November 29, 2014


Establishing a budget and sticking to it is probably one of the most difficult things we can do as human beings.  Trust me when I say, I understand and I know how it feels when you see something on a shelf, in a window or online and you have that feeling of “I must have that”.  But nothing says “I’m ready to get serious about financial planning” like looking at the Holidays as a way to start. The best time of year to start thinking about your financial peace of mind is NOW.

capital one 360

As most of you know, I am currently a stay-at-home mom while my husband works full time and overtime.  Budgeting for a family of five is no easy feat, but it is not difficult either.  It takes a little planning, smart decision making and of course, a good support system.  With only one income coming in, there are times when bills can slip through the cracks, saving money is near to impossible and it feels like sticking to a budget is down right outlandish, but it can be done.

Here are a few tips to help in creating a budget and sticking to it.

  • First of all, if you feel like you could use some help with budgeting or even creating a budget – ASK FOR HELP.  Now a days there are programs like Capital One 360 that are there to help with questions you may have, ways to get started and plans for future savings.  Capital One 360 products are designed to save consumers time and money and with an online and mobile app, Capital One 360 is available 24/7.
  • Second, know your financial situation inside and out.  Keep a calendar or list of bills currently being paid on and a list of expenses you foresee in the future.  Calculate those to ensure that what ever your income for the month, make sure those bills are automatically accounted for.  This goes for your 401K plans, retirement, etc.  Saving for these costs now will eliminate worrying about “needing” to save for them later.
  • With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, keep a list of goals for saving and stick with it.  Many throw out their financial goals during the holidays and forget that we still need to remain grounded while celebrating.  Don’t lose sight of your goals for your budget that you set up.  Keep them in mind and spend only what you have planned for.
  • Most importantly to me is to not stress out.  Creating a budget and sticking to it should not be difficult.  If it’s difficult, it serves as a challenge and then no one really wants to stick with it.  Stay within your means, allow yourself to still have some spending money, but make sure that you have planned accordingly and you’ll be just fine.
Piggy Bank by Simon Howden
Piggy Bank by Simon Howden

Since our Thanksgiving celebrations are done, now is the perfect time to check out Capital One 360’s plan and give yourself a lasting gift of financial peace of mind.  Take advantage of Capital One 360’s deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products.  This is the perfect way to be prepared and ahead of the game for the new year.  Remember, creating a budget and sticking to it is about proper planning and sometimes self control.  In addition to checking out Capital One 360 and taking advantage of deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products for yourself, give your friends and family the gift of financial peace of mind by encouraging them to take advantage of the deals and refer them.  If they sign up, you will be eligible for a $40 referral bonus.

Visit Capital One 360 to give yourself the lasting gift of financial peace of mind by taking advantage of Capital One 360’s deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Contrary to popular belief, Hawaii does get cold during the winter months, in fact – some of our islands even experience a little bit of snow fall.  While you can find me bundled under a heavy comforter most of the year since we live on a mountain, my sons and husband are quite the Eskimos and normally love the cool, crisp air.  This year however, we have been experiencing mid to high 50s which is not the normal for us and because of this, keeping warm is essential for my household, especially in the early morning when the boys are off to school.  A favorite for my family are Hanes Fleece jackets and hoodies.  They are comfy, easy to throw on and light weight to allow for layering so my guys are warm, but not hot.

hanes fleece

Kevin, Luke and Isaiah love a jacket that will keep them warm in this cozy cuddly weather, but not make them too hot.  With a fun graphic design, hood and zipper that moves easily, the boys love their hoodies over a heavy jacket and the Hanes hoodies and crew sweatshirts are warm without being too bulky.

Hanes Fleece

Having active little ones means they need to be able to move freely and these are awesome for that.  This is quite possibly the boys favorite item to throw on in the morning while on their way to school because it’s so comfy.

Hanes fleece

I love that Hanes sweatshirts are great looking and are comfortable wardrobe staples for my entire family.  Whether out running errands or just lounging around the house, these sweatshirts are so cozy.  Most importantly I find that I can find a sweatshirt or hoodie to match my fashion sense, available in basic colors like grey, black and blue but also bright shades like pink, orange and green.  You don’t have to have just the basic heather grey shades any more and the colors all look great after washing.  Check out that blue in the photo above, no fading and absolutely awesome color after a wash and dry.

hanes fleece

Since my days normally consist of errands or mommy duties, it is absolutely essential that I am able to wear clothes that will keep me warm but allow me to be agile.  But these are also favorites of our family to lounge around the house and keep warm.  Since the weather has been chilly, this is great for just hanging out in the yard and spending family time with one another.

hanes fleece

The perfect addiction for keeping warm while on a Starbucks run – I love that throwing on a Hanes fleece sweater or hoodie is fast, fun and still stylish.  To embrace my girly side, I can throw on a pink sweater and still have a little dressy flare.

hanes fleece

Lightweight, but still soft after many washes – these are the perfect addition for any person or family to keep warm without overheating.  Hanes fleece sweaters and hoodies are definitely perfect for warm weather climates that are experiencing a chill during the Winter months or those looking to layer their warm clothes for the cold season.

hanes fleece

These make simple fashion statements but I love that they are just so simple to throw on.  If you are a fitness lover, you will surely love these to put on right after a work out to keep your muscles warm.  Check out the styles and colors available at and at mass retailers near you.

How do you and your family members stay warm during the colder months?  Are you a Hanes lover too?

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.