A few months ago I shared with all of you my thoughts on the Foreo ISSA Toothbrush.  I had positive things to say with a few improvement with regard to this teeth cleaning device.  You can read my review on this product here.  While it is something I continue to use, I was very interested in trying out the latest addition to the ISSA range called the ISSA Hybrid Brush Head.  I have been testing and using this product for about a month now and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you as well as my overall review.

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The Foreo ISSA Hybrid Brush Head is a Silicone + PBT Polymere brush head that fits on the current Foreo ISSA toothbrush.  This Hybrid is specifically designed for those who desire a vigorous brushing of their teeth but still looking for a gentle touch on their gums.  It’s the next revolutionary oral-care device that is strong on plaque buildup yet gentle on the gums for whiter teeth and a healthy mouth and confident smile.

foreo, foreo ISSA, Foreo ISSA Hybrid, toothbrush, dental hygiene, cleansing, tooth cleaning, Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head,

This brush is interesting to me as it has some of the similar traits to the original with a slightly different design.  The Hybrid Design is specifically engineered to utilize the soft, gentle silicone bristles for the gum area (hello bonus, because that is what I currently use the original ISSA for – massaging and cleaning my gums), but it also integrates the PBT polymer bristles on the inner segment of the brush head to cover the surface area of the teeth.  The hybrid design will not only massage and clean your gums gently, but will offer a stronger cleaning experience on the teeth, making it idea for those with more plaque buildup.  Foreo took suggestions for those like myself and really took the time to develop something that now works for an all over clean.  The original brush head (while something I still use) didn’t clean my teeth to that squeaky goodness I enjoyed but did really massage and clean my gums so I made that suggestion for improvement.  I’m so happy that Foreo listened to all of us and made the change appropriately.

foreo, foreo ISSA, Foreo ISSA Hybrid, toothbrush, dental hygiene, cleansing, tooth cleaning, Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head,

The Hybrid solution offers a unique brush head with both silicone and PBT polymer bristles to help deliver the clean we all want why still offering a comfortable massage on the gums.  With the sonic pulse technology of the brush base, the bristles channel 11,000 high intensity pulsations per minute for effective cleaning.  The Silicone and PBT polymer harbor less bacteria than traditional brushes thanks to their natural properties and you need only replace your brush head every 6 months thanks to that bonus.  The brush has a smart design with a 3D flexible brush head.  Because of this you can reach every crevice of the mouth and the bristles have strong resistance making them durable to last up to the 6 months before having to replace.  What I love is that this is so travel friendly.  This brush’s charge lasts up to 365 days worth of use and fully charges in an hour so you don’t need to have your charging dock with you when on the go.  The hybrid brush head really incorporates all the great things I loved about the original with greater cleaning benefits and still offers what I need.  

foreo, foreo ISSA, Foreo ISSA Hybrid, toothbrush, dental hygiene, cleansing, tooth cleaning, Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head,

The brush is is 100% waterproof and can be used with your existing ISSA.  If you don’t have one, then of course – you would purchase the whole unit. It includes all the benefits of the original toothbrush and I still love that I get my two minute brushing timer so I know when I can stop and how long to keep brushing.  The Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head replacement retails for $20 which I consider to be a steal considering you are replacing your regular toothbrushes every 3 months on average.  I am really loving this new brush head and find that I am enjoying my Foreo ISSA unit much more with the inclusion of the Hybrid brush head.  I am so glad that Foreo made improvements because my teeth now feel cleaner and happy.

foreo, foreo ISSA, Foreo ISSA Hybrid, toothbrush, dental hygiene, cleansing, tooth cleaning, Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head,

You can purchase your Foreo ISSA Hybrid at locations like Sephora.com and get more information by also following FOREO on Instagram @FOREO.  Have you tried the Foreo ISSA Hybrid?  What are your thoughts on toothbrushes like these?  I am loving it and I think you would enjoy it too.  Comment below and tell me, what toothbrush are you using now?

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If you asked me 5 years ago “Are you happy with where your skin is?” I would probably answer you with a big fat NO!  Five years ago I used foundation and concealer to hide my imperfections and having turned 30 then, my skin was freaking out on me.  I found out later that I had severe Eczema and that after having my twins, my skin needed a little more finesse.  It’s funny when I think back at everything I had been doing to my poor face then.  I had just had my twins and my face really did have it’s fair share of break outs.  After changing up my skin care routine, adding and removing certain products from my skin care regimen and knowing what works and what doesn’t, my skin has come a VERY long way.  Recently I have added the Foreo Luna to my cleansing arsenal.  I have tried many different cleansing brushes in the past, (some were fails, some worked well, some were too harsh), I had hoped the Luna would be a product I would love and let me tell you, it is!

Foreo Luna

Cleansing my skin has always been an important part of who I am and my entire skin routine, but I didn’t realize that harsh products both for cleansing, treating and even tools were causing my skin to have my Eczema flare ups.  Having added the Foreo Luna to my cleansing regimen, I have found that it will now be a product I can’t live without.  I have been using this product consistently for several weeks and have found that even with my severely sensitive skin – I’ve been able to get great results from this tool.  Like any other cleansing tool, I’m unable to use it daily for I will get a reaction, but I find that I can use it every other day unlike some of my favorite cleansing brushes like the Soniclear, which I am only able to use once a week.

The LUNA is a cleansing and anti-aging device with a breakthrough approach to skin care.  It’s T-Sonic pulsations are sent through the ultra-soft and smooth silicone touch points to deeply clean, but gently remove dirt, oil and makeup residue.  After one use I immediately noticed my skin looked radiant and brighter and my skin looked healthier.  After one use, I fell in love with this product instantly.  The unit I have is specifically designed for Sensitive / Normal skin however, there are options available for Combination skin and Ultra Sensitive skin types too.

Foreo Luna

The Luna has soft “rounded” silicone touch points which mean there are no abrasive surfaces on the unit resulting in a gentler clean then sharp oscillating brushes that you get from your standard facial cleansing devices.  The ultra-hygienic silicone design is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup making it up to 35x more hygienic than bristled brushes and since the Luna’s silicone brushes are so durable, they don’t require replacing.  While the Luna is definitely an investment in your skin, it will also save you money in the long run in having to purchase replacement heads as you would for the traditional facial-cleansing brushes.

I use my Foreo Luna for just two minutes at night when cleansing – every other day (since my skin is too sensitive to use daily).  Since I have sensitive skin, I also use my very gentle Cetaphil cleanser as it cleanses gently with the unit and makes my cleaning experience feel like I’m getting a facial.  Using the product is so simple – simply apply your cleanser, wet your Luna and then turn it on and use it on your face.  After I cleansed (1 minute), I then use the back side of the unit (the Anti-Aging mode) and apply to the wrinkle-prone areas that I would normally treat with wrinkle creams.  In just a matter of a few days I noticed a dramatic change in how bright and radiant my skin looked.

Foreo Luna

Besides the awesome gentle cleansing I get from this unit, I love how easy it is to not only use but charge.  This cool little device is charged once and will last up to 450 uses for each full charge.  The Luna is waterproof, which means I can use it in the shower and not worry about a thing and like I mentioned previously you don’t have to change out a brush head like you would other products.  While I do enjoy my Soniclear – that is one thing I didn’t like and the Luna is much gentler on my skin than any brush I have used on my face.  You have several different levels of power on the device so you can adjust the settings to fit your sensitivities and the unit has a built in light in the base that will illuminate to let you know when to move around on your face to get the best possible clean in the time allotted.  This is perfect for those on the go or moms like me who are busy and have their hands full with mommy stuff.  Just two minutes a day (two minutes every other day for me) and you have a great cleanse and an anti-aging regimen all in one.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on skin care products and tools over the years and I’m glad to have the Foreo Luna in my life.  It has definitely made waves of positive changes for me and my skin.  If you are interested in checking out this product – click here and see if it is right for you.  Also you can head on over to foreo.com for more details.

Have you tried the Foreo Luna before?  If not, is this a product you may be interested in?

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Disclaimer:  This product was provided to me for review and consideration as a part of iFabbo.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links may be posted through out.

I have reviewed products from Perlier in the past and have had positive experiences with their products.  Recently I received the Perlier Shea Butter White Lily Hand Cream from the iFabbo shop and before trying it – I knew I would be pretty excited.
Perlier Shea Butter White Lilly Hand Cream

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 The Perlier Shea Butter White Lily Hand Cream (6.7 fl. oz) is about $24 on HSN.  Formulated with 100% organic shea butter and extracts of white lily which are soothing and emollient to the skin while maintaining the skin’s appearance by helping optimize elasticity and firmness.

I was quite excited to test out this product, but when the mail man delivered it – I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like the product.  If you have been reading my blog a while, then you know that I’m pretty sensitive to scents and this scent was permeating through the shipping bag.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad scent, but definitely strong and not a scent I was very excited about.  I am not fond of strong perfume like scents that smell like flowers (I am a sugary scent person) and immediately after opening the package, I knew that I would struggle with this product.  I attempted to put it on my hands and while I loved how moisturized my hands felt after application and how long my hands stayed moisturized, the smell lingered and I sneezed most of the day leaving me with a headache.  Don’t get me wrong – the smell is nice to those who are into floral scents , but it’s really strong and lasts.   Trying this product on my hands was not an easy task after the first time using the product, so I decided I would use it on my feet.  The smell is not easily detected when used on my feet and my feet were left moisturized and soft.  Since I use flip flops all year round and mostly during the summer months, the last several weeks this product has been a great addition to my pedicures and even more so at night before bed, I’ll put it on after my shower and then put on a pair of socks and the next morning my feet are soft and beach ready.

Perlier Shea Butter White Lilly Hand Cream

The lotion is very thick which I love for lathering on the dry areas of the body.  This lotion is the perfect treatment for dry and aged skin.  It helps fight free radicals and protect against environmental aggressors.  While I would love to use this on my elbows (the area that gets dry often), it has posed a bit of a challenge because of the scent, so I apply out doors and usually will use while I’m out and about so I’m not smelling the scent as strongly as if I’m at home.


Perlier will be appearing on HSN on July 24th and 25th.  This particular product will be featured in several different kits and collections and I highly suggest you check it out then to get your hands on the product at a discount. http://bit.ly/Perliersheabutter

Overall – I think this product is definitely great for dry skin and it works. I am not fond of the scent at all – but if Perlier were to come out with a sugar scented lotion or a non-scented one, I will surely be all over it because the moisturizing capabilities of this product is awesome.

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I have tried many different Crown Brushes in the course of the last 4 years and I’ve always been amazed at their quality even if they sold at such an affordable price point.  I was super excited to get these because 1) I’m a Purple Addict and 2) It would give me the opportunity to try out Crown’s HD Brushes.



Upon receipt of these (via iFabbo) I was very excited because the brushes came in a cool purple pouch all zipped up tight and ready to play.  Now, if you know anything about me, it’s that I am a Brush addict (well, makeup addict – but I can’t resist buying a quality brush set), so I couldn’t wait to dive right in.  The brushes felt very soft to touch and when I washed them, they seemed to hold up okay through the washing process.  There was a bit of shedding but not a crazy amount and surprisingly I didn’t get any color bleed as I have in the past with brush sets that had their tips colored.


After their wash & dry, I was still amazed that the brushes held their Super soft feel and it wasn’t compromised after I gave them each a bath.  They are fairly nice in weight.  I like my brushes to have long handles so it did take a bit to get used to them, however – they each were pretty comfortable in my hands.  I tried the tweezers first.  It’s quite sturdy and seemed to work like most tweezers do.  It was able to grab onto my little brow hairs so that was a plus.

Next – The Pro Powder Brush:  This worked fairly well with applying a setting powder.  I do not use Foundation or Face Powders at all, so I took this brush for a quick spin to see it’s overall.  It’s fluffy enough to blend your powder (whether setting or foundation) in quite nicely and is super soft so it will be nice on the skin.

Tapered Blush Brush: It has a nice taper to it so it worked well for applying blush and keeping it exactly where I wanted it to go.  I also like that it is small and tapered enough so I can also use it to apply bronzer.  This brush is probably one of my favorites out of the set.

Deluxe Contour Brush:  This brush worked okay for contouring the hollows of my cheeks but since it was pretty small I noticed that it concentrated the product in one area which is not how I like to wear my bronzer.  I like to ensure a perfect blend so that it gives the illusion of shadow but doesn’t leave a harsh line or cast.  This brush works well to apply color and then I use the Tapered Blush Brush to blend the bronzer out.  It also works well to apply bronzer town the sides of my nose.


Crease Blender: This brush was domed shaped – similar to those you see on the market today.  I wondered how well it would work since the bristles were so long but it actually worked out pretty well.  I used it to blend out my eye shadow and to also apply my transition shade.  I like it – it’s one of my favorites.

Chisel Shadow Brush: This brush worked well as an eye shadow brush and to apply cream shadow.  Since it is domed and not as thick, it allowed me to pack a good amount of color on the brush and apply to my lids.  Be sure to tap off the brush first before applying to keep from fall out when using loose or pressed shadows.

Detail Liner Brush:  This one is probably my least favorite in the bunch.  The tip itself I think is thin enough for cream / gel liners, but I feel like it’s lacking in body with regard to the bristles.  It held the product nicely and applied gel/cream liner to my eye lids nicely – but it takes a little finesse and you really have to coat the product on the brush so that the bristles do not flair out and cause a mess.  It works, but it takes some getting used to.



Crown’s HD Brush Set comes in purple, orange and white (with blue tips) and retail on Crown’s website for $27.95  USD.  Overall, I think for the price, it’s a great value.  The case that the brushes come in is sturdy and great for traveling.  I definitely love that it comes with a tweezers and a mirror which makes it a great companion for over night stays or traveling.  If I had to make one suggestion it is that I wish that there was a flat top kabuki style brush in the mix.  That would be perfect for those who use liquid foundations.  I think the powder brush is perfect for foundation application – but now as ideal for liquid.  I tried and while the bristles held the product… it didn’t buff it into the skin as effortlessly as I would  have liked.

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About a month ago I received the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa ($25.00, 6.7 fl oz) by cashing in my ifabbo coins.  When it comes to skin care products or scrubs, I tend to be a little hesitant to try the products because of my very sensitive eczema skin, but I was still a bit excited to test out the product since Volcanic type products are popular here in Hawaii.

027 copy 1

This product is said to be a true beauty treatment for the skin having extracted micronutrients from volcanic rocks that are essential and vital to the cells in the skin.  I was excited but still a little worried at how my skin would react.  Even more so, I was worried that a friend of mine who had tried the same product did not like the results she received after using it on her face… it was just too much for her skin to handle.  After finding this out – I decided that I would test it out on a small area on my jar line.  My face did not like the product at all and in fact, it was just to abrasive for my skin on my face.  I decided that I would try to test out on areas on my body that I knew were a little drier and not as sensitive as my face was.

I tested the product on my elbows and on my heels of my feet.  It worked well… exfoliating those parts of my body without out being too abrasive for them.  It left those areas fairly moisturized and removed dead skin which worked perfectly.  I will not use this on my face, but it still has a use for me.  Being from Hawaii, I expected something with “Volcanic Rocks” to have a more natural scent to it – but it actually smells like a strong lotion.  It’s not completely off putting, but it is stronger than what I had thought I would be smelling.  My formal opinion would be that you test this product somewhere on your body that is a little tougher than your facial area especially if you have sensitive skin as I do.  But, all in all – it exfoliates well, especially for my feet.

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About a month or so ago, I cashed in my ifabbo coins for this set from HYD.  Since I am the one that normally does all the reviews in the house, I thought it would be a great opportunity for my husband Kevin to try out something new.  Since he has sensitive skin (as do I), I was a bit worried at how his skin would react to the products, so I told him to test it out at a small section of his face to make sure that he wouldn’t have any type of reaction.

After using the product and not having any sensitivity issues to the product, my hubby started using it consistently over the last month.  He had positive things to say about each product and also a tip for those that are going to start using it.

006 copy

Shave Cream ($12.99) – My husband uses Shave Foam or Gel, so it was a bit to get used to using the Shaving Cream.  It was very creamy in texture and while it did foam up, it didn’t foam up as much as what he had been used to with other products.  However, this did not sway his thoughts on the product and it still worked well, offering a close shave as well as comfort when shaving.  He did feel that his skin was soft and moisturized after.

Razor Shield ($17.99) – My husband had been using “Old School Remedy” techniques to keep his razors clean and from dulling so he was very excited to try this product.  It worked well, kept his razor clean and kept the blade working great.  He did have one suggestion however, that if you were to start using this particular product, it works better with a brand new razor / blade.

(Get 90 uses out of the Razor Shield.  Last 3-12 months depending on your grooming frequency and uses. 15ml)

Buffer Stick ($24.99) – This was an interesting product and we both were not too sure if it would cause my husband irritation or sensitivities to his skin.  Since it exfoliates the skin where you shave so that you lessen your chance for in grown hair, it definitely is an interesting concept.  My husband enjoyed using the product.  It didn’t cause any sensitivities that he was aware of and it worked well.

002 copy

Overall, my husband was very pleased with the products from HYD and they worked very well.  The prices are pretty reasonable considering the amount of uses you get out of each product.  There were a few things that he had suggestions for or tips, but for the most part, he did like the products a lot.  They didn’t have any foul or strong smells, because my husband is very sensitive to scents and he didn’t have any trouble with them.  And, they are easy to travel with and convenient with sleek “manly” packaging.

Attention Readers… Get 20% off your first purchase at HYDForMen.com – use code: SAVE20