February 26, 2015


Flowers, fruits and sunshine, oh my… Spring is on it’s way and I can already smell the flora of Hawaii getting ready to bloom.  Together with The Beauty Blogger Collaboration, I bring to you my list of Favorite Spring Fragrances for 2015.

Honey's Favorite Spring Fragrances

It’s well known that I’m a sugary scent lover and I don’t tend to stray far from the scent I’ve been profiled for… but I also like clean scents, floras and fruity notes and tend to pull for those most during the Spring months.

Pure DKNY Fragrance

DKNY is a staple in my fragrance book and a scent I use year round but more during the spring and summer seasons since it smells clean and fresh.  With notes like freesia, jasmine, lotus, white amber and rose – this scent smells fresh and clean while still offering a flirty and girly to the mix.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

I’m not gonna lie, though I did smell a sample of this perfume and enjoyed it, I bought Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck because I was absolutely in love with the packaging.  We all know I love purple and I just knew I had to have this.  But this perfume is so much more than just a cute bottle.  Wonderstruck offers such a soft, feminine touch to what can often be a hard exterior on me.  With notes like raspberry, black berry, peach and vanilla, I absolutely love the fruity side of this perfume.

Coach Love Fragrance

It’s no secret that I am a huge Coach fan and I have always enjoyed their fragrances, but Coach Love is a fragrance I consider a favorite during Spring and year round.  Since this perfume includes Patchouli, I didn’t think I would like it – but with a blend of Gardenia, Violet, Vanilla and Caramel as well as musk and sandalwood, everything seems to come together perfectly and fits my scent favorites exactly.

Delicious Cotton Candy Perfume

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of Pink Sugar by Aquolina, so it comes to no surprise that I would love Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman.  This became a favorite of mine after stumbling into it at my local Ross.  Needless to say – I was quite intrigued with the name… Cotton Candy.  Come on now, there is no way I would be able to not try this scent out.  It has become a favorite of mine and while it may be too sugary for some, I love it and a little goes a very long way.  Filled with notes of Cotton Candy, Vanilla, sugar, caramel, strawberries and fruits like orange and plums, this scent is definitely delicious.

Lavanilla Vanilla Coconut perfume

Last but not least is Lavanilla’s Vanilla Coconut.  If you don’t know this already – I lather myself in coconut oil, coconut body butter and all that yumminess each night so mixing two of my very favorite scents together is absolutely divine.  I know, I know… it might be a little too sugary sweet for some, but I can’t help it… my momma didn’t name me Honey because I was sour… lol.  This fragrance includes three favorite scents of mine… Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla and the Tahitian Tiare flower (which I have in my yard about ready to bloom).  It encompasses my favorites while giving me a feeling of sexy and girly.

Honey's Favorite Spring Fragrances

Whether fruity, floral or sweet I think perfumes and fragrances are all a matter taste and preference and I’m finding that scents I didn’t like before, I find I enjoy them now.  I consider myself someone who thinks seasonally – so I really enjoyed putting this post together to share with all of you.  What about you?  What are the scents you are looking forward to using this Spring?

Signature Honey

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