Hmmm… it’s been a pretty crazy weekend for me, but I have still been monitoring all the Cyber Monday Sales that were released through the weekend.  I was so excited to see so much more but must say I was a bit disappointed in what was available.  What about you?

Urban Decay offered two palette sets at a discounted price – I already own the Book of Shadows they had on sale – I got it over a year ago… and the smoked out palette, I haven’t had much urge to jump on picking that up yet… so I was a  bit disappointed at what was available.  Black Friday sales for UD seemed much better, though I didn’t take advantage of any of them.  The 5 Revolution lipsticks they did have at an awesome price was already sold out by the time I decided I would get online and check it out.  The way I see it… it wasn’t meant to be. lol

em Michelle Phan actually had some pretty great deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I sat with a Life Palette and a few other things in my shopping cart on Friday and decided I wasn’t going to take advantage of that sale and their Buy one get one Free sale was enticing – but I decided against it.

There were many others, but I decided I would steer clear and save my money since I know there may be some better deals in the next few weeks.  So – did you find anything interesting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday that you NEEDED to take advantage of?  If so – I want to know all about it… share with me! 😉

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