I have always been known to have the travel bug!  From the young age of 7, my little sister and I hopped on the plane by ourselves each vacation break to visit our grandmother on another island and till this day, traveling has been something I loved to do.  I have been to all the major Hawaiian Islands and have traveled across the United States from the West to the East Coast, visiting landmarks and attractions I had only dreamed of as a child.  Now that I’m married and have a family of my own, I believe that any journey a person takes in life are moments to cherish and that is why family fun during the summer is so important to me.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Now that my children are much older, traveling abroad or getting on a plane is not as feasible as it once was.  Paying for five seats on a plane instead of three (now the the twins are pass the two year old mark) is a hefty cost, so we haven’t traveled off island as a family in a few years and stay-cations have been musts for family fun.  Since we live in Hawaii, paradise is our backyard and the beach our playground, so while we won’t be boarding a plane this summer, I’m sure we’ll find a cute hotel or camp grounds that we can stay and make the best of a great island and destination.  Have you seen the price of airfare lately?  Flying from Hawaii to anywhere (even an island over) is a huge cost and the more children you have, the more you pay so together as a family we plan our special stay-cations that include fun family activities.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Our last “out of state” trip we took was to Washington D.C. a few years ago.  It was probably a favorite because my husband made sure to take us to places I had only dreamed of seeing when I was a child.  We were there for a special Medal of Honor Ceremony where we got to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, but besides that very cool highlight – the trip in general opened my eyes to a very different world from what I was used to living with the island life here on Maui.  While that was 3 years ago, that trip alone cost my husband and I $10,000 to take our family of 5.  It was one I will never forget and neither will our pocket books.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles
See my big head there on the right of President Obama
A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles
Oh look, there is my head making an appearance again – right next to First Lady Michelle Obama. teehee!

While my family and I have a long list of places we would like to visit, our wallets definitely do not want to take a huge hit all at once again.  However, Discover can definitely help us for our next adventure.  Discover it Miles® can help with the cost of airfare (which is our biggest expense when traveling for our family of 5).  With no annual fee and a $0 fraud liability guarantee, Discover offers you protection so you are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your card.  Also, you earn 1.5x the miles for every dollar spent on purchases and those miles never expire.  As an introductory offer, Discover it Miles card members will now receive double the amount of miles they’ve earned at the end of their first year – with no spending cap.  Before you know it, you have earned the mileage you need to put towards your future travel plans.  There are a lot of benefits for using the Discover it Miles Card, so be sure to head on over to the Discover site and check it out for yourself.

A Fun Family Summer to Discover with Discover It Miles

Reward cards like Discover’s are really great for paying small bills or groceries with and then earning the mileage for your next travel plans.  You can easily earn your miles by spending the small amounts on your card, like Gas for example – and then pay it off each month.  It’s an easy way to build your rewards and prep for your next vacation.  While my family and I will be enjoying another fun stay-cation this year, I am excited to earn some mileage for our next one we have planned and we can use our Discover it Miles card for our on-island resort stays and have a little fun while still building up the rewards we need for next year.  Family Fun – here we come!

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  1. Discover was one of the first credit cards I ever got – way back when it was owned by Sears! I still have it, about 20 years later. I charged a lot of my wedding on Discover, and lots and lots of other things. I need to look into this program because I love to travel, but the airfare is expensive!

  2. Lisa Marie Heath Reply

    I have one credit card and it’s in a safe place because I can’t be trusted with one! lol

  3. The ONLY credit card we have is Discover! We keep it because they have great CS and they work with us on lowering interest rates, etc. They’ve been wonderful! And yes, we use the rewards on Amazon all the time!

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