiber and water are musts for me especially after last year and my ailments! Hope you’re doing better, Honey!

    • I take probiotics, fiber gummies and water. I have a hard time with regular fiber… so the gummies seem to help me much more so that I can keep up with my IBS a little more. I’m not doing well… but better and hoping to slowly improve. Thank you 😉

  • These sound great!

  • These sound great for helping out your tummy.

    • yes, definitely great for my tummy and has made a difference with my IBS

  • Pubali Babi Chatterjee

    Oh a pill?! Yes! Much better than trying to remember to eat yogurt!

    • 2 pills actually – you take one for your small intestine and one for your large intestine. It’s easy to swallow, not too big and goes down easy 😉

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I’m happy that you’re taking steps to a better health! Cheers

    • I have always tried my best to be as healthy as possible… with daily exercise and lots of water, but after the few scares I had this year… it looks like it’s not enough. So I’m hoping that some changes will make a difference 😉

  • I’ve never tried taking probiotics, but considering all the digestion and stomach issues I have, it’s definitely something I should look into!

  • Lola Seicento

    Probiotics are really effective for aiding digestion!

  • all_the_words025

    I’ve never taken probiotics, but the benefits sound pretty great and two pills couldn’t be easier.

  • I’ve tried probiotics. They did bupkiss. lol

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I just started taking probiotics and have heard amazing things about them