I absolutely love love Fall and look forward to the season each year, though Hawaii doesn’t experience the change in weather or scenery as much as other places around the World.  I embrace scarves, boots and of course – all the makeup that tends to be on trend during that time of the year so I knew I just had to get my hands on the new shadows ColourPop rolled out recently from their “Throwback” Collection.  Today I share with you the ColourPop Fall 2015 Collection.

ColourPop Throws It Back - Fall 2015 Collection

ColourPop’s Fall 2015 Collection brings back all the memories of my teens with a Throwback to the 90s.  The collection includes six lippie stix with six matching lip pencils, ten eye shadows (one is a pressed pigment) and two blushes.  Since I have a pretty extensive collection of ColourPop goodies, I decided on six eye shadows to add to my collection as they looked like the ones I would enjoy the most.  I wanted to get Stereo which would have been an awesome addition to my collection, but it was sold old when I ordered.  I hope to pick that one up soon.

ColourPop Throws It Back - Fall 2015 Collection

Supermodel is a gorgeous soft golden ivory with a pearlized finish.

Mixed Tape is a mid toned cool grey with a pearlized finished.

Party Time is a dusty mauve grey with a matte finish.  This is a great transition shade for those deep dark black smoky eyes or works well on the lid.

Plaid is a blackened olive shade.  They categorize this as a matte shade, however – I think it is a matte base with gold and copper reflex mixed in.

Central Perk is a gorgeous deep maroon shade that is show stopping and one of my favorites.  If you have Hustle – please know that this shade is not the same… it’s unique all it’s own.  Central Perk is a matte shade.

Boy Band is an intense red copper in an Ultra Metallic finish.  It’s gorgeous and oh man will it be a favorite of mine for smoky eyes.  I LOVE IT.

ColourPop Throws It Back - Fall 2015 Collection

With this order I also got Shark Attack – which is a mid-tone warm coral with a gold duo chrome shift in a pearlized finish.  It is gorgeous and I felt that I needed to pick this particular shade because while it could be worn year round, this could be a great accent for Fall.  It kind of reminds me of a coral version of Expensive Pink from MAC – and I love it.

ColourPop Throws It Back - Fall 2015 Collection

If you are a lover of Shark Attack like me, this shade would make a beautiful eye look along with Central Perk and Boy Band.  The three shades together create such a gorgeous Fall Berry look that is bright, bold and showstopping.  When I get a chance to take photos of the look I created with these shades again, I will be sure to post them.

All of the shadows from this collection or single shadows purchased from ColourPop are all $5.00 each so they are not only affordable – they are gorgeous.  I think ColourPop is one of my favorite brands of eye shadows and I find that I use them more than most of my palettes.  My collection of over 70 shadows speaks for itself honestly… but that’s another story.

So tell me – are there any shades that you have been eyeing from ColourPop’s Throwback Fall Collection?  If so – which ones are they?  If not – what shades do you have your mind set on?


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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned and discussed in this post were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts or feature this product on my site.  Affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    These are all pretty. What prevents me from repurchasing Colourpop is their slower-than-turtle shipping and delivery.

    • Girl… yes, that darn processing and shipping is beyond ridiculous. This order took over 2 weeks to ship. I truly enjoy their products… the addict in me has been trying to order less because I hate waiting.

  2. What beauties. I’m especially drawn to Mixed Tape. These are all so pretty. What brush do you use for these? My nails are long so I don’t like using my fingers.

    • My favorite for applying or blending for a diffused look or all over color is the EB 13 from Sedona Lace. It picks up the color really nicely but still applies it while diffusing it on the lid without issue. It is what I use to apply the transition shades or crease shades to blend. When applying colors to the lid, I use my fingers though my nails are really long… I tend to figure it out. But, if I really need a brush to apply – I like to use my MAC 252, and for inner corners, I use a small eye shadow brush I got from Starlooks but any small eye shadow brush works – synthetic is best.

  3. SO MUCH YES, GIRL! I have stuff added to my cart! Now, to just let my blog funds flow in…..

  4. These are so pretty! I am gonna need your help when I place my order I can’t decide what I want or/need heheh

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I love ’em all! I’m going to visit the website tonight!

  6. Norah Salazar Reply

    You and Kat are totally giving me makeup buying ideas LOL

  7. polarbelle Reply

    well, I do need Shark Attack. It sounds perfect. I need to start with ColourPop.

  8. all_the_words025 Reply

    These are amazing! I’m loving them all, but Party Time and Plaid are extra great.

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