I haven’t posted any nail looks this whole month because I cut my nails really short and wanted to wait for them to grow out a little before I went plastering them all over my blog. lol  Now that they have a little length – I figure I would grace my site with its presence once again. lol  This month I have been loving my new Zoya nail polishes that I hauled.  They are super gorgeous and definitely polish shades that I know I’ll gravitate to pretty often.

Diamond Sparkle Nails of the Week feat. Zoya

On my nails I am using the following polishes:

Zoya Rue (main nail color) – can be purchased on Zoya.com

Zoya Tomoko Pixie Dust Textured polish (accent nail) – can be purchased at Zoya.com

I do have my eyes on another Zoya Pixie – their new Magical Pixie in Cosmo, I’m adding that to my list to get it next.  If you know anything about me, it is that I love glitter and sparkle and let me just say… woohoo – I’m loving it!

Zoya Tomoko and Rue NOTW

So I’ll chit chat a little about the colors I have on my nails – a mini review so to say.

Rue is a nude pink toned nail polish that is opaque.  While I did do two coats for this look (I normally do regardless), it still has near full coverage after the first coat.  It is a cool toned cream and has a slight pearl sheen to it.  I love it and if you are a nude pink polish lover, I think you’ll love this shade.  The wear on this shade is really nice.  I have been  using it all month and it will take me a full week with washing dishes several times a day before I get any chipping.  Of course, I’m using it over a base and have a top coat – but I enjoy the wear and drying is fairly quick as well.

Tomoko is one of the Pixie Dust textured polishes.  It is a silver tone that looks almost like crushed diamonds because it does lend for a nice sparkle in certain lighting.  It is just about full coverage in one coat but I apply two coats over a base.  Wear for this polish and other textures from Zoya is fairly long for me and it can be a bit tricky to remove.  I tend to use the “soaked cotton ball” method to remove otherwise it can be a pain.  I haven’t had any trouble with chipping.  If you love silver polishes but are looking to switch it up a bit – I would surely give this a try, it’s gorgeous.

Zoya Tomoko and Rue

So, have you tried Zoya polishes before?  What are your favorites?

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  1. I absolutely love these colors together. I’ve been looking for a good pastel pink…I’ll have to check that one out!

    • I thought they really looked great paired. I have this one and Shay which is a little more brown/beige toned with a light pink undertone. But I like Rue much more. 🙂

  2. Loving this manicure, these two colors really complement each other well <3

  3. I love this sweet and innocent mani! I’m not much for nudes on my nails, but I want to find a shade that will work with my skin tone!

    • thank you! You have snow white skin so I’m sure a nude polish may not be a favorite. But something with a pink or pearl undertone would go so pretty with your skintone. 😉

    • thank you and it definitely is. I have gotten so many compliments the last month because I haven’t been able to stray from it. lol

  4. Nidia Doherty Reply

    I’m a big fan of Zoya – they have an Earth Day sale once a year that is not to be missed. I have Tomoko and love it. For all your bold makeup looks, I never would have pegged you for loving such a demure manicure! Looks great with your skin, though.

    • I definitely need to take advantage of that sale… I have a few more on my list to add. You know, I am pretty simple when it comes to nails if I can get away with it. So long as it will hold up to washing dishes endlessly – I’ll rock it. 😉 And, I really only rock mascara and a lippy on a normal day 😀

  5. Jessica InTruBeauty Reply

    That is so classic and gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

  6. I like that pair. I’d never have thought of them together. I’m impressed.

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