I have a love for all things colorful and vibrant… oh, and sparkly.  Let’s face it -most girls do… and some guys and I think color adds a bit of excitement and happiness to life.  Recently, I have had the privilege to read and watch a review by Phyrra, where she talked about these awesome shadows from Colour Pop Cosmetics.


Colour Pop

Colour Pop offers a wide variety of eye shadows for just $5.00 each – total steal, with 2.1g (0.07 oz) of product.  Quite a bit of product in the jar.  Each shade offers bold, vivid color that comes with a very reasonable price tag.  Shipping was super duper quick, I placed my order on a Saturday and got my products in the mail on Tuesday a few days later.  As you can tell from the photo above, packaging for shipment is great – offering protection from the shipping mishaps that can occur.  Each of my little jars were snug in its box and then encased in another box for shipment.  Shipping definitely wowed me from the get-go and it was a great day when I opened up such a gorgeous box holding beautiful goodies… woohoo – talk about kid in a candy store.

Colour Pop

Colour Pop’s store offers a wide variety of shades in different sheen and textures… You can find colors from neutrals and satin feels to bright bold neon shades and shimmer galore.  If you spend $30 or more they offer you free shipping to those who live in the United States – which includes me in little ol’ Hawaii, so I was super stoked to say the least.  So – let’s move on to those pretty shadows, shall we?

Check out my video review embedded below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Each shadow comes snug in a box which has a sticker with the shadow name, ingredients and all the information you could ask for when buying an eye shadow or cosmetics.  I also love that the little box has a window so you can get a peak of the shadow before taking it out of the box.

Colour Pop

Colour Pop

I also love that the boxes each have cute little details written on them – again, Colour Pop is awesome and has a pretty nice wow factor when it comes to their packaging.

Colour Pop

Colour Pop

As stated on the box, each shadow is Made in the USA – which is awesome and they are also a Cruelty Free brand… yay for the Animals!

Colour Pop

I purchased six shades – mainly so that I would have a range of shadows to try but also to take advantage of the free shipping.  The shades I chose were (Top to Bottom – Left to Right) Amaze, Cheeky, Sugar, Pop Rocks, Ibiza and I Heart This.  I also did my best to test out shades in a different sheen and texture.

Amaze Colour Pop

Amaze is a gorgeous Rose Gold shade – with a bronze twist in my opinion… it lends for a nice soft gold shade with hints of pink/rose and slightly bronze.  This is a shimmery shade.

Colour Pop Cheeky

Cheeky is my favorite out of all the colors I purchased, probably because I use it for more than just my eyes.  It’s a peach hued shade that lens for a soft baby pink undertone and blends out so pretty.  It is a satin type finish, so while it is not really matte and there is some shimmer, it doesn’t have glitter in it (that I noticed) like the other shades.

Pop Rocks Colour Pop

Pop Rocks is one of Colour Pop’s Tie Dye shades.  While it does have a few different colors blended in the shadow, when swatched or worn, a turquoise/teal shade is what turns out to be the most prominent.  This is not a shadow that you can pick and choose the color you want to use, it is not that easy to use the shades all separately – so using it blended with the final result is best.

Ibiza Colour Pop

Ibiza is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorites.  It’s teal shade is shimmery but still packs a huge punch of color.  I have been enjoying using this as an eyeliner, applied with a defining brush to create my winged liner on my upper lash line or as a pop of color on my lower lash.

I Heart This Colour Pop

Now – I have been using I Heart This almost every day the last 2 weeks as a shade used all over my lid.  This gorgeous shade is one I recommend and definitely in my Top 3 out of the shades I currently own.  It’s oozing shimmer but still packs a beautiful taupe-silver shade that you just can’t keep your eyes off of.  If you like glitz, shimmer and glitter… I definitely suggest this shade as one you should try.

Sugar Colour Pop

Sugar is a beautiful blue mix shade… it lends for a mix between a baby blue and a turquoise with a mix of silver… it literally reminds me of cotton candy or sugar art pieces you see in beautiful food displays.  It’s a gorgeous shade, shimmery like a lot of the others, but lends for a mix between silver and blue.  This shade is so pretty… I feel like I’m looking at a quartz… I don’t even want to touch it.  On the eyes – this shade makes for a great highlight on the inner corner of your eyes, all over lid shade or a pop of color.

Colour Pop Swatches

Overall, the color pay off on the Colour Pop Shadows I purchased is phenomenal – though I’ll admit they are a bit tricky to work with.  They offer a kind of mousse or wet like texture to the touch, which reminded me of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes, or almost like a mousse.  While they do not need a primer or base under them for longevity or color pay off, I always suggest it and think it would definitely beneficial.  Longevity of these shadows is phenomenal… with minimal fading and no primer or base, I was able to get them to last on my eyes for a good 7 hours before they started to really show any wear.  Granted, the shimmer shadows were the ones that creased first, they still offered vibrant color for hours.  I didn’t notice any staining left on my eye lids from Pop Rock or Ibiza, which was awesome… they came off with my facial towelettes without any issues.

Colour Pop

Tutorial for the look above can be found herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xji76Qun80s

Colour Pop states that the best way to apply the shadows and get the best vibrancy and color pay off is to apply using your finger… this is definitely true and something that took me a little to get used to, especially since my  nails are long.  If you are looking to do precision work, a detailed synthetic brush will work best and tapping or patting the color on instead of swiping it on will avoid fall out.  I did however notice though, that the most shimmery shades offered the most fall out, even if I was to be careful – so that is something you may want to take into consideration when applying.  I would hold off on any face makeup before doing your eye makeup.  These shadows apply nicely with the finger tips and that is how I apply Cheeky as my blush shade.  Overall – I think this brand and the products are pretty awesome – so much so that I just placed my second order and can’t wait to get my hands on the new Beach, Please collection.

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Babydoll

Have you tried Colour Pop shadows before? What are your thoughts on them?  Don’t forget to check out my video posted above or click here to watch directly on YouTube where I do a swatch test as well as talk about the products.

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  1. Simple stunning! I think I might be trying this brand when I get back from vacation!

    • yes – it’s a gorgeous shade. I’m not too keen on the whole finger thing either, my nails are long so it’s a pain… but I go back with the brush to fix them up 😉

  2. I Heart This is absolutely beautiful! It seems like the texture of these eyeshadows is so unique and for only $5 it’s a steal!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Beautiful shadows! I love Ibiza especially. And great shades for you

  4. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    For that price, quality, and cute packaging, everything is so worth it!

  5. TinaBowling Reply

    Oh wow they are all such gorgeous colors! I have to ask, what’s in the background? Is that a rug or ?? It is too cute.

    • it’s a rug. I actually went into pier one and seen the same rug for $39.99 and was like, um… no – too much. Then went into Ross and it was $12 so I picked it up. We don’t have a lot of tables in our house that are pretty – most are all kid friendly…lol – so this worked perfectly and I love the texture.

  6. Wow, these are so pretty! The colors, the packaging, the design of the pans… everything!

  7. Betzy Carmona Reply

    I can’t believe I miss this post ! I purchase my first order during the weekend sale and was able to get one for free, yay..
    I also did place a second order for the summer collection 🙂

  8. I’m still waiting for my order to finish processing after ordering 3 days ago, but I’m SO excited to use these! Ibiza is one of the shades I purchased 🙂 Glad to hear such a good review!


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