I have tried many different Crown Brushes in the course of the last 4 years and I’ve always been amazed at their quality even if they sold at such an affordable price point.  I was super excited to get these because 1) I’m a Purple Addict and 2) It would give me the opportunity to try out Crown’s HD Brushes.



Upon receipt of these (via iFabbo) I was very excited because the brushes came in a cool purple pouch all zipped up tight and ready to play.  Now, if you know anything about me, it’s that I am a Brush addict (well, makeup addict – but I can’t resist buying a quality brush set), so I couldn’t wait to dive right in.  The brushes felt very soft to touch and when I washed them, they seemed to hold up okay through the washing process.  There was a bit of shedding but not a crazy amount and surprisingly I didn’t get any color bleed as I have in the past with brush sets that had their tips colored.


After their wash & dry, I was still amazed that the brushes held their Super soft feel and it wasn’t compromised after I gave them each a bath.  They are fairly nice in weight.  I like my brushes to have long handles so it did take a bit to get used to them, however – they each were pretty comfortable in my hands.  I tried the tweezers first.  It’s quite sturdy and seemed to work like most tweezers do.  It was able to grab onto my little brow hairs so that was a plus.

Next – The Pro Powder Brush:  This worked fairly well with applying a setting powder.  I do not use Foundation or Face Powders at all, so I took this brush for a quick spin to see it’s overall.  It’s fluffy enough to blend your powder (whether setting or foundation) in quite nicely and is super soft so it will be nice on the skin.

Tapered Blush Brush: It has a nice taper to it so it worked well for applying blush and keeping it exactly where I wanted it to go.  I also like that it is small and tapered enough so I can also use it to apply bronzer.  This brush is probably one of my favorites out of the set.

Deluxe Contour Brush:  This brush worked okay for contouring the hollows of my cheeks but since it was pretty small I noticed that it concentrated the product in one area which is not how I like to wear my bronzer.  I like to ensure a perfect blend so that it gives the illusion of shadow but doesn’t leave a harsh line or cast.  This brush works well to apply color and then I use the Tapered Blush Brush to blend the bronzer out.  It also works well to apply bronzer town the sides of my nose.


Crease Blender: This brush was domed shaped – similar to those you see on the market today.  I wondered how well it would work since the bristles were so long but it actually worked out pretty well.  I used it to blend out my eye shadow and to also apply my transition shade.  I like it – it’s one of my favorites.

Chisel Shadow Brush: This brush worked well as an eye shadow brush and to apply cream shadow.  Since it is domed and not as thick, it allowed me to pack a good amount of color on the brush and apply to my lids.  Be sure to tap off the brush first before applying to keep from fall out when using loose or pressed shadows.

Detail Liner Brush:  This one is probably my least favorite in the bunch.  The tip itself I think is thin enough for cream / gel liners, but I feel like it’s lacking in body with regard to the bristles.  It held the product nicely and applied gel/cream liner to my eye lids nicely – but it takes a little finesse and you really have to coat the product on the brush so that the bristles do not flair out and cause a mess.  It works, but it takes some getting used to.



Crown’s HD Brush Set comes in purple, orange and white (with blue tips) and retail on Crown’s website for $27.95  USD.  Overall, I think for the price, it’s a great value.  The case that the brushes come in is sturdy and great for traveling.  I definitely love that it comes with a tweezers and a mirror which makes it a great companion for over night stays or traveling.  If I had to make one suggestion it is that I wish that there was a flat top kabuki style brush in the mix.  That would be perfect for those who use liquid foundations.  I think the powder brush is perfect for foundation application – but now as ideal for liquid.  I tried and while the bristles held the product… it didn’t buff it into the skin as effortlessly as I would  have liked.

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