January 18, 2016



Yes, it is that time of year when most people create a laundry list of resolutions that not only depress them and make them feel unaccomplished, but also add to the paper clutter.  Let’s face it, I have done it time and time before and about two years ago I decided that instead of the “resolution” route I would aim to have a “goal” or better yet – a challenge.  I am no short of making those “lose weight by Spring” and “save enough money for a trip” resolution people but this year I figured I would change things and focus an important challenge on my makeup spending.  After working on my yearly January Purge of the household items and including my makeup stash, I realized… “Wow – I have a lot of makeup!”  Of course, I knew this information – but when I had it all laid out in front of me, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and out of breath.  And, I didn’t even spend much on makeup last year – so I couldn’t fathom where it all came from.

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Who needs 50 plus makeup palettes (most of which probably have the same or similar eye shadow shades) and over 200 lipsticks?  Well, up until today – I did, or at least I thought I did.  Each year and several times a year I purge my makeup, but this time it seemed out of control and I was disappointed with myself.  As a blogger, especially one who blogs about beauty products, you can find yourself wrapped up in all the pretty shimmer and sparkle.  Sometimes I’m completely entranced by the new packaging – Too Faced gets me on that every time, or sparkle and shimmer for the eye lid, yup – ColourPop’s to blame for that one.  There are so many reasons why buying makeup is so fun and besides, I’m the only girl in my house and I want to embrace that chic, girly and flirty side that makes me feel feminine.  But, as I pack up a bunch of unused cosmetics that are being donated to the Women’s Shelter and saying goodbye to the makeup I’m handing over to friends and family, I am starting to realize that “Enough is enough!”

“Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.” – Lady Gaga

I literally can hear the lady at my local Sephora sobbing in tears as I am typing my revelation, hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, I will still purchase makeup if I feel like it’s something I’ll need – like Mascara, that’s something you use up and throw out after a few months.  Or, if it’s something I really want.  But, I won’t be stalking ColourPop’s Instagram page and Urban Decay’s Facebook waiting for the next release to feed my addiction as a makeup lover.  As a blogger who writes about beauty products, this may be a challenge, but I will be smart about it and make it work!

Now let’s be honest and real for a minute.  Committing to not buy any makeup for the entire year of 2016 is literally like saying I won’t eat pizza – which is my favorite food and impossible.  But I can be realistic and do it in waves.  So I think my challenge will be to break up the challenge into quarters – every three months.  This way it will allow me to reflect every couple of months on how the challenge is going and what needs to be done to accomplish my goal.

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I’ll be taking part in this challenge with my friend Beth from  Together we will encourage one another to stick to our goal/challenge and keep one another on track.  We each agreed that we would build a wishlist of items that we’ve had our eyes and minds set on (we’ll list it here in our posts) and do our best to keep to it. Each quarter we will update and make a new post outlining what we spend on makeup purchases and what we bought. This way we are not quitting cold turkey but will not buy frivolously.

My wishlist of items:

  • Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette
  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
  • Too Faced Sweet Hearts Bronzer
  • Too Faced Sweet Hearts Blush – peach

Pretty much everything listed right now is from Too Faced Cosmetic’s Spring and Summer Collections for 2016.  I may add or delete some products but the goal of this is to stay within the lines of what my wish list is and not buy on a whim.  I will also purchase eye liners and mascaras since I go through those very quickly.   Should other releases or other products become available, I may add to this list, but again – it’s about keeping it all under control and not buying “just because”.  Each quarter I will stop in and update with a post that  states what I may have purchased and if I did buy any of my wishlist items.  My friend Beth and I will each do this together to not only be a great support, but to help challenge one another.

What’s not included:  Sponsored Products, Press Samples, Gift Cards or Gifts and The Basics

It’s obvious that as a blogger I receive Press Samples and samples as a part of Sponsored posts.  Since these are sent to me and I do not pay for it out of my own pocket, they are not counted or included.  Gift Cards or gifts will not be counted since they were provided to me as a gift.  The basics include my mascara, eye liners and other things that I use consistently, repurchase often and most the time are drugstore or affordable.  Each quarter I will list any purchases I have made that are not a part of my wish list as well as the cost of each.  This will help me keep a running tally of how much I’m spending as well as allow me to keep motivated.

Some may be asking what this may mean for the blog?  Well, everything will be the same.  Well, if you read my post “This Life I Love“, then this challenge will be absolutely perfect because it will also challenge me to focus my blog on all the things I love, not just makeup.  I consider that a win win!  So what about you, will you be joining myself and my friend Beth on our Makeup Spending Challenge journey?  If you do, be sure to comment on each post letting us know how you plan to accomplish your goals and how you did each quarter – we’ll be very excited to see.  Wish us luck!

Also – be sure to stop by my friend Beth’s blog (click this link) to read about her Makeup Challenge and her wishlist.


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