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Ugh… the cold and dry winter weather are still taking its toll on my skin, especially since Hawaii has consistently been experiencing “colder than usual” weather this year.  I know, I know… with so many friends from around the World – 60 Degrees is not necessarily “cold” – but hey, when you get 90 degree weather year round… the body eventually starts to go on strike when it experiences 40 – 60 degrees over the course of 3 or more months.  Nonetheless, I digress.   I have my little arsenal of beauty products to help combat the cold while keeping my skin moisturized, but my feet and especially my heels tend to take the most beating.  Dry and slightly callused heels, toes and the balls of my feet are absolutely NO BUENO, but thanks to Zim’s Max Crack Creme, the colder months have not been so brutal to my skin.

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I featured Zim’s here on my site a few months back, talking about the Zim’s Max Freeze Patches which you can read about here.  Today, I’m going to be sharing with you some information on the Zim’s Max Crack Creme and how it worked for me.  Zim’s started over 60 years ago with teh creation of Zim’s Crack Creme by a pharmacist in Austintown, Ohio.  Local cement workers frequently visited the pharmacy, complaining of dry, cracked skin; since the cement business took its toll on the workers’ hands and feet.  The pharmacist saw the need at hand and began developing an all-natural, herbal-based liquid formula designed to help the cement workers.  The formula later became what was called “Cement Workers’ Lotion.”

The lotion was sold locally after World War II, and it earned a strong and loyal following.  After many years, the product was eventually renamed Zim’s Crack Creme and was introduced on a national level.  This product is now one of many available from Zim’s and has become a household name for many.

Zim's Max Crack Creme, Zim's Max, Zim's, crack creme, sensitive skin, arnica, llex flower, aloe vera, dry skin, soft skin, skin care, beauty, skin

The Original Zim’s Max Crack Cream Liquid Formula retails for about $6.99 at most retailers and comes in a 2 oz. bottle.  It’s an all-natural multi-use liquid herbal formula that softens and moisturizes dry, cracked skin.  It’s recommended to use for nighttime but can be used through out the day as well.  I prefer to use it at night after getting out of the shower and before bed.  You can use this product on hands, feet, elbows, cuticles and so much more.  What makes this oil so great is some of the ingredients that it has – Arnica flower extract and Myrcia Oil.  I have used Arnica capsules over the years to help with any swelling, bruising, aches and pains in the muscles and sprains as well as for sea sickness for loved ones.  Seeing the Crack Cream have Arnica as an ingredient really excited me, because I had hopes that it would be a great treatment for my tired, achy and dry feet.

This liquid formula has been wonderful.  Even though it’s been cold – the liquid keeps my skin feeling and looking soft and it’s perfect to use when giving or getting a foot massage.  It’s soothing and immediately infuses moisture into the skin.  This is not greasy or sticky – your skin will soak it up immediately so it’s fine to use at any time.

Zim's Max Crack Creme, Zim's Max, Zim's, crack creme, sensitive skin, arnica, llex flower, aloe vera, dry skin, soft skin, skin care, beauty, skin

The Zim’s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula retails for $6.99.  It is an herbal formula just like the liquid, but has a lotion like consistency.  This product softens and moisturizes dry, cracked skin and is a great compliment to the Original Liquid Formula.  Just like the original liquid formula, you can use the Crack Creme Daytime Formula on your hands, feet, elbows, cuticles and so much more.  This formula and product are ideal for dry split fingers that you hear are often associated with dry atmosphere weather in wintertime or southwestern climates and for people like my dad who has been a mechanic for years, this works well too.

This has been my go-to for daytime use and in the morning when I get up.  My skin can by dry, especially with the cold winter we’re experiencing here and this product has done wonders.  It has a minty fresh like scent – definitely not overpowering at all – in fact, you may need to really smell it well to pick up the hint of fragrance.

This particular cream is much like the liquid form in that once you rub it in, it soaks into the skin quickly.  You don’t have to worry about your hands being slippery once it has really soaked into your skin and I like this, because it allows me to get back to work or even drive without any issues like traditional hand creams.  There is no sticky, slippery or greasy feeling which is a HUGE plus for me.

I love when a product works and works well, but an important thing for me when it comes to products is availability.  Zim’s is not only affordable but easy to order off of their website.  But, I have been seeing it at my local Walmart which is great because I’m able to stock up or replenish this product once it runs out.  I shared these particular products with my dad as well and he thinks they’re awesome, my husband does too.  When you get the seal of approval from a man or men that work with their hands… I think you definitely have a winner.

Have you tried anything from Zim’s before?  What about the Max Crack Creme or Liquid, do you think you could get some use out of these products during the winter or year long?

These products and many more can be found on their website at: http://www.zimsusa.com/

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About 8 months ago I was introduced to my first Konjac Sponge and I’m not gonna lie… I took it out of the packaging without reading the directions on how to use it and stared at it for a good 5 minutes, trying to figure out how something so hard could be useful to cleansing my face.  My husband stopped and looked at me oddly until he finally asked “What’s wrong babe?”  I explained to him that I didn’t get what all the hype on this product was about… it seemed way too hard to be rubbing on my face.  He chuckled and then said… “Um, I think you need to soak it in water and it softens and expands.” lol Needless to say, I laughed so hard after trying it out, I couldn’t breathe.  Now months later and I have used several different sponges similar and it is now a part of my daily skin care regimen.  To say I love them… would be an understatement.

Japanese Konjac Sponge


So now I introduce you to the Japanese Konjac Sponge with Citrus Fruits.  This is a 100% natural facial cleanser konjac sponge, eco friendly, vegan and made of natural vegetable fibers of konjac.  This is the fourth konjac sponge I have tried over the last 8 months or so and definitely one of my favorites.  Retailing for $11.65 on the Japanese Konjac Sponge website, the sponges are available in a variety of selections… bamboo charcoal, cherry blossom, green tea, mint, pure white and the citrus fruits which is what I am discussing today.  I have not had the opportunity to try the other selections – but my goal is to try them all, but I’m very pleased with the Citrus Fruits puff.  This is the first sponge I have tried from this particular brand and I think I may have found my favorite brand of Konjac sponge so far.  While I do have very sensitive skin and there are some places on my face I must be very delicate when using this sponge on, this sponge helps my face to feel clean, soft and exfoliated without a harsh feeling like exfoliating scrubs can do.

Japanese Konjac Sponge

The Japanese Konjac Sponge is made out of Konjac plant root grown in Japan.  the Konjac sponge has been used as a cleansing sponge for babies and adults, first by the Japanese for more than 100 years.  When the sponge is wet, it has a pleasantly soft texture that makes it safe and gentle for the skin.  The unique alkaline layer of wet Konjac sponge neutralizes slightly acidic grime, which helps to break down dirt and oil, leaving the skin fresh and clean.  It also contains positive ingredients that help to nourish and smooth the skin naturally.

How to use:

Using the sponge is easy… simply rinse and soak the dry sponge with warm water until it is fully softened and expanded.  You will notice that the sponge almost doubles in size.  You will then cleanse your face with the water soaked sponge.  You can use this daily with your favorite cleanser to compliment and create a rich lather for an incredibly therapeutic experience.  I like to massage my face with the sponge.  You also do not want to rub the sponge harshly on any areas where you have acne, break outs or sensitive areas.  Rinse the sponge well after use and then gently press the sponge between your two hands to drain the water out.  Do not twist/squeeze too hard as you may damage or tear your sponge.  Keep your sponge in a dry place when not in use and you can replace the sponge every 4-6 weeks.  

I hang my sponge up in my shower with the attached string and keep it in an area in the shower that is dry.

Japanese Konjac Sponge
This is the Japanese Konjac Sponge when it is dry.
The sponge is made from 100% Konjac Glucomannan, Japanese Citrus Fruits Extract and Yellow Clay.  Infused with Yuzu, a Japanese Citrus fruit extract, which helps to sooth and keep the skin hydrated, moist and soft.  This product helps to remove blackheads, oil and dirt and softly exfoliates the skin.  Thoroughly cleanses pores and hydrates and balances skin pH.  This sponge helps to eliminate excess sebum, is 100% biodegradable and has no harmful chemicals.  I also love that is is fragrance and preservative free.
This is what the Konjac sponge looks like when it is soaked in water and wet.
This is what the Konjac sponge looks like when it is soaked in water and wet.

As you can see from the photos above, the Konjac sponge increases in size when it is wet.  It also becomes very soft and feels wonderful to the touch.  Since I have super sensitive and eczema prone skin, while I do use this sponge all over my face, I must be very soft in places I am known to have flare ups, because even if the sponge is soft and feels wonderful on my face, any little thing can cause a flare up.  Thankfully – my flare ups have been minimal and I have been able to keep them at bay.

Overall considering the price and the longevity you will get out of this sponge, I’m not only impressed but it is definitely a must-have in my skincare routine.  I have noticed my skin feels softer and even looks brighter, but most importantly it feels really clean.  Make sure you remove as much makeup from your eyes and face as possible prior to using your sponge so that you do not have the residue from your cosmetics left on the sponge so that it will last longer.  I love that this sponge is suitable for dry skin, which is definitely a plus with my eczema and most importantly to me, it is made in the USA.  At the price point it is being offered, I am very excited to try some of the other sponges they have available and I know this will be an essential part of my skincare regimen for years to come.

Have you ever tried a Konjac Sponge before?  What are your thoughts on this product?  I know that it has been around for some time, but it’s fairly new to me and I’m really enjoying this product.

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Steam Cream Precious

Winter is the most brutal time for my skin – especially since I have really severe eczema.  After years of battling issues, I have finally found natural ways to keep my crazy skin at bay – but I am always looking for new treatments that can pamper my skin.  I have used MANY different moisturizers in the past and I am very happy to add Steam Cream to my skin care products that I like.

Steam cream - precious

Steam cream is a light weight moisturizer that can be used universally to add moisture to your face, hands and body.  It is suitable for all skin types and is handmade using quality natural ingredients that are fused together with a shot of steam.  By doing this unique method you are left with a light weight moisturizer that provides long lasting hydration for your body, face and hands.

STEAMCREAM is handmade in the UK and Japan with fresh, traceable ingredients. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin straight away. It makes your skin simply the best it can be, naturally.

Our beautiful, eco-friendly limited edition tins are designed by us but we do also enjoy working with other inspiring designers to spice things up. Grab your favourites before they sell out!

When you’ve used your STEAMCREAM, keep your tin for storing things and come back to see what’s new.

STEAMCREAM is an award winner. We won the CEW (UK) Award for Best Everyday New Skincare and Pure Beauty Award for Best Design & Packaging. Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why!

Steam Cream - Precious

Some of the ingredients included in this product include:  Oatmeal, Orange Flower Water, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter – to name a few.  The scent smells of a light lavender and I was amazed that it was not too overbearing for me (I’m pretty sensitive to smell).  The cream is not as thick as I thought it would be – it almost has more of a lotion or cold cream texture.  The cream is not only All Natural but also Vegan.  The product is made in kitchens (yes, totally handmade) in the UK and Japan.

Steam Cream Precious

The cream offers a nice hydration for my skin and I didn’t have any reaction to it – which is a great plus considering I always have issues with new skincare products.  While my hands and body enjoyed the moisture, I could not use the product on my face due to my face being too sensitive.  The cream is slightly oily (slippery) and while it soaked in nicely on my body and hands, it left my face feeling very greasy.  I love it for use on the body – but I can’t use it on my face.  I do love how it feels on my body and it soaked in to my hands nicely enough that my hands were not slippery when I tried to drive (my biggest pet peeve).

Steam Cream Swatch

Each cream comes in a very cool tin.  There are many Limited Edition designs available on the site and they come in so many cool looks for any one you have in mind.  I have precious (the pink/white tin pictured) and Shu (gold/red pictured).  The designs are definitely what catch my eye.  The tin itself seems quite tiny – especially for their $20 price tag, but there is 2.5 oz worth of product in each tin which means you will get a lot of use out of this little container.  I love that the tin twists on tight so I have been able to carry it in my purse for safe keeping without worrying that it will damage the contents of my bag or my bag itself.  I also love that the tins are reusable once the cream is gone.  This is totally a plus because these tins are so cool.

Steam Cream - Shu

Overall I’m very pleased with this moisturizing cream – especially for use all over my body.  The tins they have available have me completely mesmerized because of their awesome designs, about 50 total.  While the creams texture is a little odd for me (being a body butter user), it didn’t stop me from using it consistently.  The moisture the product gives lasts for most of the day and the light scent is not overpowering – it doesn’t battle against my daily perfume or body spray.

Sparkle rating… 4.0 – it offers awesome hydration for my body and hands, but I cannot use it on my face.

Check out steamcream.co.uk/for more information, to look at all the tin designs available and to order.