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Holiday Gift Guide – For the Children in Your Life {Honey’s Favorite Things}

    I love Christmas shopping, especially for my children.  When it comes to Christmas, my boys are so laid back and easy to shop for, that it makes surprising them each year that much easier.  I think children should have a wide range of gifts from clothes and toys to books and games and I’m always excited to write up my list  ...

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Color Your Spring with Fashion Sunnies Giveaway

Color your Spring with fashion sunnies!  Looking for some new shades or sunnies for the Spring and Summer seasons?  Sunglasses are the #1 accessory for me and you can always find at least one pair in my purse.  They keep the sun out of my eyes, help to protect my eyes from UV Rays and they are an awesome fashion accessory.  Did I mention they  ...

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Your best natural makeup look… What’s Yours?

I will be straight up and honest with you… as much as I love makeup, you can catch me with a bare face most of the time.  I love a clean and bare face.  I feel so good – it is my preferred every day look if I am not going to be putting makeup on.  Honestly, I wish that I had longer lashes – that would make me even happier.  A  ...

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Happy Birthday – It’s A Giveaway!

Yay – it’s my Birthday!  I can’t believe I’m 34 years old already – geez, where did the time go?  I wanted to celebrate my birthday with all of you so I decided I would have a giveaway.  Check out all the details below along with a list of goodies that you can win.  I’ll be sure to post photos of the prizes  ...

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How Do You Shop Style? Play and You Could Win!

  What kind of Shopper are you?  What’s your shopping style?  Are you the type of person that “needs to have it when it is released” or the type that “can wait till it goes on discount”? It seems like now a days with so many different types of temptations on the market from High end cosmetics and name brand  ...

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