I’m sure that most of you have noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA lately – or at least the last week.  My blog has been quiet and my thoughts not as visible as they normally are.  Honestly, I haven’t been feeling very well the since Saturday – but on a quick road to recovery… thankfully, I had only been running a fever with an achy body.  I hope the worst is behind me.  I have a few posts in the works, but just didn’t feel like I wanted to talk about makeup on my blog today- so I figured I would share a little Motivational Monday for all of you.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten personal – so here it goes.

motivational monday

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” – Maya Angelou

Those that know me, know I’m just a humble person… always striving to make sure my Husband and Sons have what they need and making sure those around me feel wanted and loved.  But little know the struggle that I have had growing up.  Picture it… a little Hawaiian Hula Girl living in a Paradise that was not quite Paradise for me.  Don’t get it twisted, Hawaii is beautiful and is a tropical oasis filled with hopes and dreams… but it’s expensive to live here.. houses now a days averaging $800K for a 3 bedroom the size of a cottage, cars that cost $20K brand new in the States (Mainland) cost $40K here.  There is definitely a price to pay when living in Paradise.  I grew up a little girl who knew my family didn’t have much, but it didn’t keep me from my dreams and aspirations for my future.  My parents worked hard – to make sure my siblings and I had everything we needed to get where we needed to go and gave use the encouragement to push through and persevere.

So – why the reason for this post?  Well, I’m now 34 years old and while life still offers its choice of challenges, Life is Good.  Summer has hit Hawaii in full swing and the days are beautiful and warm, my family has their health and we are living good.  I have come a long way from the poor little girl with frizzy curly hair, hula skirt and rubber slippers (flip flops) and have become a well respected woman in society (although – I still rock out my rubbah slippahs).  Did it all happen over night?  Well, of course not – but I worked hard, prayed and asked God for guidance, have an awesome support system and of course – Believed in my myself.  This once poor little girl is happy and content where life has taken her and looks forward to God’s gifts bestowed upon me.

I’m not gonna lie… it is probably one of the most difficult things anyone can do… “Think Positive!”  Seriously, how is that even possible when the World is riddled with negativity ready to throw itself at you?  I’ll admit that there are times that I feel like I am surrounded by the negativeness that I try so hard to run from.  But, such is life and as a society we need to just stop and move on.  You life is your sanctuary and you must think of it as such… be rid of all the negative things or those that offer negative or unhappy thoughts and know that you are better than that.  Fill your sanctuary with love and kindness and know that you are the only thing keeping you from being who and what you want to be.  At the end of the day… You must “Believe in Yourself” or as I would say to myself in my head or out loud when I feel like times are tough or I’m in a dark place… “Believe in Me!”

Wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous week filled with thoughts of love and happiness.  Be Happy and Believe in Yourself.

A little music for your soul from Paula Fuga.


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  1. Motivation is a wonderful thing. Thanks for your great words and inspiration!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Well said, Honey. Keep on keeping’ on! And hope you’re feeling all better soon 🙂

  3. Norah Salazar Reply

    Hope you are feeling better Honey! What a nice post. True words, if we don’t believe in ourselves, who else will?!

  4. Love Love LOVE this post. I knew that Hawaii was expensive from when I have vacation there, however I never knew it was that pricey to live or drive there. Holy wow! And totally rock out those rubbah slippers. lol… love this post and love you and your blog!

    • thank you so much girl. It is pretty expensive here… but I’m always thankful to call Hawaii my home. Few people can say they can go to the beach every day if they wanted to and the water is gorgeous and warm 😉 Love you go girl… <3

  5. Thinking Positive can be challenging, but it helps when you surround yourself with positive people 🙂

    • Yes – I’m really lucky to have a great support system and my husband is the bees knees. I know so many that have struggled because of those they hang around with. Surrounding yourself with positive happy people is definitely key 😉

  6. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    My family didn’t have much growing up, and my mom always taught me to cherish what we have. I do think it made me a better person and is helping me to raise my son with the same mindset.

    • Same – my parents always taught me that we can always make something out of little things. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade, my mom wanted to teach me to type… but we couldn’t afford a computer or typewriter… so my mom and dad collaborated and made a keyboard for me out of a cardboard box and foam for the keys so they would be 3d-ish. I always remember that… and use those teachings to teach my children. We are pretty lucky people to have great parents 😉

  7. Beautiful post! Every time life throws challenges your way, remember that for many people out there life is sweeter because you are in it [because Honey… get it… okay, that was the worst pun ever] 🙂

  8. Betzy Carmona Reply

    I really enjoy this type of post you do ! I will try to believe in myself more even when the road gets dark

  9. I’m glad that you’ve been able to get to where you are through all your hard work 🙂

  10. Oh – I believe… I have family in So Cal and they say it is pricey too. Thank goodness we have a God that we can lean on and I have a husband and sons who offer great support 😉

  11. 😉 It is amazing and I have a husband who always supports me in all of my endeavors… I’m definitely lucky and thankful 😉

  12. thank you 🙂 I worked at a young age once I was legal too… so I totally know. It’s nice to know that when we need it though… we can rely on ourselves. I swear you are right – kids now don’t know the value of life. I’m lucky my kids have great roots… my eldest is 10 but he collects the recyclables to make side money to buy his own games and stuff… so I’m lucky that he knows the value of the dollar as well as how hard you need to work to get what you want. 😉

  13. thank you – I am much better. I think I have a 24 hour bug or something – who knows. I try my best to think of others… it makes me feel better 😉 Thank you Nidia. xo

  14. thank you girl, I am feeling much better and soaked up some Hawaii sun yesterday. Yes, we do get caught up in it all – but glad to know that we can still remain positive, even if times are tough. Definitely – If can, can – if no can, no can 😉 xo

  15. I’m glad it was helpful. Sometimes life has us going crazy so much so that we can’t think positive… but it is always great to stop and reflect on the great things we have. They say the Grass is always greener, I say… “There is always tomorrow to make anew!” 😉

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