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Halloween and All Things In Between – Weekly Wrap Up

It’s no secret that the Holiday season is surely my favorite time of year.  As a child, even if we grew up with little money, my parents always made this time of year special and I’m thankful that I got my creative sense and fun swagger from them.  Lots happened this week, busy busy busy!  So, here is a quick weekly wrap up. This  ...

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EASY HALLOWEEN MAKEUP: Bella, Guardian of the Faeries – The Beauty Council

With a love for pixie dust and mystical creatures alike, Bella, a human girl wished she could become a faerie.  Without wings but a heart pure of love and beauty, the Faerie Queen welcomed Bella into their woods and asked her to be the Guardian of their Forest, protecting the winged creatures she loved so dearly. Who says that a human  ...

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HALLOWEEN MAKEUP – Twilight the Autumn Woodland Faerie

As the sun sets and creates a beautiful array of colors that light the soon to be night sky a magical mystical creature is born.  Twilight, an Autumn faerie born from true love’s kiss roams the Woodland Forest to sprinkle her fairy dust of happiness and wishes over those who find themselves wondering her forest.  She can be spotted only  ...

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Sexy Glamour Kitty – Leopard Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Easy and Fast

Happy Halloween loves.  I have been thinking about my Halloween makeup tutorials for a month now and I accomplished two of them and decided I would remake my Leopard Halloween tutorial that I did in 2011 but add a little more detail to it.  Of course, I have improved in drawing my leopard print spots as well. lmao.  For this look I wanted it  ...

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