For the most part, I’m pretty proud to say that my makeup stash is fairly organized.  But, with all the traveling I did in my past job, I would have loved something that would keep my makeup neat and easy to use.  The Beauty Butler is a genius way to do just that and it’s the perfect companion for travel or to just keep organized.  An affordable product that offers you convenience and is easy to use?  I think I found a fun winner to add to my beauty collection.  How do you organize your makeup quickly and easily?  Here is how I have been stashing mine lately.

The Beauty Butler

Check out my Video review below as well as a demo and show and tell of how the product works.  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

The Beauty Butler comes in 2 sizes –

the Diva (6″x8″) $12.99 – comes with 20 small and 8 large tabs and available in Pink and Black

and the Flirt (4″x6″) $10.99 – comes with 12 small and 4 large tabs and available in Pink and Black

You can purchase them each separately or bundle them together with the Sets they have available on the site to fit your makeup organization needs.  Some of the sets even include a makeup bag to store your Beauty Butler trays so if you are interested in those, you can find them here.

The Beauty Butler

Beauty Butler is easy to use and sturdy to keep your makeup all together for travel or storage.  Simply take your “grab tab” (velcro) and attach to the object you want to stick to the Beauty Butler.  Prior to attaching the grab tab, be sure to clean your makeup object or tool properly so that the tab will adhere and stay in place for as long as you need it to and be secure.  Once you have placed the tab in place on your makeup (i.e. a lipstick), you are good to go.  Simply place the object on the Beauty Butler tray – the grab tab will affix to your tray with ease.

The Beauty Butler

Beauty Butler is the only “hook and loop” makeup storage system that keeps makeup organized on portable makeup palettes.  Removing the Grab Tabs from your makeup is easy to do (like removing a sticker), and while the site says you will not be able to reuse the tab on another piece of makeup – I have been able to do so a few times already.  Just keep in mind that when you do so – you may lose the integrity of the grab tab and it may not stick well to the new object it is placed on.  The Beauty Butler  does include a lot of tabs for you to be able to get great use out of your butler, so keep that in mind before trying to reuse.  What I think is so cool is that the Beauty Butler will work with all shapes and sizes of makeup so long as it fits the size of the palette you have (Diva / Flirt).  Brushes, compacts, mini/small palettes, single eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses all fit nicely and allow you to organize a wide range of makeup for your needs.

The Beauty Butler

The Beauty Butler is very sturdy and strong.  As you can see in the video posted, I am able to turn the trays upside down and shake them pretty vigorously without any of my affixed makeup falling off.  Removing the makeup to use is simple and putting it back for storage takes little to no effort.  I absolutely love that these are so neat for storing on a tray in your makeup collection or placing in a makeup bag that’s large enough to hold the items affixed.  No more digging around in your makeup bag to find that lipstick that always seems to get lost in there.  Everything is always neat and nice and easy to use.  As a makeup artist, I think this could be an item that is beneficial for your use as well.  You can affix single eye shadows (still in the pot) like those from MAC and don’t have to worry about depotting them to fit in a Z Palette or Open Palette that requires magnets.  Simply attach the grab tab to your single eye shadow pot and place on the palette.  It could work for you in many ways and you may find a way to use this product that I haven’t thought of yet.  I like to open my compacts and use them directly from the Beauty Butler, easy and quick for on the go touch ups too.

The Beauty Butler

Because the Beauty Butler keeps all of your cosmetic items in place and they are not bouncing around in your makeup bag, that also helps to keep your makeup from breaking.  Those palettes that tend to have sensitive shadows that crumble and shatter could benefit from using the Beauty Butler.  It’s a handy tool for anyone and I wish I had this when I traveled in the past, because something always broke or went missing and the Beauty Butler would have helped to keep it all organized for me.

The Beauty Butler

Simply attach your favorite or needed makeup goodies to the palette, place in your makeup bag and you are good to go.  No more digging in your makeup bag to find what you need… everything is at your finger tips.  Is this something you think you could get some use out of?  Have you heard of the Beauty Butler before?  What are you thoughts on this pretty cool product?  To get your Beauty Butler or to learn a little more about it – head on over to their website:

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  1. How neat! This looks like it would be perfect for travelling and to help keep a MUAs kit organized. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think it’s a great idea but super simple to DIY. Velcro is readily available at craft stores. But good on them for coming up with the product and making it something people can buy all in one box.

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