Let’s face it, each time we blink an eye a new product hits the market.  It doesn’t matter what type of product it is, whether it is a new phone, technological device, a book or even a new beauty invention, products are rolled out daily.  The beauty world is one that I love watching evolve to hit new heights and fun, colorful creations.  But, I also love reading and learning about new products aimed specifically for skin care, a revolutionary industry that helps keep women like me looking fab.  Today I share with you Facekins, reusable face pads from a store on Etsy.  This eco-friendly product is definitely something worth looking into so I wanted to share with you some information on the product so you can decide for yourself.

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So what are Facekins?  

Facekins are washable and reuseable fabric facial pads ranging in price from $17 – $20 a pack of 7 pads.  They are soft eco-friendly reusable pads that are a great alternative to cotton pads or cotton rounds.  They were designed to use a non-cotton fabric making it luxuriously soft and great for both women & men.  Facekins was created by Connie Simon when she decide to make her own reusable face pads.  She didn’t like the fact that she was throwing away over 700 disposable cotton rounds a year.  After seeing how cotton pads that others made were not ideal for her, she decided on a softer, more sustainable, eco-friendly fabric.

Facekins are made of sustainable fabric that absorbs less product, which saves you on money – since you are using less toner and cleanser (as well as other products) to get the same job done.  They are made with an ultra-soft material that goes all the way to the edge of each pad (there is no rough stitching) and it’s great for use on the sensitive area under and near the eyes.  The pads are able to be washed and are stain resistant but they also keep their shape and softness after washing.  Pads are available in different sizes and shapes (square and round) and the straight edges are wonderful for getting close to the eyes without pulling out lashes.  What I love the most about this product is that they do not leave any lint on my lashes or in my husband’s case, on his face stubble.  They are comfortable to use and great for travel since they air dry very quickly.

beauty, makeup, Facekins reusable face pads, face pads, facial pads, review, eco-friendly face pads, disposable cotton rounds, disposable face pads, review,

So let’s talk about some details, shall we?  If you use cotton rounds on a daily basis, you are using approximately 2 pads per day.  That means (when I do the math) that you are averaging approximately 720 pads per person.  It may not seem like a lot considering the price point, but think about all the water and energy used to grow and harvest the cotton.  Facekins is made with a soft polyester fabric.  Because of this, it makes this product less likely to stain than organic cotton pads and is much softer than cotton pads which is great for my sensitive skin.  Did I mention that polyester is also less absorbent than typical disposable cotton pads so you use less product and have less waste.  Each pad is double sided and feels so soft and luxurious on the skin.  They are machine washable (do not use chlorine bleach) and can be tumble dried.  The fabric resists stains (as I mentioned before), shrinkage, mildew and dries quickly.  Each pad is sewn so there is a secure and soft edge and they are Made in the USA and cut, designed, sewn and packaged in Tustin, California.  They are handmade by Connie.

“I absolutely love how soft these pads are, I love how these feel against my sensitive skin.  They are a great companion for any beauty and skin care lover.” – Honey

I have been using these pads to remove my mascara and eye makeup with my micellar water.  I’m a traditional cotton rounds user and have been using them for years but it was a different experience when using the Facekins.  My face didn’t have any sensitivities at all while using the product and I loved how gentle they felt on my eyes.  Until you use the product, you won’t know what you are missing and trust when I say – it feels so good on the face, you can’t help but continue using them.

beauty, makeup, Facekins reusable face pads, face pads, facial pads, review, eco-friendly face pads, disposable cotton rounds, disposable face pads, review,
I have washed this pad 2x.

What else can you use Facekins for?

You can use Facekins for more than just makeup and beauty.  Mommies can use them as nursing pads – they are soft and easy for that purpose.  They are lint free so they make great camera lens cleaners and are great for First Aid and cleaning cuts, applying oitment, etc. because they are lint free.  Some customers have even said they use it for removing nail polish and with nail polish remover.  The product will stain but the polish washes out.  the options for use are endless.  I love Facekins and I know I’ll be a long time user.  It is a money saver and definitely worth checking out.  I’ve been using Facekins for over a month and find them so convenient and so soft they make using them a great experience.

You can purchase Facekins and learn more about them on their site:  My favorites are the 3-3/4″ rounds for cleansing my whole face or removing makeup on the whole face and the square (2″) & round minis (2-3/8″) which I use to gently pull my lower lash line down to apply liner to my water line or even use as a guide for a sharp eye shadow look on the outer corner of my eye.  Of course, I also love them for removing my eye makeup.  I highly suggest you check them out, they are so soft, you won’t want to use anything else.  I’ll need to stock up on a lifetime supply.

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Disclaimer:  I received this product for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links posted through out.


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  1. Kristi Vasquez Reply

    OMG – this is an amazing eco-friendly product…heading there now. I’d love to be able to use something senstive enough for my face and not be wasteful!

    • I have a really sensitive face and sensitive skin as well as Eczema prone… these are awesome 😉 They are so soft and feel great on the skin.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    interesting idea but I would need a ton of them since I wash clothes once a week

    • I wash clothes 3x a week so I totally get that you would need more… but the 7 pack should suffice I think… one each day? Not sure how much you would need, but they have been so convenient… and so soft.

  3. Lola Seicento Reply

    These sound fantastic! It’s so eco-friendly to be able to wash and reuse them!

  4. These sound so cool! I had no idea anything like this even existed. I’m guilty of using SO many cotton pads.

  5. Very impressive. I can go through 4 pads in a day and I always feel like I’m buying new ones. These sound worth the money to try.

  6. Norah Salazar Reply

    Love the concept of eco friendly and re-usable. I just tried a similar product and thought it was great.

  7. confession: I make my own facial pads like this! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to save paper this way.

  8. polarbelle Reply

    These sound great. What I hate most about cotton rounds is all the lines of lint fuzz that they leave everywhere. My life would be happier if I left lint behind.

  9. lacquerexpression Reply

    Read review. I love this concept and will be check it out.

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