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Finding the perfect holiday gift for someone who is on the go constantly can be a challenge.  When I worked in Corporate America and traveled often, I rarely seen family, friends or my bed for weeks on end so the last thing you want to do is get a gift for someone that they will not utilize.  However, traveling does not mean that you need to skimp on the cleansing and that’s where the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite comes into play.  Recently I posted my thoughts on the Soniclear Elite which you can read about here and today I am sharing with you a great little gift idea for the skin care lover in your life that is not only on the go but that may travel.  Not a traveler?  Don’t worry – this fun little gadget will satisfy the beauty lover in you or someone you love.

Holiday Gift Idea For The Traveler - Cleanse On The Go With Michael Todd Soniclear Petite

The Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Offers all the great sonic powered cleansing you can expect from the full sized version, in a travel friendly one.  This cute little system retails for $99 and the color Tutti Fruitti can be found at Ulta and Ulta.com.  The Soniclear Petite is great for all skin types and includes your Soniclear Petite unit, 1 Facial Brush head with cover, 1 Charging/Storage Cradle and 1 USB Universal Voltage Charger.  What makes the Soniclear Petite so unique is that it not only cleanses the same as the full sized, but it’s smaller size makes for packing and travel easy and the Universal USB Enabled Charger allows you to charge your unit on the go – in the car, etc.

Cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush and the Soniclear is the World’s First Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System.  The Soniclear brush heads are treating during the manufacturing process with LIFE antimicrobial product protection to inhibit up to 99.9% of stain and odor causing bacteria.  The Soniclear antimicrobial brushes stay cleaner and fresher for 6 months before needed to be replaced.  That is not only convenient, but it also means you save some money since replacing your brush heads are not as often as other brands.

Holiday Gift Idea For The Traveler - Cleanse On The Go With Michael Todd Soniclear Petite

The Soniclear Petite comes with 3 customizable speeds which allows you to adjust the unit to what works for you and your skin.  You literally can strip away all the dead skin cells, makeup, dirt and oil 6x better than your hands alone leaving you with great skin.  The brushes move at up to 18,000 times a minute to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin, but still offering a gentle clean.

Cleaning this unit is easy as pie and simple as simple as cleaning the full sized.  I simply apply a little more of my cleanser and clean the brush head before storing to dry.  It’s waterproof and has an automatic timer that helps to standardize cleansing for consistent results each time you use it.  I enjoy using my Soniclear Petite as a part of my skin care regimen and rave about this product as much as I do the original – it really is that good.  Since I have sensitive skin – I am unable to use my Soniclear daily, but that is not the fault of the unit – just my skin.  I love it regardless.

Holiday Gift Idea For The Traveler - Cleanse On The Go With Michael Todd Soniclear Petite

If I had to make one suggestion, it would be that I wish it had a little bag or carrying case to make for easy travel and transport.  Otherwise, I love how “petite” and compact the Soniclear Petite is and the cute watermelon shade is awesome.  The Soniclear Petite does come in a few other colors as well but Tutti Frutti is exclusive to Ulta.  This makes the perfect Holiday Gift for the beauty lover in your life – whether they travel or not and a great addition to any skin care lovers arsenal.

Have you tried the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite or any of the Soniclear products?  If so – what do you think of them?  Is this on your wish list this holiday season?

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If you asked me 5 years ago “Are you happy with where your skin is?” I would probably answer you with a big fat NO!  Five years ago I used foundation and concealer to hide my imperfections and having turned 30 then, my skin was freaking out on me.  I found out later that I had severe Eczema and that after having my twins, my skin needed a little more finesse.  It’s funny when I think back at everything I had been doing to my poor face then.  I had just had my twins and my face really did have it’s fair share of break outs.  After changing up my skin care routine, adding and removing certain products from my skin care regimen and knowing what works and what doesn’t, my skin has come a VERY long way.  Recently I have added the Foreo Luna to my cleansing arsenal.  I have tried many different cleansing brushes in the past, (some were fails, some worked well, some were too harsh), I had hoped the Luna would be a product I would love and let me tell you, it is!

Foreo Luna

Cleansing my skin has always been an important part of who I am and my entire skin routine, but I didn’t realize that harsh products both for cleansing, treating and even tools were causing my skin to have my Eczema flare ups.  Having added the Foreo Luna to my cleansing regimen, I have found that it will now be a product I can’t live without.  I have been using this product consistently for several weeks and have found that even with my severely sensitive skin – I’ve been able to get great results from this tool.  Like any other cleansing tool, I’m unable to use it daily for I will get a reaction, but I find that I can use it every other day unlike some of my favorite cleansing brushes like the Soniclear, which I am only able to use once a week.

The LUNA is a cleansing and anti-aging device with a breakthrough approach to skin care.  It’s T-Sonic pulsations are sent through the ultra-soft and smooth silicone touch points to deeply clean, but gently remove dirt, oil and makeup residue.  After one use I immediately noticed my skin looked radiant and brighter and my skin looked healthier.  After one use, I fell in love with this product instantly.  The unit I have is specifically designed for Sensitive / Normal skin however, there are options available for Combination skin and Ultra Sensitive skin types too.

Foreo Luna

The Luna has soft “rounded” silicone touch points which mean there are no abrasive surfaces on the unit resulting in a gentler clean then sharp oscillating brushes that you get from your standard facial cleansing devices.  The ultra-hygienic silicone design is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup making it up to 35x more hygienic than bristled brushes and since the Luna’s silicone brushes are so durable, they don’t require replacing.  While the Luna is definitely an investment in your skin, it will also save you money in the long run in having to purchase replacement heads as you would for the traditional facial-cleansing brushes.

I use my Foreo Luna for just two minutes at night when cleansing – every other day (since my skin is too sensitive to use daily).  Since I have sensitive skin, I also use my very gentle Cetaphil cleanser as it cleanses gently with the unit and makes my cleaning experience feel like I’m getting a facial.  Using the product is so simple – simply apply your cleanser, wet your Luna and then turn it on and use it on your face.  After I cleansed (1 minute), I then use the back side of the unit (the Anti-Aging mode) and apply to the wrinkle-prone areas that I would normally treat with wrinkle creams.  In just a matter of a few days I noticed a dramatic change in how bright and radiant my skin looked.

Foreo Luna

Besides the awesome gentle cleansing I get from this unit, I love how easy it is to not only use but charge.  This cool little device is charged once and will last up to 450 uses for each full charge.  The Luna is waterproof, which means I can use it in the shower and not worry about a thing and like I mentioned previously you don’t have to change out a brush head like you would other products.  While I do enjoy my Soniclear – that is one thing I didn’t like and the Luna is much gentler on my skin than any brush I have used on my face.  You have several different levels of power on the device so you can adjust the settings to fit your sensitivities and the unit has a built in light in the base that will illuminate to let you know when to move around on your face to get the best possible clean in the time allotted.  This is perfect for those on the go or moms like me who are busy and have their hands full with mommy stuff.  Just two minutes a day (two minutes every other day for me) and you have a great cleanse and an anti-aging regimen all in one.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on skin care products and tools over the years and I’m glad to have the Foreo Luna in my life.  It has definitely made waves of positive changes for me and my skin.  If you are interested in checking out this product – click here and see if it is right for you.  Also you can head on over to foreo.com for more details.

Have you tried the Foreo Luna before?  If not, is this a product you may be interested in?

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Disclaimer:  This product was provided to me for review and consideration as a part of iFabbo.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links may be posted through out.