Oh – when it comes to skin care devices and products that state heavy claims on how they can tone my skin, make it look youthful and help with anti-aging, I’m always excited to try them out.  I’m said it many times before, but I’m almost 40 (36 to be exact) and over the years I have always believed that proper skin care is the best way to prevent the signs of aging.  So, when I read about and watch late night commercials (yes, I am a late night commercial person), I tend to really gravitate to the products to see if they really are what they claim.  While up late a few months ago, I came across an infomercial regarding the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System.  To say I was interested to not only test it out but to see how it worked on my skin, was an understatement, I was definitely intrigued.  I was absolutely ecstatic when the PR Company for  Conture reached out to me a few days later asking me to review and test out their product and I couldn’t wait till it arrived so I could test it out for myself.

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Now, if you’ve been on my site before – you know that when it comes to skin care, I have tried my fair share of products, gadgets and everything in between… you name it – I have probably tried it.  But, this is the first of its kind.  The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is the first of its kind type of Anti-Aging device that brings the Professional Medical Spa technology to consumers in a safe, painless and affordable way.  Having worked in the plastic surgery industry and seeing these types of treatments first hand, I was very excited to see how it would live up to its claims and I couldn’t wait to try out the system for myself.

So what is the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System?  

It’s an anti-aging device (as I stated earilier) that you can use in the comforts of your own home.  It’s a non-invasive revolutionary preventative and anti-aging cosmetic device that you can use at home.  The Conture utilizes a unique combination of Ultra-Low Sonic Vibrations combined with Isometric Copressions (Vacuum) to safely, gently and easily stimulate the skin.  It’s similar to Pro Services that can cost hundreds or more per visit and that require 10 visits or more to sometimes see results.

The Conture is clinically shown to dramatically increase skin radiance, smoothness, lift and texture while decreasing the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles.  In just one use you can immediately see noticeable results and you literally only need to use the unit for about 2 minutes per treatment.  When I first heard all of this information, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that it would even be possible, let alone effective enough to see results in one treatment without hurting my already sensitive skin.

skin care, anti-aging, Conture Kinetic Skin Toning system, skin toning, face, skin, skin care, conture, luminess air, beauty, first impressions, anti-aging beauty,

So, what do I think about this product?

Since I’ve given you the break down on the claims for the Conture, after using this unit for about 2 weeks, here’s what I think.  First of all, let me tell you what I thought after the first use.  I didn’t expect to see results at all after the first session of using Conture, but I did and I really was pleased with what I saw.  I don’t really have much wrinkles, but do have lines from weight loss and weight gain as well as some minor crows feed and fine lines and wrinkles that are from smiling, wearing my glasses and rubbing my eyes from my allergies.  All of which I have been able to keep under control with daily use of serums and my favorite skin care.  After the first use of using Conture, I noticed that my smile lines had decreased quite a bit.  The Conture literally added life to them,  with it’s vacuum like suction I felt it plumped those lines up so that it was not as visible as it had been prior to the treatment.

“The system utilizes a unique combination of isometric compression, which gently lifts and releases targeted skin areas, and low sonic frequency vibrations which together safely, and gentle stimulate and tone dull, aged looking skin. The device safely stimulates the skin from a sluggish state by gently lifting and releasing targeted skin zones using a gentle vacuum, resulting in clinically visible enhancements to skin appearance, absorption, and overall skin health.”

After using the unit on my forehead, I also noticed that the fine lines on my forehead seemed like they were plumped up and not as noticeable too.  It is such a relief when you are using a product and notice just a few minutes later how much it has made a difference.  My jaw line also seemed to have shrunk some, or at least looked like I was not as chunky in that area as I had been before I had started the treatment.  All of these results I am talking about happened within a 2-3 minute time period and I noticed immediately after the treatment using the Conture for the first time.

I continued using the product 2x a day for the last two weeks.  I noticed over the course of the last two weeks how the texture of my face had improved.  My skin looks brighter, is much more even in tone and feels smoother than before.  It feels like my skin is much more accepting to my skin care products, and skin absorption is better than it had been in a long time.  Since I naturally have dry skin, I layer on several types of skin care products as a part of my daily regimen and I started noticing that the absorption of the products was taking longer than it normally did to drink up my serums.  With the first week and into the second week of using the Conture, I noticed my absorption of my skin care serums was quick and fast… like my skin was drinking up the greatness once again.

Learn about how to use the Conture in their easy to follow tutorial:

Some cons of using this product are not necessarily cons because my skin tends to freak out some at the beginning of a new skin care add on.  I noticed a few days after using the Conture on my face that I started breaking out.  But do not fear, because my skin has done this each and every time I have tried something new.  I tend to consider it my… “skin has to get worst before it gets better phase” and while it’s a con now, I am already noticing some improvement in the whole treatment process.  I break out a lot when I start new treatments and it can proceed well into a month before I notice that my skin is actually just cleansing itself.  It happens with masques or new products, so I do not contest that it has to do with the product itself.  After just two short weeks, I noticed such a huge difference in how my skin feels – I know that the Conture is working for my skin.

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My Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System included:  The Conture Device, Kinetic Treatment Serum, AM Ignition Lotion, PM Recovery Creme and US Charging Cord and Adapter.  I have been  using the Kinetic Treatment Serum prior to each Conture treatment to help prep my skin and to allow the device to glide across my skin easily.  I use the AM Ignition Lotion in the morning after my Conture treatment along with my morning AM skin care regimen and serums and then the PM Recovery Creme in the evening after the Conture treatment along with my PM skin care regimen.  I use different products in the AM and PM already.  My skin care products I currently use and have been using seem to work okay with those that came with my Conture.

I have been using the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System on the Mild setting for my face the first week but have since started using the “Face” setting after using the system for a week.  I haven’t had any sensitivity issues at all using this product which is a huge plus.  Being Eczema prone and having such sensitive skin, I have had so many products cause flare ups and I haven’t had any problems with the Conture.  What I love the most is that Conture is developed by a brand that I have know and love – Luminess Air.  Luminess Air is a brand I have used for years and as a makeup artist, it is one I have stocked in my kit to do bridal work and shows for years on clients.  I knew that the Luminess Air brand was a favorite, but now after trying Conture for 2 short weeks, I have found that they are great at taking care of my skin.

This post is just my first impressions.  In about 3 weeks I’ll be sharing with you my full review after using this product for just over a month.  You’ll be seeing before and after pictures as well as a full review on the product and whether or not it lived up to the hype over the month.  Overall – having used this product for two weeks, I can honestly say – it’s wonderful and I love it so much I’m looking into getting one for my mom.  She’s a skin care lover like myself and I know she’ll just love it.

Want to see before and after photos?  Come back in a month for a full reveal and review!

Have you tried this product before?  If not, are you like me and stay up late to watch infomercials and have seen the Conture featured?  Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a full review with before and after photos of my results after using the Conture for just a month.




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  1. Lola Seicento Reply

    Great first impressions post, Honey! I can’t wait t see your follow up post!

    • Debi Liccketto Reply

      It’s been 4 months since ur post, have u seen Honey’s followup post? I can’t seem to find it.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I have this device and I’ve gotta get going with it. Your post was so informative and encouraging. I hope I have as good initial results as you have

  3. I just got this but hadn’t seen the infomercial on it. I’m going to get pix this weekend and then start using it. Now I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. Very interesting! I’m always so scared to try at home devices like this. My skin is so sensitive, I’m always afraid it will freak out. Looking forward to your next update!

  5. This is very interesting. Heaven only knows that I could do with some additional firming!

  6. all_the_words025 Reply

    I love beauty gadgets and this one sounds really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing your results.

  7. Christine C. Reply

    I’ve been using it now for about two weeks and I haven’t noticed any major differences yet. I need to keep using it and see what happens. I will say that I think my skin seemed more plump, I just don’t have the fine line and wrinkles on my face, I wish I had just to test this!

  8. I recently started using this device as well. I’m testing it out on a few areas. So far, so good. Fingers crossed that it helps improve some of the aging in my face.

  9. Lisa Marie Heath Reply

    I’m so confused with all these beauty gadgets! This one sounds really interesting!

  10. Dawn Nelson Reply

    It’s been more than seven months since the first review. Is it possible to get the second or updated review that was promised? It sure would be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!

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