August 8, 2015




If you have been here on my site before, you know that I’m on a “healthy journey” to not only lose weight, but just get at a comfortable size where I’m healthy and happy.  With that in mind, I’m always looking at additional things that can assist with keeping up with not only weight loss but overall body tone, losing inches, etc.  Recently I tried the AZSPORT Waist Trimmer and wanted to share my thoughts with my readers on this product.


The AZSPORT waist trimmer sauna belt retails for $43.00 but is currently on sale for $15.00.  This waist trimmer is lightweight – which is great and comfortable, offering you an ajustable and stretchy fabric that allows you to wear it under any workout apparel.  It is a “one size fits most” and has a high-quality waist trimmer belt that can fit up to 50 inches.  I’m a plus sized gal and found that it fit both myself and my husband without any issues.

This product is said to promote weight loss by maximizing your burn to lose belly fat fast by preserving body heat and removing excess water weight especially in your abdominal area.  This belt really does help you to sweat – so before using such, I definitely suggest you discuss this product with your physician prior to use and to assure you are using it properly.

The belt will help to strengthen, tighten and protect your core muscles by stabilizing your whole body – per claims of the product and company – however, if you are going to use the belt and simply sit around and do nothing – besides a little sweat under the belt, I don’t think you will notice any results.  I like to use this while going on my daily walks or runs as it will increase the sweat I have and give me a little extra burn.  After a work out I’m completely drenched in sweat and I need to wash this product immediately.

The material it is made of is very strong and the velcro that closes the belt tight is very strong.  In fact, it is so strong that I cannot remove the belt myself, my husband has to help me because pulling the velcro off of me is very challenging and almost never happens because I struggle with it.  With that said, I couldn’t put the belt on me to take a photo, so I asked my son to help me out.


It’s quite comfortable, even thought I have a little more meat on my body then the average person.  While it does help me to sweat off inches (hahaha), I noticed that it is still quite breathable and not uncomfortable to use.  I am able to use it under any of my workout pants without any issues and the material moves with me allowing it to be easy to use.

When using something like this you must ensure that you drink  a lot of water.  I consume about a gallon of water each day and I find if I drink less than I normally would, I feel dehydrated due to sweating using the belt.  Please make sure if you are using something like this that you discuss with your physician and make sure you are using it correctly.  Overall – at the discounted price, I think it is a great deal and even at full price, while a bit costly I think I would still spend the money on it because I have spent much more than the retail cost on similar in the past that did not hold up to use.  I think this one is made well, with quality products and worth the cost.

You can purchase this product or check out other reviews here.

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Disclaimer:  The product mentioned in this post was sent to me for review and consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide a review on this.




I’m always interested in trying out new and innovative devices and technology when it comes to beauty or skin care.  Let’s face it, our world is constantly evolving and that includes devices that can help with all kinds of beauty related issues.  I also enjoy a product that is easy to use and will assist in your daily beauty needs.  I was given the opportunity to try the Swiss Ultimate Labs Sonic-Ionic Infusion Wrinkle-Eraser Wand & Under-Eye Massager and here are my thoughts on this little gadget.

Swiss Ultimate Labs Sonic-Ionic Infusion Wrinkle-Eraser Wand & Under-Eye Massager

First off, the shape of this massaging tool is definitely interesting.  It retails for under $30 and currently on sale for $16.  It’s a cool little tool that comes ready to use right out of its packaging – battery and all.  What does it do?  Using gentle, negative-ion, micro-electric pulses it gently pushes your favorite essential oils, creams and serums deeper into your skin providing a noticeable reduction in appearance of find lines, eye-bags and lines around the mouth.  This little unit has ultrasonic therapy that promotes increased circulation to reduce puffy eyes, promotes deeper, effective eye treatments and reduces dark circles.  Within 2-3 weeks you will noticeably see or feel firmer skin in the areas you have treated.

This product is light weight and portable which makes it easy to take with you during travel.  It can be used on the forehead, around the lips and brow area and under the eyes.  It is also an FDA registered device.  Another cool thing is that the company offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So here is how I used it and my results from the product.  I am a serum addict so I found that it worked well with any of the serums I loved to use.  After applying my serum or cream to my under eye area, I would start to use the Ionic Eye Device.  By lightly applying (touching) the device to the skin in which I want to treat and pressing softly on the silver button along the length of the device, the device will automatically sense the contact electronically and go to work.  This unit encourages absorption of the treatment to your skin and also provides a light massage.  You will continue massaging on each section that you want to treat for 30 seconds and you can do this each night before bed when doing your beauty regimen.

The companies claim is that in 4-6 weeks, your fine lines and puffiness are visibly reduced and the area under eyes appears significantly younger.  I have definitely noticed a difference in places I apply my serums and treat.  The puffiness under my eyes have decreased enough for me to take notice after just a few short weeks.  At the price point, I think it is definitely worth a try.

There are so many devices on the market today with a wide range of price points, but while some will offer you a little bit of improvement when it comes to your skin, others may not work at all.  I have fairly good skin and so when it comes to trying out new products and devices, I tend to see results or not if something works or doesn’t.  In this case, I can definitely say this product does offer some form of improvement if even just a massage for my tired eyes and facial lines.  I think it’s worth the try especially at the price.

You can purchase this product via their Amazon store here.

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