It’s no secret that I am a believer of God and thank him for his blessings daily.  Those that are near and dear me know that even if I don’t attend church as often as I would like, that doesn’t mean that God is far from my heart.  Recently, I had the opportunity to try out temporary tattoos from Armed with Truth and their story was unique and intrigued me.  Their belief is that the most powerful ways to survive this crazy world is to have the Word of God written on your heart.  Memorizing any scripture can be a difficult and challenging task for many… this I know personally, as I have tattooed the Verse names on my wrists for scriptures that are personal to myself and my twins, and sometimes the words just don’t come to me as quickly.

With temporary tattoos that include encouraging verses on the insides of your arms to remind your through the day of what they are, it makes memorizing and committing to these verses easier than I thought.  After just a day… I had memorized my scripture and I’m even contemplating adding it to my collection of tattoos on my body.

Armed with Truth

About the company and the creators:

We believe one of the most powerful ways to survive this crazy world is to have the Word of God written on your heart. When Jesus faced opposition, he answered the problem and lies with scripture. We ought to do the same. Yet, the process and practices of memorization are tough. We have tried it all: flash cards, sticky notes, covering one eye, you name it. The snazzy smartphone app was least effective because of the endless distractions that come with smartphones! Ugh!
We knew there had to be a better way….
We set out to make a way to get scripture into your memory bank by allowing you to take advantage of all the micro moments in life. If you don’t have a lot of time (like us), spending 25-30 minutes to memorize scripture isn’t something most people can maintain. We wanted to create a way people to take all their wasted micro moments in life (standing in line, at a stop light, in a drive through, in an elevator, riding a bike and even taking a shower) and make them opportunities to memorize scripture.
Armed With Truth was born to give you a ultra convenient (yet dashingly fashionable) way memorize scripture for a few seconds a day –everyday. The temporary tattoos are made for your inner wrists and will last for up to 7 days and are ready at all times for you to be encouraged and empowered. Each pack contains 10 verses centered around a transformational theme — from knowing your Identity in Christ to becoming a Change Maker. Over 100 verses in all to transform your mind and equip you with the Word of God.
We hope that you love these as much as we do! 
Eric and Mike
Armed with truthEach pack retails on the Armed With Truth site for $9.95 and is available in several different packs.  I received Change Makers, a collection of verses that remind you to Care for Others, Give to the Poor, Set Captives Free, Deny Myself and Walk with God as well as many more.  Each pack includes 10 Essential Bible Verses on Being Change Makers.  Armed With Truth also includes a designer series that includes cool designs that depict biblical truths.
Armed with Truth
Applying the tattoos is very simple.  If you have ever used a temporary tattoo before, then you can use the same type of routine, otherwise… here’s what you do.
Armed with Truth
Make sure the area you are going to apply the tattoo to is clean and dry.  Peel back the clear protective top sheet and press the tattoo firmly onto the area – face down.  I chose to apply this to my forearm.
Armed with Truth
Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo and press down.  Make sure to wet the tattoo thoroughly.  Remove the cloth and wait 30 seconds (take your time and count) and then peel the paper backing off to reveal the tattoo.  While these are a great way to memorize the scriptures, I think it is also a great reminder of faith.
Armed with Truth
Each tattoo pack comes with easy to follow directions and an assortment of scriptures.  I have enjoyed each one so far and take them all into heart.
Armed with Truth
I am a firm believer that each person regardless of Faith has someone or something they need to inspire them – whether it be a quote or a scripture, a person or a being… everyone needs inspiration for change.  What are your thoughts on these pretty interesting tattoos?  I’m diggin’ them.
Signature Honey

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