If you’ve been on my blog for a while, then it’s pretty obvious that you have read or seen that I have a love for shoes and handbags… actually, it could most be categorized as an addition – ssshhh… don’t tell the husband (lol – he already knows).  As much as I love product to keep me in touch with fashion, I’m also a mom who’s realistic and knows that having a lot of shoes takes up much needed space.  Last year I introduced you to ALTERRE 21-in-1 Shoes, a brand that literally takes a bunch of shoes and wraps them into one pair to keep on you.  If you’re one of those ladies that need comfy footwear that is versatile, then these are for you.  Today, I want to share with you a few details of ALTERRE and their Kickstarter campaign.  Starting May 16th and running thrugh June 15th, ALTERRE is running on Kickstarter to help raise $15,000 or more to help fund new styles for next season.  As someone who absolutely loves their footwear – I have a pair of my own, I just had to share.

alterre shoes 1

ALTERRE shoes are designed in New York City but produced with fair labor in Brazil.  In collaboration with shoe experts with more than 30 years experience both here in the US and there in Brazil, ALTERRE brings to you a shoe that is expertly crafted and made beautifully.  ALTERRE also believes in producing shoes with fair labor so they visit the factory themselves to ensure that everyone there was happy and healthy while working.

ALTERRE is inspired by women and each shoe is named after women that the founders and designers admire.  With the $15,000 or more that ALTERRE hopes to raise, they want to use this money to create two brand new looks and a high platform heel for next season.  They plan to include sparkly sequined and metallic options as well – for those divas that are ready to shine.  They have prototypes underway and I am excited to see some of the sneak peak photos they have coming soon.

alterre shoes 2

Like I mentioned previously, I have my own pair of ALTERRE shoes that I absolutely love.  I literally take my one pair and completely change it up so I can go from a day to evenly look in a matter of seconds.  It’s convenient and expertly crafted footwear to provide comfort and quality.  I can’t wait to pick up my next pair and I’m looking forward to checking out their new styles once they are released.

Head on over to Alterre Shoes Kickstarter Campaign and check out what they have going for them, the information behind the brand and designers and how you can  help them make their goal.  If you’re a woman that loves shoes as much as I do – I think you’ll be fascinated to see how much this company has grown in the little time since they have been open – but also, how great of a product they have to offer.

You can check out their Kickstarter Campaign at this link:

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Disclaimer:  This is an informational post.  By writing about this and sharing information, I was not paid to promote or discuss this and all opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.


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