Beautiful flower bouquets at an affordable price?  Raises Hand and screams… “Over here!”  I have been told by people before that they are not fans of receiving flowers or bouquets, for whatever reason.  A few have even compared receiving bouquets to funerals and even death.  I’m sure everyone has their own opinion to whether they enjoy receiving the “smell great” beauties or not but I know I love them.  Receiving flowers to me is a sweet and kind gesture.  As a child, I worked in the garden with my Mom and Grandma and we loved picking the flowers from our Garden and arranging them in a vase to look at and as I got older my Dad and I spent hours photographing florals.  Part of the reason I am a Photographer today is because of these gorgeous creations that God and Mother Nature has gifted to us.  Flowers remind me of my childhood, life and love.

Rose Bouquet

Having received a plethora of different bouquets in my lifetime (thanks to a wonderful husband), I cherish them a lot because I know how costly they can be.   A dozen roses arranged in a vase and delivered to my work place is not cheap and many times if it is on a busy Holiday (i.e. Valentine’s Day), if you are not pre-ordered, you will not make the deadline for delivery. is a site filled with a huge array of bouquets – not just roses but flora of all shapes, sizes and gorgeous colors.  Not a roses type of gal or guy?  Don’t worry… Daisies, lillies… you name it – they have it.  What I love best is the affordable prices and how quick it all gets delivered. Floral Selection

My bouquet came all the way from Ecuador delivered via Fed-ex.  It was wrapped well and packaged nicely.  Considering it was in transit to Hawaii from Ecuador for a week before it was delivered, the bouquet arrived safe and sound and as fresh and gorgeous as I would expect it to have been if it came from a local Florist.

Bouqs Delivery

The Volcano collection (my roses came from this one) cost $40 and come from South America, the California Collection is $50 and comes from the West Coast.  Securely packaged and ready for delivery.  Of course if you want to have an added touch, you can certainly add your own vase – but considering a bouquet of flowers can cost well over $75 and even over $100 I think the deal you get from is definitely a great one. Delivery

After opening up my package, I removed the roses nicely and set them on the side.  I filled my vase with room temperature water, added in the little packet of flower food and while that was sitting I began cutting the stems of my new flowers.  My parents both worked in a florist so I learned that you must cut your stems diagonally under cool water – not cold and not hot.  The diagonal cut ensures the flowers are getting enough water to keep them lasting.  You should remove the leaves that are below the water line when the roses or flowers are placed in the vase, but I don’t like how they look – so I tend to leave them in.  Once you are done – admire your flowers.  I add fresh water to the vase every day and change out the water after a week to ensure that the bouquet lasts.  If your bouquet lasts a while, then you can always remove leaves and petals as you need.

Bouqs Affordable bouquets

Here’s why I love flowers and bouquets so much.  The first image (at the top) was taken on the day the bouquet arrived.  The picture above was taken 7 days later.  If you take care of flowers, they can last for a few weeks, even if they are a bouquet and technically “not living” because they have been cut. takes so many measures to ensure that your flowers are delivered as beautiful as it would be if you had ordered them locally.

Affordable Bouquets

Did I mention I love photographing flowers?  I think they are breathtaking and divine and they certainly remind me of spring.  The close up of these roses are from the same bouquet I received, but these taken on Day 9 – they are still beautiful and smell heavenly.

Pink Roses

The flowers in the above photo have bloomed so nicely.  This photo was taken on Day 13.  As you can see – even with the heat that Hawai’i experiences, with proper care the roses or any of the flowers for that matter will blossom and open up beautifully.  I had the opportunity to enjoy these flowers for over two weeks until they started to wilt completely.  They were a breath-taking addition to my decor in the house and smelled just as nice.

So are you looking for affordable bouquets for Easter, an Anniversary, special occasion?  Definitely check out and browse through their selection of gorgeous bouquets that will warm any heart.

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  1. Jaime Huff Reply

    I love fresh flowers! I am a daffodil and a calla lily girl!

    These are beautiful

  2. Norah Salazar Reply

    Those roses are to die for! (And I am not a roses person, I like Flower of Paradise and Orchids myself). Cute cute!

    • Aren’t they? And they lasted so long. I love Orchids… I grow those and roses in my yard… but Orchids survive nicely where we live because we are on the mountain 😉

    • I love when Roses are two toned like that – I have seen a yellow one with purple/fuchsia tips to them, Oh my – I need to get my hands on those 😉 I love fresh flowers… they definitely put a smile on my face. 😉

  3. I think flowers are wonderful, and I’m definitely one of those people who loves getting them. There is something infinitely romantic and chic about decorating the house with fresh fragrant bouquets 🙂

    • Me too 🙂 And you are right – there is definitely a romance about decorating the house with bouquets… I love it 😉

  4. they are… I love the ombre roses. I seen one that was yellow with fuchsia tips and I almost died they were so gorgeous.

  5. I’ve never had roses last that long! Amazing. And, they are beautiful. I love getting flowers, and I’m lucky that my hubby loves giving them to me.

    • My mom gets hers to last a good 3 weeks in the Winter months here… which is summer months still – but a tad bit cooler. lol. I was so amazed at how long they lasted, but I am pretty crazy about making sure I add water and cleaning them up. lol I love getting flowers… and love that my hubby gives them to me too 😉 I think it’s such a special gesture.

  6. Aleya Bamdad Reply

    I love flowers. They make the home look so much more inviting.

  7. Fresh flowers or any flowers for that matter is definitely a great thing to keep around the house. That’s why I don’t get how people think they belong in funeral homes. I think that they bring love and life to a funeral home, which is hard to do. Thanks Miranda 😉

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