If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me post about this collection last week.  The Colourpop Mondays in Malibu collection was rolled out as a part of their summer goods and I have had it in my possession now for a few weeks.  I have been on a no-buy for a few months but as soon as that collection was rolled out, I immediately fell in love with the shades.  I figured, since it is still available – that I would share it with you and you can decide for yourself if it is something that you would enjoy.  My gosh – I swear my blog is turning into a Colourpop hub, but I can’t help it – I’m seriously addicted – lol.

Colourpop Mondays in Malibu Collection

The Mondays in Malibu collection ($30) includes six gorgeous shades that are perfect for summer but definitely something you could use year round.  Each shade within this collection can be used on its own as a lid shade or blended together to create a stunning eye look.  As all of the six shadow collections I own, I love the packaging and it reminds me of Hawaii so I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous cover but the shades hold their own.

Colourpop Mondays in Malibu Collection

From Top to Bottom – Left to Right, I explain the colors to you and what their sheen is:

  • Gecko – this gorgeous soft opalescent silvery green shade has a pink duo chrome and is a pearlized finish.
  • Snakebite – a mid-tone warm gold with an ultra-metallic finish, this gorgeous color is great for all over the lid or blended into the crease.
  • Sand Swoon – is probably one of my favorites in this collection.  It is a true pastel pink with soft sprinkles of gold flecks in a Satin Luxe finish.  This shadow applies like a satin but I love that the gold shimmer really shines when applied.
  • Prickly Pear is my absolute favorite in this collection.  If you are a MAC lover, at first sight this color may remind you of MAC’s Trax which happens to be one of my favorite shadows of all time.  It’s not a dupe – but does remind me of the shade.  It’s a warm-toned plumy pink shade with gorgeous gold and pink glitter.  This particular shadow has a true Metallic finish and the gold and pink glitter really shine when applied.  Like most of Colourpop’s metallic shadows, I didn’t notice the glitter fall out and the glitter definitely lasted on the lid.
  • Mirage – this gorgeous soft sage green has a champagne gold sheen and a pearlized finish.  I find that it makes a beautiful inner corner of the eyes highlight or all over the lid shade.
  • Hot Tamale is a gorgeous shade for those summer beachy smoky eyes.  It is a reddish brown with soft copper sparkles and has a satin luxe finish.  I love to use this shade as an outer v color where I deepen the eye look for a little drama.

Colourpop Mondays in Malibu Collection

I say this with each collection I have purchased from Colourpop – but if you haven’t tried anything from the brand yet and are looking for something you can start with – I think this collection definitely would make a great addition to any makeup addict’s stash.  While there are no mattes included with this six, I feel like you can easily put together a gorgeous look without it.  Each color on their own is gorgeous but placed on the lid together and you’ll have a gorgeous creation I’m sure.  Like with most Colourpop shadows, those in this collection have long lasting power on the lid and over a primer I can get a good 8-10 hours of wear.  Also – application is best when applied with your finger, but I find that since I’m always on the go, Colourpop’s shadows make for a great look that I can apply using my fingers – no need to worry about pulling out and dirtying my brushes.

Colourpop Mondays in Malibu Collection

Check out this collection and more at

So – have you been eyeing up this collection?  What do you think about these shades, are they your cup of tea? As soon as I have looks up using these, I’ll be sure to post here.  Have a wonderful week! xo

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Disclaimer:  All products discussed and mentioned in this post were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products.  There are affiliate links listed within this post that I do earn money from.



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  1. Lola Seicento Reply

    What stunning swatches, Honey! Every shade is so gorgeous!

  2. You ladies are killing me with all of these beautiful swatches! I may just have to try them for myself.

  3. Cindy Ingalls Reply

    Gorgeous collection again from ColourPop. I am so impressed with this brand, and I love these metallic, shimmer shades for summer.

  4. BeautyJudy Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this collection but this would be a perfect intro for me to their shadows! I need this – great swatches!!

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Yet another gorgeous collection from ColourPop. You are driving me crazy (in a good way) with these stunning sets. I thought I would get the last one Shan… but now this one is beautiful too, what to do?

    • I say this would make a great one – though it doesn’t have any mattes, so if you are one that likes a matte shadow with a set… I suggest picking up a matte shadow single then you are set 😉

  6. Kimberly Purcell Reply

    I have seen a couple of other beauty bloggers that raved about Snakebite. It’s a pretty shade.

  7. Color Me So Crazy Reply

    I agree with Prickly Pear. It is my favorite, too. I also am loving on Hot Tamale. I am a sucker for those purples and reds. I am in love with all of these ColourPop products coming out!

  8. Those shades are GORGEOUS!! I love ColourPop, but with my small lid space, applying them with my fingers is so frustrating, so I hardly ever reach for mine 🙁

    • I have the same problem, so I usually will apply with a synthetic brush and then use my finger to apply a punch of color… it’s works for the most part for me.

  9. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    You’re like the ambassador now to Colourpop. They should get you!

  10. So, I was going to ask…which colors/items do I need? Well…I’m afraid I know that the answer is EVERYTHING THEY HAVE!

  11. I’m impressed with this collection. I think most are too sparkly for me but I still want it.

  12. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    I am completely in love with these shades! I almost ordered it last week but hesitated. It might just end up mine after all…

  13. I am always so jelly of your ColourPop purchases, haha. You must have everything by now!! This collection is gooooorgeous.

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