Aloha and welcome!  My name is Honey and I’m the face & creator of Honeygirl’s World. Here on HGW, you can expect to see a little glimpse into “My World“. Everything from my adventures and life around Hawai’i to beauty and product reviews can be found here. Even if you’re just looking for a little girl-talk or a peek into my mommy life, including food, tips & tricks, this is my little place on the internet for that. And, if you are a True Crime lover, I talk about some of that too.

This site has been my labor of love (and my getaway) now for over 13 years, having begun its journey in 2007.  I started HGW as a way to provide a place for moms like myself to runaway from reality, while getting a little help along the way. I am here to share a piece of my life and the things I love.  

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My goal, dream and ambition for Honeygirl’s World is to offer you a hub to help build your confidence while reminding you that motivation, inspiration and all the badass things that make you YOU are all within your reach.  But, Honeygirlsworld.com is much more that all of that.  I work on providing you with as much of the information you could need on any particular subject, whether that be beauty, motherhood and lifestyle or just the ins and outs of Hawaii and Maui.  My thought is that if you are armed with knowledge on anything, then your success comes that much easier.

I want you to be comfortable in your own skin, while still allowing yourself the opportunity to grow.  

Some of the things you can expect from me at Honeygirl’s World:

  • I will offer you tips and tricks on all the things that took me years to learn.  Have a question about being a mom of twins, or starting a blog?  Want to learn more about the new beauty products and trends that are hitting the market?  Well, don’t you worry, I got you covered!  
  • Let’s Talk Beauty – I will educate you to the best of my ability, by offering you as much of my knowledge on any given subject.  Whether that be makeup tips or skincare, product launches and new releases, or just swatches of a new product.  If I can do it, you’ll see it here.
  • Show each person, no matter their age – that they deserve to be inspired by themselves.  They deserve to know that they are beautiful creatures and I’m here to help enhance what God gave them.
  • Interested in learning new recipes or how to be a fab cook (chef) in the kitchen without spending a lot of time or money on your ingredients? Hey, ask me, I’m here to help and share.  I love sharing my simple recipes with all of you.
  • Want to plan a vacation to Hawaii?  Or, need to find the best places to eat here?  Don’t worry – I got you covered. 
  • Looking for a little daily inspiration to get your motivation started?  Well, that’s what I’m here for.  
  • Love True Crime stories or want to help spread the word on missing persons, unsolved cases, and more? Well, I talk about that stuff too.

Have a question, just ask.  If I don’t know the answer, you best believe that I’ll find out for ya.

Honeygirl’s World is a Lifestyle and Beauty Blog.  I’m just a tomboy and girly girl all mixed up in one person.  I enjoy sharing my love for all things beauty, but about a year ago, I realized that I wanted to go back to what HGW used to be… all about my love for life.  So, that is where it now is today.

Let’s get a little personal, shall we?

While most people know that I am just a laid back hawaiian girl, there is so much more to know about me.  You may see my littles featured on my social media sites or here on the blog so most of you know that I’m a mom of three boys.  I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  I married my best friend, seriously chased after the guy for 4 years before he noticed me (but that story deserves its own post).  I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, serious Potterhead, Twihard (I love the Twilight Saga, My husband teases me and says that I like sparkly glittery vampires, but hey… I love sparkle and glitter, so I guess it goes – lol. ) and I’m a huge fan of Nicolas Sparks books.   I love reading motivational books as well and I’m all for a good hike if I have enough water to sustain me.

I love the ocean and love the cold fresh water ponds here, but in general, I’m just a mermaid in disguise.  I just love water.  Living in Hawaii is expensive, which I’m sure anyone who’s visited here knows.  So, my family and I are just trying to make it work to the best of our ability.  Who needs an $8 gallon of milk anyway, right? lol.

So, come follow my family and I on our journey.  It’s been an interesting one with twists and turns along the way.  I also love sharing my healthy life journey here too.  

Connect with me on Instagram, The Maui Foodies Instagram (where we do micro reviews of different food and eateries), Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Come along for the ride.

Want to collaborate or have a question that I can hopefully answer?  Email me at:  honey@honeygirlsworld.com or beautybyhoney@gmail.com