Let me be real with you all for a second… when asked, “What is your no makeup makeup look?”  I’ll straight up answer you with… “Um, no makeup – at all!”

But, It’s absolutely no secret that my every day makeup look (if I am using any makeup that is) is mascara and a lippy and on most days.  Since I really do not use makeup, but I want to add a little sexy to the mix, I’ll pull out my big guns, my heavy hitters… my HG products.  So today, in collaboration with a few gals from the Beauty Blogger Collab, I’m bringing to you my “no makeup” makeup look.  This is what I put on when I need a little swag in my look, but still want minimal makeup.  Of course, like I mentioned earlier – if you are looking for a look with literally no makeup, well – that works too 🙂

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

So let’s chit chat a little about what my no-makeup makeup look is.  I definitely want to look polished and put together and it all starts with great skin and my skin care regime.  To give me that fresh dewy look that I love, I make sure to cleanse, add my favorite serums like Hyaluronic Acid and Anti-Wrinkle serum and then finish with a great moisturizer.  These products alone give me a natural glow and really freshen up my face and my look.  It’s essential that I do this each day to keep a youthful appearance.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

My basic and daily makeup products for me are mascara and lip balm so mascara and a lippy of choice is a definite must have.  My lashes are really short, so if I have clear eye lash glue on hand, I’ll slap on a pair of flirty false lashes, but today I opted for a few coats of mascara to help open up my eyes.  Since I have my eyeliner tattooed, adding mascara to my lashes not only opens my eyes more but also enhances my tattooed liner and makes my lash line look fuller.  My lips are another thing… if I am not pulling for a colored lip balm, I’m reaching for my favorite nude lippies to help enhance my pout.  Usually my no-makeup look would stop there, but if I want to add a little something extra, I’ll add a blush, highlight and a light contour.  Applying these with a light hand are key to get that sunkissed and radiant look that adds a little to your makeup but keeps them guessing if you have anything on.

Here are the products I used on my look today:

  • Brows – For my brows, since they are shaped fairly well and are full, I used my NYX Control Freak Eye Brow Gel.  (Review here)  I swept this product over my brows to set them in place for the day.
  • Lashes – Since I have short lashes, I like to layer certain mascaras to make my lashes stand out without false eyelashes.  Today I used my Covergirl Super Sizer mascara layered with Benefit’s Roller Lash.  These two lashes paired together help to give me some length and volume without looking spidery or clumpy.
  • Lips – One of my absolute go-to lippies for an “every day” or no-makeup look is MAC’s High Tea.  This lipstick is the perfect nude with a gloss texture and offers the perfect color to compliment my pout.
  • Bronzer – To add a little warmth, a light bronze and some subtle contouring I used Laura Geller’s Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Bronzer in medium.  Using a domed bronzing brush I light dust this all over the areas I want to give a subtle bronze look.  It’s not about contouring but more about a light definition.
  • Blush & Highlight – For a little color to my cheeks and a soft highlight I used my Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Como.  This combination has a blend of pink and gold to offer the perfect amount of color to your cheeks and a gorgeous peach gold highlight so the sun looks like it is perfectly kisses your cheeks.  With a fluffy brush I lightly dust this on the applies of my cheeks and blend onto my cheek bone.
  • Set your makeup – To set and put that nice dewy look back into my face, I spritz on one of my favorite facial sprays.  Today I used my Evian Mineral Water Spray.  Since it is warm, this is perfect to cool me down but also give my makeup that effortless, no-makeup look.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

My normal “no-makeup” makeup look is pretty easy and simple to create but it puts a little pep in my step and still gives me that “put together” look without using too much.  If I go with a basic look (mascara and lippy) or add a little blush, bronze & highlight – it’s something you can definitely see me rocking out most of the time.  If I were asked what my go-to look for Summer is, this is it.

So what are your favorite go-to’s to create that “no-makeup”?  When I say “no makeup” I mean it, but sometimes we could use a little style and flair to our look, don’t you think?  Be sure to stop by and check out the links below for the no-makeup makeup looks of the lovely ladies from the Beauty Blogger Collab.

Smooches! xo

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links through out this post.  Some of the products mentioned or discussed may have been sent to me as Press Samples over the years but nonetheless, all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest & unbiased.




Hydration comes in many forms, whether it be to drink the recommended amount of water each day or just cooling off, our bodies crave moisture and hydration, especially during cold winter months.  Not only does your body (inside and out) need hydration and moisture, but so does your face.  In the past I have utilized many different types of facial sprays from all natural rose water to mineral mists but I have been enjoying Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray and here’s why.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

First let’s talk about the origins of Evian.  Evian Natural Mineral Water dates back thousands of years and has proven to be a geological phenomenon.  Some of you may have heard of the name as Evian is a bottled water company sold through stores Worldwide, including the US and has been a popular brand in our household for years.  The water is free from any chemical treatment and as pure as pure can be offering you water where each droplet follows a 15-year journey to acquire a unique mineral balance.  All science stuff aside, the name is familiar because many people have tried their water before.  Now Evian offers a Facial Spray that cares for your skin on a daily basis and includes all the purity of the Evian mineral water.  Dermatologist tested, Evian has a unique balance of minerals and a neutral pH so it is the ideal partner for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Evian Facial Spray comes in three sizes, 1.7oz (50ml) which is portable and ideal for travel or your purse (also TSA approved), 5 oz (150ml) which they say is perfect for the office and great when you are dealing with the dryness caused by air conditioning or heat.  And, 10 oz (300ml) which is the ideal size for use at home.  It’s economical and long lasting for use on you and your family.

So what are my thoughts on this product?  First of all… I think that it’s convenient enough for anyone, especially my family and I.  I have been tossing this thing in my purse on a daily basis.  While we are experiencing a cold front here in Hawaii, the days are still warm and this spray has been a great refresher while out running errands, working out or on our daily walks or to just cool down.  This product is so pure that you can even use it to gently clean and freshen your baby and it is used in maternity hospitals.  I use this spray without any bother on my sons and it helps to cool them down and even relax them a bit.  I also love to spray this product on prior to makeup for added moisture and after I applied my face makeup like blush and bronzer to give my makeup a natural look.  If you wear foundation, this would be a great product to help set your foundation for a more even and natural tone.

The spray nozzle is easy to use and I haven’t had any problems with it clogging on me.  Evian Facial Spray is propelled by safe nitrogen (the air we breathe is 80% nitrogen) into an exquisitely fine mist.  Each one second spray releases several million micro-droplets to hydrate and instantly refresh skin.

Proven results with regular use:

94% – claimed better hydration

95% – noted pure and healthier skin

97% – reported softer feel

89% – felt relieved tightness of skin

Using a spray mist is definitely a great addition to your makeup or beauty routine, and I have been especially loving this one from Evian.  Use this spray to mix with and blend your makeup (a trade secret of stars) for great and even coverage and blend or to hydrate during the day.  It’s safe for the whole family and we love it.

Have you tried Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray before?  How familiar are you with the Evian brand?  Do you think this is something you would use?  My family and I love it and this will be a product you’ll find in our household for years to come.

Signature Honey