October 8, 2014


When it comes to organization and keeping dates in order, I’m a stickler for planners and keeping track of dates and appointments on paper or via technology.  Sometimes I’m told it’s a bit repetitious… but needless to say – it is a rare occasion that I’m late or missed an appointment because I keep my dates organized.  With three children who all have a schedule of their own, it is a requirement to keep my life planned out.

Dotmine - Dutch Treat Family Time 17 Month Planner



Dotmine is a company that offers Family and Student planners that help you organize your busy schedule.  Each planner offers 17 months worth so that your planner can accommodate both school and regular calendar years without you having to sacrifice your organizational needs.  I rather like the 17 month year because I plan both for myself and my children and this allows me to not have to use a plethora of organizers for each of us in my family.

About Dotmine

 It all started with a simple “dot” back in 1999–Sarah, Lisa, and a commitment to reclaim our lives while helping you do the same.  A serendipitous meeting in a London pub had given us the idea. Our corporate days — one of us pitching underwear and the other pitching laundry detergent — were far behind us. And for 15 years, backed by supportive husbands and seven fabulous children, our planners became favorites throughout the world.

Family Time 17 Month Planner

This planner is great in organizing a busy family but also loved by teachers and nurses as well as bloggers such as myself.  Developed by a group of moms, the Family Time planner is there to help you juggle multiple schedules all in one place.  Those of you who have children or juggle more than one job I’m sure will definitely appreciate this.

The Family Planners are available in 3 designs (Dutch Treat, Free Bird and Petites Fleurs) and each retails for $24.99.  Each planner is 8.5 x 11 inches and includes dates from August to December.  Adorned with their fashionable designs that are printed on durable plastic, these cool planners include monthly and weekly pages on crisp white paper.  I especially love that they include inspirational and humorous quotes each week, which is probably one of my favorite features of any planner as those that know me know that I look for daily inspiration before starting my day.  Plastic coils keep this planner spiral bound and there are back pockets to hold important papers in place.  Perforated margins for “tear-out” lists and note pages help to make your daily planning and errands a breeze.  In my opinion, if you are looking for a quality Family or blogging planner without spending the hefty costs that some may offer – this planner will be a great addition for you.

Family Time 17 Month Planner

What I love the most about this planner is how easy it is to use.  There are pages that offer seasonal schedules which is awesome since my children are all involved in sports which often has practice and games on repetitive dates so listing these make it an easy reference for myself, my family or the sitter should I need one.  Speaking of sitter… there is a babysitter page where you can easily insert a sticky note each time you go out so that the sitter knows exactly where you are or how to reach you each time.


I also love that Family Time offers a guide and tips on how to use the planner… simply take a look at the first few pages where it outlines exactly what to do and how to utilize the planner.  From adding sticky notes to special dates or weeks to planning out “family business”… every detail you may have questions on can be found on the “Using family-time.mine Everyday” pages.

family time dotmine

Overall – the price point is great considering I have paid well over $100 for other planners on the market in the past.  While it is simplistic, it offers a wide range of organizational tools for you and your family.  I love the perforated tear sheet options because this allows me to write down my grocery shopping lists or notes, etc. and tear them out should I need them on the go. The note sections are large enough for me to list a good amount of information as are each week and day.  If I had to critique the planner in general, I wish there was a way to add on pockets to keep pencils or post-its or a book mark that will allow me to easily turn to my page of the day.  I can definitely DIY these options, but it would be great if Dotmine offered something like this.  I’m all about accessories and add ons and I think that those would be awesome options.  I do definitely give this planner a 5 Sparkle rating because the options are wonderful considering the price point.  For those of you that love reading my “Mommy Survival Guide” posts – this is definitely something I would add to a Mommy Survival Necessity. 🙂

Have you heard of Dotmine Planners?  Could you see this meeting your families’ organizational needs?

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sulfur in soap?  I honestly can say that I was a bit apprehensive in testing this product out and wasn’t sure how it would affect me.  Having used a handful of products from Adovia, I know that while many of their products offer quality due to my sensitive skin, I must use them with precaution.Adovia Skin Care Sulfur Soap



After receiving the soap I wanted to make sure that I tested it out first in a small area that is not as sensitive as others.  The Adovia Sulfur Soap retails for $16 (on sale currently for $10.00) through the Adovia Amazon store front.

Adovia natural sulfur soap is enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea.  The soap is infused with lush Olive Oil and aloe vera, as well as the Dead Sea minerals so while it is cleansing your skin it is still gentle.  Three percent of sulfur content helps to remove / dead skin cells and your pores are unclogged.  Any harmful impurities and oils that embed themselves deep into the epidermis are targeted and dissolved by this sulfur soap leaving your skin feeling and looking clean and acne and black heads start to improve.  To help to keep the skin supple and hydrated, Adovia Sulfur Soap is packed with Palm and Palm Kernel Oil as well.

As many of you know – I don’t suffer from Acne or much breakouts unless my monthly friend is in the neighborhood and I do have very sensitive skin.  Often times certain products may dry out my skin to the point that it causes my Eczema to flare up.  I tested this product in small areas where I know is not as sensitive and didn’t have an issue with it though I did notice that while it didn’t strip my face of a lot of moisture, places that would have been a little more oily (like my forehead), it eliminated the oil from.  My skin felt nice and soft, not dry at all and I was quite impressed with it all around.  I did get a hint of a scent, but it really smelled of a soft soap scent, nothing too strong for me which I liked.  The company did mention that they recommend that you start using this soap slowly (which I did) so your skin can adjust to the healing sulfur which is not common in soap products your body / face may be accustomed to.

  • Adovia sulfur soap, is highly enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea.
  • Your skin’s natural moisture levels are balanced and optimized with Olive Oil, Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera extract.
  • Sulfur has Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal and Antibacterial properties
  • This soap thoroughly cleanses your face and body and leaves your skin gentle and smooth.
  • Our sulfur soap has a 3% sulfur content.

80% Palm/ 20% Palm Kernel oil, Dead Sea Salts Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Deionized Water (Aqua), Sulphur, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Sodium Chloride, Dead Sea Black Mud (Silt).

Directions: Apply daily to face and / or body and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.

Overall – I don’t think I have ever used a bar of soap for my face and while I can’t use this soap on a daily basis, I think this would work perfectly during the summer months when my skin is the most oily.  I did notice how quickly this soap worked to remove excess oil and dirt from my face and because of this, I know a few people that would definitely benefit from this product and I’ll be suggesting it to them.  Since my skin is overly sensitive while I think this product is pretty cool and definitely works, again – it will be something I’ll have to use selectively.  Because it is in a bar form, that also means it will be difficult for me to use it up and keep the bar sanitary in the process – but I do think this product is pretty cool.   Have you tried anything like this before?  What are your thoughts on this product?

Order your soap today:

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I absolutely LOVE fairies, nymphs, pixies and mystical creatures.  It is a standing joke in my family that I was born a fairy and left on my parents doorstep to live out my life as a human.  I have a love for the forest and nature unsurpassed by few people and my soul always feels so comforted when I’m surrounded by Mother Nature’s gifts that I know I have fairy blood in my body.  Regardless, I embrace the sparkle, glitter and pixie dust and welcome it all with open hands.  There is nothing wrong with a little magic and mystical thoughts. lol

Each year I look forward to creating my Halloween tutorials and this year I decided I would go with a theme.  For this Theme, I decided to start with Honey, Queen of the Forest Nymphs.  Nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits, known to animate nature.  Legends depict them as beautiful, young maidens who love to dance and sing.  Found to dwell in mountains and groves, near springs and rivers – they can be found in trees and grottoes and blend in with its forest surroundings.  This year I hope you enjoy the theme I have in store for you starting with the Queen of the Forest Nymph makeup tutorial.

Queen of the Forest Nymph

Check out my video Makeup tutorial embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

I wanted this look that I created, or any looks I create for that matter to be simple and easy to create.  I tried to use a combination of drugstore and high end products – though the choice of what type of products you use is completely up to you.  My goal was to make this look attainable for anyone to create, but most importantly those that are not able to do face painting or special effects, they can easily create this look with the cosmetics they already had on hand.

Queen of the Forest Nymphs


Products used:

Benefit Porefessional used to minimize any pores and provide a canvas for the makeup we are going to apply.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-One CC Cream used to perfect my skin tone but also to provide a barrier for my skin against the products I’ll be adding.  Since my skin is sensitive, I wanted to make sure to have a product barrier to help protect against any sensitivities I may encounter.

Coastal Scents Step One Eye Primer used to prime my eye lids from lash line to brow bone and on my lower lash line.

HALLOWEEN MAKEUP - Honey, Queen of the Forest Nymphs Makeup Tutorial

Milani Brow & Eye Highlights in 03.  I used the Natural Taupe side to contour down the side of my nose and under my nose to give it a more defined look.  You can use a cream contour, bronzer or eye shadow or foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone.

NYX Matte Bronzer in deep used to set the cream pencil I just applied as contour and to provide a deeper blended contour for my face.

NYX JESP in Horseradish used as a base for the pigments we will apply.

MAC’s Golden Olive Pigment (if you don’t have this, any golden green shadow will suffice.  I suggest using a loose shadow or pigment as this will allow you to easily apply with your fingers and blend as needed.)

Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eye Liner pencil in 06 Jade Jewel.  This was used as a base on my eyebrows to color and shade them in, define them and so that the shadow I used would adhere.

halloween makeup forest nymph

BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette:

  1. I used the medium metallic green shade to apply over my brows and create a metallic green eyebrow look.
  2. I used a lighter green shade with metallic flecks to apply to my eyes with a blending brush as a transition shade.
  3. I used a yellow/orange shade to apply to the inner corner of my eye blending with the green in the transition and onto the inner part of my lower lash line.
  4. I used a matte brown shade with a fluffy crease blending brush to apply to my crease.  Blending out well.

NYX Roll On Shimmer in Salmon is applied around the edges of the mask (the green on the face) near the eyes and forehead to provide a little extra glitter.  I also blended this out well with my finger so that there was not a noticeable line.

Starlooks Pigment in Cinnamon Toss was applied with my finger to my eye lids and softly blended.  You can use a brush to apply this but I wanted this look to be simple and using my fingers is simple 🙂

Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eye Shadow Pencil in Stay On Black was used as my upper lash line and lower lash line liner.  Later I will go in with the NYC Liquid Eye liner to create the wing tail for my liner.

NYC Liquid Eye Liner to create swirls and dainty little designs that look like vines.  You can decide how you would like to do this, as I mention in the video – I didn’t plan this look out so I kind of just “winged” it where I could to create something that was girly and whimsical.

Queen of the Forest Nymphs

Buxom Lip gloss in White Russian was then applied to the lips to prep application for the MAC Golden Olive Pigment that will be placed on top.

Jordana’s 12 Hour Made to Last Eye Shadow Pencil in Endless Emerald was used to draw out some lines along the edges of the mask applied.  This will be blended out with a dark emerald green shadow from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette and then blended with MAC’s Golden Olive Pigment.

NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Green was then applied in the leaves that I created using the eye liner.  This will add a pop of green that is a different and brighter shade than what I’m using on my face, but it will also add glitter and sparkle.

MAC’s Reflects Antique Gold was then applied with my finger as a part of my highlight on my brow bone and where ever I want to add glitter.  Little side note… if there is only one glitter pigment you could ever get from MAC… this should be it. One of my absolute favorites.

BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette – I then take a Yellow shade with a fluffy blending brush and apply it to my lower lash line blending down towards the green shades and also apply above my brows – this really gives the look more depth and dimension.

MAC’s Golden Olive Pigment is then applied with my fingers to my lips to create a greenish gold lip shade.

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara was added to my lashes and Red Cherry Lashes in #5 was applied with KISS Aloe Lash Glue.

Queen of the Forest Nymphs

Once the makeup is complete, I took down my hair and put on my Forest Nymph Crown and the look is complete.  I added a pair of blank wings and I put on a black strapless dress to complete the look.  If you have more time, adding some leaves would be an awesome way stage this look.  You can also sprinkle your pixie dust (glitter) all over to give your look a more whimsical touch.

I hope you enjoyed this look because I enjoyed creating it for you… even if I winged it and really didn’t know what to do until I started doing it.  I look forward to sharing more looks with all of you and thank you to all for your unending support. xo

Signature Honey


Some of the products used in this look were sent to me as press samples, PR gifts or for consideration for review however, many of the products used were purchased by me.  Any discussions regarding any of the products mentioned are 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to create this look using the products in question.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Milani Cosmetics and those that have been following me a while know that I use at least one product in each of the looks I create.  A few years ago, I purchased my first Milani eye shadow palette – A Runway Eyes kit and I enjoyed the pigmentation as well the price point and because of this I was completely hooked.  Fast forward five years and I am still craving that gold packaging… I consider Milani the high-end brand of drugstore cosmetics.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners


Recently Milani Cosmetics released a Limited Edition collection of goodies as a part of their Bedazzled Collection. The Constellation Gel Eye Liners available in three shades: 01-Enchanted Lapis, 02-Enchanted Black Opal and 03-Enchanted Emerald retail for $5.99 on and can also be found at select Walgreens locations for a limited time.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Check out my thoughts on these liners in my video review embedded below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Each Constellation Gel Eye Liner comes with 0.14oz/4g of product and an eyeliner brush.  The liners are encased in the signature Milani gold packaging but the pot itself is quite lightweight in comparison to other Milani products.  I’m quite impressed with the packaging for these liners as it has a twist off/on cap that allows you to keep the liner protected and sealed shut when not in use.  The brush that comes with the product is well made in my opinion and I have been enjoying using it not only with these liners but also with others in my collection.  It’s dense enough to pick up product but still soft enough against the skin, no tugging.  While this brush is small, it picks up enough product needed and allows you ease of control & is easy to hold considering it’s size.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

At first glance, these gel liners are absolutely gorgeous in the pot… so much so that I didn’t want to open them, swatch them or use them.  I knew right away that the top layer of the liners had an over spray and I knew once I dipped into the pot, I would be sacrificing the gorgeous “Galaxy” look they had.  I was quite eager to try these in hopes that they would be as “galactic” (see what I did there? lol) as I thought they looked in the pot.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Each liner is very creamy – much more creamy than I am used to and because of this… I think it offered a heavy amount of slip through the application process.  While applying, I had to take my time and apply in layers to not only build up the metallic look of each shade but also to get it to the consistency I want.  It didn’t take much to build it up.  As you used each product, while it still held the “metallic” look with some shimmer, the product lost the “over spray” I had mentioned I thought it had.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

01 – Enchanted Lapis is a gorgeous blue shade with a metallic sheen.  When applied it shows up a much deeper shade than what you see initially.  I would consider the end result a kind of metallic navy blue.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Lapis looks like it has blue, purple, silver and turquoise shades – but overall, when applied, it applies the metallic navy blue shade you see on my eyelid.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

02 – Enchanted Black Opal reminds me of a deep chrome/charcoal black shade when applied.  This color has light flecks of shimmer that can be seen in the application.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Black Opal has black, silver, pink and gold over spray in the pot before touching the product.  It’s gorgeous – but even in my swatch or use on my eyelid, only black/silver and some flecks of silver glitter were visible.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

03 – Enchanted Emerald applies and looks like a teal / emerald green when used or swatched.  There is are some small flecks of shimmer, but for the most part this looks metallic on the lid.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

In the pot, before use… Enchanted Emerald has a gorgeous array of shades in the overspray.  Dark emerald green, turquoise blue, bright green and purple are all laid upon the top of this liner.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

As you can see from the swatches, any of the pretty effects you see on the liner before use are no longer visible for the most part once you apply the liner.  While I don’t necessarily consider that a con, it would be awesome if these liners offered that option.  Each of them do lend for a gorgeous metallic hue which I think is still quite stunning.

Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liners

Now that I’ve given you the low down of these Milani Constellation Gel liners… let’s talk about my thoughts overall.  I think these are absolutely gorgeous in the pot and it’s disappointing that they lose that gorgeous overspray once you use the product.  However, I don’t think that is the most disappointing.  As much as I tried to love these, I struggled with the use of them.  After trying different techniques, I think the formulation could use a little adjusting.

First off all – these claim to be Smudge Proof and will “last from dusk to dawn”.  I have tried on many occasions to get these liners to stay in place for me… but they either run, smudged or became a mess and using them longer than an hour left me with panda eyes.  I have tried to set them with a powder shadow, but that did not quite work for me.  After using these for about a month, I found that the best way to apply for the best longevity would be to apply in light layers and build the color up.  However, even with that – it still smudged on my oily eyelids and I am not able to use it as a daily liner or out at night on a hot day or it will get everywhere.  Using these liners as an all over shadow base may work for some, but I also found the liner to be too creamy for me and because of this the shadow I applied on top moved around quite a bit and then creased in a short amount of time. I think these would be awesome for someone who does a lot of theatrical work or someone looking for a statement liner and something that doesn’t offer longevity.  I’m sure some of my cons may have some to do with the fact that I live in a humid/hot climate, but overall I had some difficulty getting the liners to stay in place, in tact and on my eyelids during each use.  Wearing this in my waterline caused my eyes to be irritated and again – I looked like a Panda who hadn’t slept in a week.  While these did not work for me, I’m still very impressed with how they look.  I think the overall creaminess and texture of the product could attest to the slip that the product offers.  At the price point, I think it’s definitely worth checking out to see if it will work for you as I know well that what may not work for me may work for someone else.  But for me, I consider these a miss, though that doesn’t mean I won’t try to make use of them in future looks.  Milani stole my heart years ago and while one product may not work for me, that doesn’t mean I still don’t love them so. Have you tried these liners? If not, is this something you have been interested in?  I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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This product was a Press Sample sent to me for consideration of review.  All reviews listed on this site are 100% honest and unbiased.