On January 12th, 2022 – my family and I had the opportunity to visit the Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park and Attractions. It was my first time going to the one in Hollywood, having only been to the one in Orlando. My children have not been to the Hollywood one either, so it was kind of a first-time experience for us all. If you’ve been reading other posts about our recent travel, this vacation included a lot of firsts.

Booking our Adventure

We booked our Universal Studios Hollywood experience through their website more than a month in advance of our trip. Having booked Disneyland Tickets and Reservations, I knew that it would be best to have everything we needed prior to arriving in California, so it was the best choice for my family.

What is the Universal Express Pass?

The Express Pass is a Universal Studios pass that is offered and available for purchase with a paid theme park ticket. At the current time as well as when we purchased our tickets, the 1-Day Universal Express ticket was $189.00 per person. Since my sons are all over the age of 12 – they paid a full fare.

The Universal Express Pass includes the following:

  • One-Time express access to each ride, attraction, and seated show (this is not for every attraction, ride and show and you’ll be told this as you check-in)
  • 1 Day General Admission to the Park (You select the date at checkout and this is only valid for the selected date)

The standard 1-Day General Admission is about $109 (depending on the time of year) so you do pay almost twice the amount with Express, but since we only had one day at Universal, my husband and I wanted to ensure that we were able to accomplish all the things we had planned. Our goal was to get in as many rides as we could so the boys would have a great experience.

What kinds of attractions can we expect?

Like with other theme parks, Universal Studios Hollywood had all kinds of things for all ages. Since we took on the park during January and on a Wednesday, I think that really helped with the number of people that were visiting. While it was busy – it was still not as busy as we had anticipated and for the most part, we were able to get on the rides more than once with minimal wait times.

Food lines were probably the longest wait and many different food vendors were not open since we started our day at the park quite early.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of our highlights most definitely had to be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m a huge huge Potterhead and have been looking forward to visiting Hogwarts and exploring all the things the space had to offer. Of course, we tried Butterbeer, but outside of that we didn’t really stop and grab any food.

Three Broomsticks was not open while we were there since we stopped at the Wizarding World first upon arrival at the park. The Magic Neep Cart was also not open till well after we left and came back in the afternoon, so we didn’t stop there either. Hog’s Head offered Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer but they were located within Three Broomsticks and we grabbed Butterbeer from a cart located outside. I would have loved to had tried Three Broomsticks, especially since I’m a huge fan of Turkey Legs and Shepherd’s Pie, but unfortunately – we didn’t wait around for them to open.

We rode on the Happy Potter and the Forbidden Journey – TWICE! It was definitely fun and worth it. Keep in mind that it has much more movement throughout the ride than I expected, but I loved it and the boys did as well. You’ll be given a locker that you set with your fingerprint to hold your things. Make sure you utilize that because little things can easily get lost if not locked up.

We also rode the Flight of the Hippogriff – which the boys enjoyed tremendously. They rode it five times before we left the park and while it’s a smaller scale rollercoaster, I think it was fun enough for even a teen to really enjoy.

Jurassic World

We couldn’t go to Universal Studios Hollywood without riding on Jurassic World. The boys enjoyed it and while we did get pretty soaked on the ride, it was a great thrill and definitely fun! Of course – we also had to do the Studio Tour. I did it in Orlando and loved it so I wanted to boys to experience the same kind of fun. They definitely enjoyed it and we had a blast. Of course, we had to take a look at all the awesome Dinosaur things (including Raptors) while in the Lower Lot. Make sure to stop and check out all the different stores, and more in that section, because it can be easy to just leave without a second thought of it.

Visit the Kwik-E-Mart and the gang from the Simpsons or check out Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Another fun thing to do is the DreamWorks Theatre featuring Kung Fu Panda. That particular attraction is fun for the whole family because you’re sitting in a theatre-style setting and experiencing everything in a comfy (but moving) seat.

Did we enjoy ourselves?

Sharing this experience with my family was Amazing! Honestly, we didn’t expect the park to be so easy going on that day – but we are thankful since we weren’t rushing. The park opened at 10 am and closed at 5:30 pm so we truly didn’t have as much time there as we would have liked. After the park closed to walked over to CityWalk and grabbed a few yummies like Voodoo Donut.

We grabbed some giant pretzels while out and about through the park and also had a turkey leg from a vendor. I love Turkey Legs, but as much as I did – honestly, Universal’s does not compare to Disney’s. If you are expecting a turkey leg the size of what you get at Disney – you’ll be disappointed. We noticed it was significantly smaller – but still pretty good.

Is Universal Express Worth It?

If you’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood before or only have a short time to spend there – YES, I think it is. While it was not busy on the day we went, I definitely can see how it can be crazy during peak times of the year. Quick note – January is really a nice time to go and cool enough to not feel so overwhelmingly hot. Since we only had about 6 hours or so at the park that day – even if the lines were not too bad, we definitely didn’t want to miss out on a thing. If you have a short time to visit and a family, definitely get Express. Since we traveled all the way from Hawaii, I wanted to make sure we could make use of our time there and I wanted to boys to experience all the attractions.

Does Express Pass include Photos?

Unfortunately – the Express Pass does not include photos. While photos were taken of us on some rides, we were able to purchase a digital package (which cost $69). That cost is for one day only and we only had a total of 5 images. I remember visiting Orlando years ago and it was about $20 per image. So I think you do save with the day pass, but it’s still a hefty cost.

Covid-19 Protocol

NOTE: The regulations are a bit different between Universal and Disneyland since Universal Studios is a part of LA County. All persons 5+ must be prepared to show proof of full FDA or WHO-approved COVID-19 Vaccination (a full 14 days after final dose was administered) or negative test taken within 24 hours. Regardless of Vaccination status or negative test results, face coverings are required to be worn at all times, both indoors and outdoors when visiting the theme park. The same goes for Universal CityWalk. We removed our mask quickly to take photos and while eating, but always wore a mask throughout the park on our day of visit.

Final Thoughts

Overall – like with any theme park no matter where you go, there will be a ton of walking, long lines and you’ll get your occasional unhappy person. But, this was a first-time experience for my twins Luke and Isaiah and also for Kevin Ka’eo who had gone to Orlando as a baby and really would not have remembered. Since they are old enough to experience these things, it made it so much more memorable. We definitely had a blast and it’s a place we hope to visit again soon.

A few tips for those planning a visit:

  • Make sure you’re dressed comfortably and have comfortable shoes or footwear that you can walk in all day.
  • Bring a small water bottle with you because it’s best to stay hydrated. Many vendors were not available or open when we first entered the park, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Download the Universal Studios App so you can track your parking location, view dining options and so much more. You don’t get a map when you enter the park. So the app will be your map for directions to restrooms, dining, etc.
  • If you are parking – pay the extra fee for front gate or premium parking. Normal parking is $30. And after a long day of walking, it sucks to walk back to the car with tired kiddos. We paid for Front Gate Parking which was $65. We literally were parked right outside the front gate. When we were ready to leave, we were seconds away from the car. It’s so worth it in my opinion. While we don’t have little travelers, as a mom who traveled with toddlers, I know how much of a challenge it can be after a long day. Pay for the parking, it’s definitely worth it.

Disclaimer: The products featured within this post were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased. Affiliate links can and may be posted throughout. Please visit my disclosures page for more info.

I can’t believe we are midway through week 4 since distance learning has become the new norm. The boys are feeling the pressure as the sanctuary they call home has now turned into a school environment. I know it’s taking its toll on them mentally, but they have been troopers so far. While I know that homeschooling the boys for the next month will go by quickly, I also know that everyone wants to leave the house. All three boys have been indoors (or walking around the neighborhood) now for 3+ weeks so they are missing the beach and the parks for sure. It’s been a challenge with such a huge change in their daily routine, but we’re working through it the best we can.

“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.”

Christina Baldwin

What have we learned this week?

Our days have been focused on reading comprehension as well as working on fractions. Common core has been a challenge, but we are slowing working our way through the program. Some of the apps and websites we have been using include: Reading Plus, Zearn & Prodigy.

We are still currently reading Manic Magee by Jerry Spinelli and haven’t really watched any new movies lately, or at least the boys haven’t. We have done some polymer clay pieces (they will need to be painted) and hope to get some paintings or artwork done this week using oil pastels.

On one of our daily neighborhood walks.

Daily Walk Observation

Our goal is to get at least a mile walk in a few times a week. We are a bit limited to the same scenery each time we go for our walks since we are only about to walk around the neighborhood. But, we’ve been taking the time to photograph different plants and creatures and do research on the item. This week we noticed many beautiful springtime flowers and took a picture of the following flower.

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom - Distance Learning, Week 4

The Duranta erecta is a species of flowering shrub in the verbena family Verbenaceae. It is a native plant from Mexico to South America and the Caribbean. This plant is usually cultivated as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical gardens throughout the world. It is considered to be an invasive species in Australia, China, South Africa, and several Pacific Islands. Common names for this shrub include golden dewdrop, pigeon berry, and skyflower. We found this shrub lining the gate of a neighbors yard and noticed its beautiful purple flowers. It reminded us of an orchid plant because of the way it fell over the fence line.

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Feeding a Household of 5, 3 meals a day!

I completely appreciate the workers who take care of kids’ meals each day while in school. Feeding my three growing sons has been a challenge. I feel like I’ve been on a never-ending rotation of cooking and cleaning. They are always hungry and I think I’ve taken it for granted that they’ve been eating breakfast and lunch in school all these years. Luckily there are resources for the boys to get breakfast and lunch at several schools throughout the island, but I try to leave those options for those who really do need it. Until then, I’ll be making the boys their meal options. This has given me an opportunity to make things for them that my Grandma Young used to make for us when we were kids. Homemade Cinnamon Toast anyone?

Do you need a hug today?

Here’s a virtual hug for all of you. I know that it’s a challenge, taking on new roles in our daily lives. Some of us work from home already, but having to actually teach our kids from home is a full-time job. In case you need a hug today – here it is! Wishing you all are staying healthy and getting through it all one day at a time. Together we can do it!

Here in Hawaii, most of us are on day 5 or more of the self-quarantine, social distancing, and lockdown during this coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Our Mayor just released a “Stay in Place” order and I know many states throughout the United States are on a City or Statewide Lockdown. A few islands in our state have already instituted curfews and many establishments are no longer open. My sons’ schools, as well as all schools in the state, are closed till April 7th. I know it’s a scary time for humanity, and many of us are doing the best we can to keep composed during an uncertain time. Honestly, it can’t be easy for anyone and I know first hand how trying and stressful it is for those who are worried about compromised immune systems. As much as I’m worried and stressed, I’m also looking at this as a way to spend more time with my family and to get going back on the grind here on the blog again. It’s been FOREVER (literally, no post since December) since I wrote here and just about as long since my last YouTube video. So, I’m going to be taking this time to be a bit more active here and on social media. Missed me? Well, hopefully so and hopefully you don’t get tired of me too quickly.

So, we are going to be riding out this storm together. There is so much going on in my personal life, I feel like I haven’t had the chance to update anyone. Even my IG has been a bit dormant lately. If you’ve been following me there at all, you may have seen that my sister and I have been doing workshops for all kinds of sorts. It’s been fun and exciting but that also means that a few things (like my blog) have been pushed to the back for a bit. I’ve also been taking time away from my blog the last year or so because I feel like I need to share with my readers what’s been going on in my personal life and I have been avoiding it. (Stay tuned, that’s coming in a later post or video, or podcast)

I’m extremely excited to have more time with my boys and husband since we are on lock-down. I tried to make sure to have my normal monthly shopping done a few weeks ago so that we wouldn’t be stuck in a predicament, and I’m glad I did because the shelves in our stores are bare and empty as I’m sure it is in most stores across the nation. I usually do our huge family shopping once a month and the stores were already dwindling in supplies. Sometimes, we take so many things for granted and I’m glad that I was somewhat prepared before this shitshow hit the islands. Honestly, there is not much we can do about it, so I digress… but I know it’s such a big challenge for so many that just want basic necessities. We try to help where we can.

I’ve been practicing Social Distancing (yes, that is a term) and only leaving the house should I truly need it. As many of you know, if you’ve been following me a while, I as well as my husband has compromised immune systems and the boys all have asthma. So we are trying to limit our time outside in the public as much as possible. Leaving home for medical emergencies and food are going to be our new norm for the next few weeks (at least). I’m hoping this will give me a great opportunity to not only work on the blog, but also get videos up and podcast segments. I have no excuse now, so I can utilize the tools I have that I do not need to go into public to use.

Here is a list of things I’ll be doing and focusing on while keeping indoors during Social Distancing:

Netflix & Chill – Yes, that is truly a thing and now we get to put that phrase into action. I’m using this opportunity to not only get caught up on some shows I’ve had on my watchlist, but also to watch some newly released ones. I’ll be releasing a series of posts over the next 2 weeks (or so) with a list of some recommendations for different networks and streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, so keep your eyes open for them.

Arts & Crafts with the kids – Since the boys are usually in school, I don’t have the opportunity to do a lot of arts & crafts with them. So, we’ve pulled out the polymer clay, watercolor paints and all the fun things to do during this time. If you have kiddos, use this time to learn a new craft or teach a new craft to the kids

Continue Learning from Home – Now is the time to get going on homeschooling. Keep your children educated by reading to them daily, doing fun activities online that encourages reading or math. Things like these are perfect to keep kids on top of their learning so that when they go back to school, it’s a fairly easy transition.

Learn how to play an instrument, brush up on your skills or learn a new song to play or sing – Bet you didn’t know I play an instrument (or a few), huh? Well, I am hoping to utilize some of the time teaching myself a new song or brushing up on my ukulele skills. Maybe I can convince Kevin Ka’eo to teach me how to play the guitar or drums.

Virtually tour National Parks and Museums – If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve been sharing links to different sites that allow you to take virtual tours of National Parks & Museums. It’s a great way to get outdoors, without stepping out of the house & the kids love it.

Get that “At Home Exercise” routine in – I’ve been using the gym as a way to keep up with exercise, but I need to remember that I can do all those types of exercises at home, for the most part. I know that I have to keep up with my activity, even while indoors and this is a great way to do it.

Practice meditation, mindfulness, and self-care – sometimes we forget that we need to live in the now, be thankful for what we have and utilize the things that we forget all about due to the hustle and bustle of life. I have hardly been taking the time to meditate the last few months or just think about things that I need or must do to keep inspired. I also haven’t really been taking care of my personal self the last few months too. Because of this, it’s important that I take this time to really focus on improving myself and taking better care of myself as well.

Get caught up on reading – This one is definitely important to me since one of my 20 for 20 goals this year is to read at least a book a month. I’ve been catching up on my reading and keeping up with all kinds of fun things.

Start or continue gratitude journaling or journaling in general – this is something I do daily so it’s something that I think will continue to be a part of my routine. A great way to combat the humdrum blues and keep positive and inspired is to write or journal.

Play Video games – Yes, I went there… lmao! But, on all seriousness though… I find that playing video games is a great way to pass the time and there are so many games out there that are fun to play together as a family or via online platforms with friends.

Board Games anyone? Pull out the Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry, Clue, etc. and have some fun with family that you share a house with. Since most families are stuck in the same predicament in their household, have some fun.

Time to get caught up with Blog posts, YouTube Videos and Podcasts – Since I haven’t been writing, recording, or posting anything the last few months, I’m going to be using this time to get caught up with a proper posting schedule. But, I’ll also be using this time to get caught up reading, watching and listening to other people’s posts as well.

Learn a new language or skill – I guess I’ll be opening good ol’ Duolingo once again and brushing up or learning a new language. This is also a great time to learn some new skills. I will be looking into websites like Skillshare, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and others to learn new things and new skills. I’m excited because I love learning.

Purge & Organize the house – It’s Spring Cleaning time, so what better time of the year than to purge old items or those we don’t use and to organize and clean the house. I’m trying to convince myself that I no longer have a reason to put it off, so I’m gonna make it work in my favor.

Clean the Car, Inside and Out – Winter really raised havoc on my car. With the constant rain, I have mud inside and outside my vehicle. This is a great time for me to not only clean out the car, vacuum and wipe everything down, but give it a nice wash and polish too.

Of course, this is just a quick list I put together. There is definitely so much more that we can do while we are stuck indoors or on our own properties.

Yes, being stuck at home can be one of our biggest challenges. But, just think about it this way – staying at home for a month now, to help flatten the curve and stop the pandemic from spreading… is far less worst than having to be on lockdown for months or even a year because it became completely uncontrollable. Many of our ancestors and people before us fought against the plague, Spanish flu, and many wars and if we are smart and think of others, together we can. Besides, we have television, radio, and the internet to help us pass the time, so I think that social distancing is much more doable because of it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m going stir crazy too… but I’m using this time to get caught up on television series, Netflix shows and family time. Speaking of Netflix shows, keep an eye here on the blog for my Binge-Worthy movies and series to watch (especially for moms) during this social distancing time.

To all of my family and friends near and far, stay safe, stay healthy and be smart. I’m looking forward to using this time to improve myself and get more time with my family. Being cooped up in the house is never an easy thing, especially when it’s important for everyone, but hopefully this list has given you a little inspiration on things you can do while at home.

Stay healthy & safe friends – xo Honey

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I love Christmas shopping, especially for my children.  When it comes to Christmas, my boys are so laid back and easy to shop for, that it makes surprising them each year that much easier.  I think children should have a wide range of gifts from clothes and toys to books and games and I’m always excited to write up my list of treats for my boys each year.  Shopping for kids can be a challenge, at any age… so I have compiled a list of presents that are reasonably priced for any child.  No matter the age, I’m sure you will find something in my list that your children may enjoy.  Let’s get started, shall we?

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Trekz Titanium Mini Wireless Headphones ($129.95) – These headphones from AfterShokz are the ideal gift for my teenager.  Kevin Ka’eo is at the age where he works on projects for school on his iPad and Tablet and needs a quality headphones that can take the beating that teens dish out.  He also runs and jogs so I really want to ensure I have a product that will work for him and provide him with quality sound.


The Trekz Titanium Mini Wireless Headphones are lightweight and comfortable.  The are stereo headphones which are the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds.  With bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features, the Trekz headphones deliver premium music play and crystal clear calling without any compromise.  This headphone is designed with athletes in mind and are sweatproof and secure – making them ideal for my son.  They will allow you to hear your surroundings – no matter where life takes you.

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4id Power Spurz Light Up Heels ($19.95) – If you have little ones or even teenagers (heck, I even use them), Power Spurz are a great gift.  They keep you safe and visible through your outdoor training, walking, running or everything in between where you need to be lit up so you are visible.  The lightweight heel spur has two available settings – pulse and continuous light.  The piece slides conveniently on the back of your shoe and glows in a vibrant LED light.  Since my family and I often do night time walking around our block, or are out and about at the local festivals, these work perfect for the boys and they were a hit at Halloween.  They come in five different colors and I definitely suggest it.  They fit on my shoes as well as the boys so you have many options to utilize these.

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LUX – The Principled Block Lux Blox ($29.99 +) – All three of my sons LOVE Legos or anything that will allow them to build creations to their heart’s desire.  I love encouraging their imagination and the fun without the screen, so Lux Blocks are definitely a fun toy for anyone to play with – kids and adults too.

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Lux is Made in the USA and was created by artist/inventor Michael Acerra because he and his wife Healther wanted to give the world a block that could bring everything as nature does.  These construction blocks allow you build and make structures that curve, bend and move.  The come with a unique, patent-pending snap and lock hinge system that allows you to build a structure that flexes, twists and turns.

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There are different sets available and like I mentioned before, it doesn’t matter your age or your child’s age – they will love Lux as much as we do.  While we still LOVE Legos in our house, Lux has easily become a building block we enjoy and I have it on my list to purchase several sets for my nieces and nephews.

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Magic Sketch Art Tablet For Kids ($29.95) – I love As Seen on TV finds and the Magic Sketch is definitely one of them.  This fun and new way for k8ids to draw, play and learn is flexible with an LCD screen that is transparent.  The Magic Sketch allows kids to trace with the provided stencils or from their own images and creating all kinds of amazing art is fun for all ages.  Unlike most tablets, the Magic Sketch is super kid proof.  Kids can drop it, toss it, even step on it and it won’t break.  It’s completely water resistant, so if they have a spill, it will wipe off and they can keep going.  It’s got advanced internal electronics so you can clear the screen with just a push of a button.

Each Magic Sketch retails for $29.95 and includes:

  • Magic Sketch
  • Protector Guard
  • 1 Roller
  • 3 Stamps
  • 20 Learning Stencils
  • 20 Games Stencils
  • 20 Art Stencils

I especially love this as a gift because it’s perfect for travel, mess free and I don’t have to worry about replacing an expensive device if it breaks or gets lost or stolen.  It’s an ideal gift for all ages and I can’t wait to doodle on it myself.

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Books & E Readers Make Great Gifts ($10 +) – My sons all love to read, so a great book (or two or three) or an E Reader like the Amazon Fire Tablet make great gifts.  These items make fabulous stocking stuffers or fun gifts for unwrapping.  Each year, I select at least two books for each of my boys and wrap them up.  This year – I’ll be purchasing an Amazon Fire Tablet for the three of them to download some of their favorite Kindle books (that way there is more room for my books on mine… lol) and with Amazon Prime and Amazon Underground – many books are free to read and download.  A basic Amazon Fire Tablet will make a great gift because it provides a plethora of apps and internet capability at reasonable costs.  You can easily get a Tablet for $50 now a days and it’s worth it.

A few books that the boys have been loving lately – The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa and The Spinfords are great classics that I think any child would like.  My eldest is currently reading The Kingdom Oceana (not currently pictured) and highly suggests that one.

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Stompeez Slippers ($19.99) – Slippers with Personality.  These slippers are absolutely adorable and perfect for my twins.  They are fun, soft and comfy.  Walk, stomp or jump and Stompeez will pop to life.

holiday gift, holiday gift guide, trekz titanium, wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones, toys, gifts, stompeez, games, tablet, shoes, clothes, children's gifts, holiday gifts for kids,

I thought these would be the perfect gift for Luke & Isaiah because they love soft and cuddly things.  They come in different sizes and a variety of different designs – 9 total.  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Batman, Nemo, Dori, Shopkins, Happy Puppy, TRex Dinosaur and so much more.

buddy balls, buddy, teddy bear, ball, kids toy, toys, toy review, children, kids, review, stuffed animal,

Buddy Balls ($19.99) – Zip it, Flip it, Love it!  The boys and I have talked about Buddy Balls here on the blog before and it was a rave for a product.  We love Buddy Balls and definitely thought it would make a great Holiday Gift to include in our gift guide.  Buddy Balls are soft, cuddly and so sweet.  They are little bears that you can zip up and flip into a ball to play with.  The boys love them and I love them so much, I’ve purchased several of these as gifts for the holiday.

You can read about Buddy Balls and our review on these sweeties here.

I realize that most of the gifts I listed in this post are really for boys, but hey – I grew up a tomboy and I loved to play with all the boy things when I was younger, so I guess many of these things really gravitate in my mind as fun gifts.  The fact of the matter is – they are all unisex and the gifts like Stompeez and Buddy Balls are sweet presents for little girls as well as any of the items I’ve chosen here.  Each of these were selected because we have tested them ourselves and the boys and I really went through and found the ones that we would love to get or enjoy.  At the end of the day, gift giving is about love and the thought is always what counts in our house.

I do have something fun for all of you.  The boys and I are working in collaboration with AfterShokz and giving away a Trekz Titanium Mini for someone this holiday season.  Check out the Giveaway Widget below to enter.

Looking for more ideas for your holiday shopping?  Be sure to check out the following links for my guides and inspiration: (this list will be updated periodically as new guides become available)

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Skin Care Lover

So, what about you?  Are any of these items a part of your children’s wish list this holiday?

Signature Honey

 Disclosure:  Some of the products featured in this post were sent for editorial consideration, while others were purchased by  This post may contain affiliate or referral links. For more details and outline of my product review disclosures and policies, affiliate links, etc. please visit my Disclosures page. 

Trekz Titanium Mini Headphones Giveaway



As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to cut my cleaning time in half.  Whether it be delegating the duties at home to a “willing” helper or accomplishing each chore a little at a time to get it done… I try my best to make it happen.  Though, I’ll be honest – I always think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all have our own personal Robot like they had in Bicentennial Man?”  Well, not really… because I’d probably develop a motherly bond and have difficulty letting go, just knowing me… lol.  But, I think I have a solution and my family and I have been loving it the last month.  Today, I introduce you to bObi Kaho’ohanohano, the new baby in our house.  But, bObi is not your traditional or typical baby.  Nope – she is a robotic vacuum.

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When my family and I was given the opportunity to give bObi a test run, let’s just say we were quite overjoyed and completely ecstatic to receive her.  She came bundled in a sturdy box, well packaged and even included a little card that welcomed her to our family.  The directions are easier to follow than I would have ever imagined and getting her going and started was a complete breeze.  We were all excited to try her out… well, almost all of us.  Ikaika who is our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is still currently on the fence about her and still hasn’t decided if he likes her or not.

Our family has a traditional vacuum, which I’ll be honest – I really enjoy.  It does it’s job but obviously, it can’t do it without someone behind the wheel actually doing the vacuuming.  I don’t mind running the vacuum, it’s kind of soothing – but finding the time in my hectic schedule can pose many issues.  We have a small house in general, so a standard vacuum will surely do the job without issue in very little time, but finding the time in my day is what seems to be the biggest problem.

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Immediately after receiving it, my boys were so excited, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  While our living area is small, we were eager to try bObi out for ourselves.  I plugged her in the night prior to let her charge through the evening and then the next day, we were able to take her for a run.  Our biggest challenge is a small living area and the fact that things move around in our house consistently.  The boys have a table they do their homework on and it gets folded up and put away when we vacuum usually, so we wanted to be able to leave it out and have bObi work around it.  The vacuum learns a pattern of where everything is in the house, or you can easily use the remote control and guide it in the direction you want for yourself.  There is also a sensor on the vacuum so you do not have to worry about it bumping into things.  It has run me over a few times, but I noticed it’s normally when the sensor is on the opposite side of the unit.

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bObi has a small sweeper attached to it with brushes that work to pick up all the little pieces or sweep them into the cleaner… it’s awesome.  I love that it gets near to the base boards in my kitchen or in the areas where dog hair gets caught and sweeps it up quickly and easily.  bObi does not get all the rubbish in certain areas all the time, but it’s still learning to make its way around our house the the boys ever-moving their things around the rooms.  While it won’t get that piece of lint or hair the first run sometimes, as it comes back around – it picks it up and leaves my house clean.  With bObi’s dirt sensors, she is determined to go back around and get it done – so no lint or dust will be left behind.

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I set bObi on a timer so it will run a sweep through the house and kitchen area each day at 10am while I’m sitting at my desk working.  It’s so convenient for us that I think our traditional vacuum is starting to feel a bit left out.  I use bObi daily and run my traditional vacuum on Saturdays to get a really good, deep into the carpet clean.  bObi will reach under the beds and tables and below the cabinets because she’s so petite.  It’s nice not having to bend to get under those areas with my traditional vacuum.

bObi Classic retails for about $269.00 on Amazon ($749 USD on bobSweep website) and comes with all the attachments to get it done.  A charge overnight and you’re good to go and ready to clean the next day.  Mop, sweep, sanitize… have lots of fun and get a few moments of breathing time for yourself.

You can see bObi in action while she goes through our hang out area.  As you can see, Ikaika (our dog) is not yet a fan.  But, he’s warming up to her… especially since she keeps his area where he sleeps, nice and clean!  We are looking to replace our carpet and I can’t wait to see how bObi performs on the new one.

Oh, I forgot my favorite part… bObi mops.  My bObi unit comes with a mop extension and 2 mop cloths which can be attached to the unit to do a quick mop.  bObi comes with a UV light that kills bacteria and filters the air with her built-in HEPA filter.  She’s seriously genius!  I use this specifically for my kitchen.   This is the perfect way to “spot mop” or do a quick mop during the weekdays until I do my thorough cleaning and mopping on Saturdays.

Charging bObi is really easy.  It comes with a charging station and you can either let it run it’s course for it’s usual vacuuming and let it return to its dock or press the “juice” button on bObi or the remote control and it finds the docking station and recharges itself… simple and easy.

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I think technology advances are so fun and exciting and I’m so thankful to have bObi to help me complete a few of my chores – mopping & vacuuming… check!  I have never tried a robotic vacuum before so this is an experience my family and I are enjoying and we’re very thankful for.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I highly suggest giving bObi or any of the other bobSweep family members a try.  After having bObi in our house for just about a month now, she’s settled in and is a great addition to our family.  Even Ikaika is starting to enjoy her (since she’s so quiet in comparison to our traditional vacuum), he has made her his friend and even rides her from time to time, lol.

Now that you’re done reading my thoughts (and my family’s) on bObi, do you think she will join your family?  We’re just a humble family with a little home that we love and I figured instead of staging or prettying up the post, you could see bObi in real life and experience what we experience – good cleaning and a little less hectic-ness and stress for mom.  Hope you enjoyed!

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