Have you tried Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows?  I have had my eyes on them for a while and I was totally stoked that I got my hands on two of them.  Like with all Benefit products, the packaging definitely caught my eye first.  They look like little bonbons to me and I thought they were so cute – even more so that they came in cute little round boxes.  So what are my thoughts on them?  Keep reading and see what I think 😉

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow

These cream shadows come in 10 awesome colors.  I own two of them – Bronze Have More Fun (a gorgeous bronze brown) and Bikini-Tini (a perfect for neutral looks – cream color shade).   Each pot retails for $20.00 on Benefit’s Website and you get a Net wt. of 0.16oz/4.5g worth of product.   On average you are getting about the same amount of product in your pot as other brands offer but honestly, to me – formulation is very different and the packaging is just too adorable.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow copy

So – what do I love about these cream shadows?  Well, first – what isn’t there to love.  I love MAC Paint pots and Maybelline Color Tattoos… but these are very different.  In my opinion the Benefit Cream Shadows have a mousse like texture.  Because of it’s awesome texture, it applies so effortlessly and blends very easily on my eye lids without tugging.  Not only is it a great base for your favorite shadows, I absolutely love that I can wear the colors I have for a quick wash of color in my 5 minute look and it will be there from the time I put it on till the time I take it off.  It is long lasting and even with my oily eyelids – I didn’t have any trouble with creasing.

Both of the cream shadows I have did not crease on me considering they do have some form of shimmer/metallic to them.  They held up to use on its own or paired with eye shadows both matte and shimmer.  Also – I love using these in combination with loose shadows, even if they set nicely and blend onto the skin easily – they are still tacky enough to hold onto my favorite loose shadows for a great and long lasting eye makeup look.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow bronze have more fun 2

Bronze Have More Fun is a deep chestnut bronze.  I love it for a smoky eye or just an every day eye look.  It feels great on my eye lid – it’s smooth and doesn’t feel heavy like some cream shadows can.  This color does lend for a metallic look (as does Bikini-tini) but will work for all eye shadow combinations you have in mind.   If you are looking for a punch of color from this shade, build the color up slowly and blend between layers so that you will avoid creasing.  While this hasn’t creased on me, I know that it may not lend as nicely to others.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow bikini-tini 2

Bikini-Tini has an almost pearl sheen but not really.  It reminds me of a shell color – very neutral in tone, creamy colored and perfect for every day makeup looks.  I love that I can easily use this color as a quick wash over my eye lids up to my brow bone and then blend in my favorite matte shadows to create a nice “every day” work type makeup look.  I also love using this cream shadow as a pop of color and highlight on the arch below my brow for a soft highlight that brightens my look.  I do notice that I need to apply this particular shade in layers to deepen and increase the color against my dark skin.  But, I love it for every day use.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow makeup look

In the look above, I am using “Bronze Have More Fun” Creaseless Cream Shadow from benefit as my base for the eye shadows in the look.  My eye makeup stayed in place and stayed put from the morning until late that night when I took my makeup off.  While I am using Benefit’s Cream Shadow as a base for darker colors in this look, I love using them in lighter shades as well.  Bikini-tini is my favorite to use beneath colors in my Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay as well as my Benefit Peek-a-Bright-eyes Palette (review on that coming soon).

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow 2

My favorite way to apply these shadows is to use a synthetic brush like my MAC 217.  That brush grabs the colors and applies them to my eyelid so effortlessly – it looks airbrushed.  Keep in mind that that is how I like to use it – just a little bit of color to make my shadows pop.  If you are looking to have a punch of color with lots of product applied, use a flat synthetic brush and pat the cream shadow onto your lid to get the color payoff you are looking for.  I do use my fingers from time to time, but I really rather a brush.  At the end of the day, you can use any brush you feel will work for you – but since it is a cream product, synthetic is best.  Oh – did I mention that you can use these as eyeliner as well.  Bronze Have More Fun makes such a great eyeliner (Bikini-tini too, but I find it is not the type of eyeliner color I would use. lol) – it goes on so creamy and applies without any problems.  Use an angled eyeliner brush for great precision and take your time.  You can create a light eyeliner look for every day wear or build up the color for a bold line.  Remember to close your pot of cream shadow tightly when you’re done using it so it will last and not dry out.  I like to store mine upside down (cover down) not only to see the color but it’s just a habit and it tends to not dry out as fast.  I have had mine for about 2 months now and it has not dried out yet.

So – have you tried the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows?  If so, what colors do you have?  If you haven’t tried them yet – do you think this may be a little splurge you are interested in trying.  So far after using it a few months, I’m impressed.  I’m glad I took photos “before” I started using them… because now they look like a hot mess. lol Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! xo

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  1. Beth Beard-Kahn Reply

    So pretty!! And they look oober cute too! 😀 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  2. I own one that I got as a Sephora 100 pt reward! I love it! My feelings are in line with your review. You picked a couple of great, staple colors, too!

    • oh – what a steal. I swear I never get good point rewards when online and my nearest sephora is a 2 hour drive away. Thank you 🙂

  3. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I haven’t tried this yet but now I’m curious because you reviewed it so well.

  4. What a coincidence! I just finished writing a post about a cream eyeshadow but it was a creaser 🙁 I totally want to try benefit’s. I really love their eyeshadows and the bronze one looks great!

    • Omigosh – I’m running over to your blog to see. I do not like when cream shadows crease… oddly I have dry skin on my face but my eyelids are always oily (weird face) so that would be no bueno. These are really nice and I love the mousse like texture.

  5. Pammy Blogs Beauty Reply

    I really like these cream shadows! 🙂 They look pretty on you! Love the new packaging. The one I have is in the old packaging.

    • thank you so much Sheila. 🙂 That means a lot coming from you <3 I wish my eyes were not ruined with all the serums I used on them to grow my lashes… because they used to change to be lighter and sometimes a hint of blue/gray… my mom used to say my eyes were entrancing. lol

  6. Kendra Stanton Reply

    This looks great!! I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I totally want to!

  7. Oh – I’m glad that they sent you a new one. I hate when things come cracked :/ I am not sure if the formula changed much. I talked to a few of my blogger friends who have both and they say that the new one seems to feel a little more moose like, whereas the older one more like a color tattoo. But I really am not sure as I haven’t tried the old. So – maybe you will definitely find a difference in the new. Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

    • I can’t remember because this post was a year ago or so… but I know it is a Color Statement Lipstick from Milani

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