Let’s face it – when it comes to curls I’m always looking for the products that work well for me and my full head of hair.  It’s not an easy task and I have tried more than my fair share of products – enough to last a lifetime.  Dippity-Do Girls With Curls products are a throwback to the days of carefree curls.  I have heard of Dippity-Do products before, but have never seen or heard of their Girls With Curls line so I was excited to give it a go and see how it would work for me.  After using these products for some time now, I’m finally comfortable to share my thoughts with you about how they worked for me.

Dippity-Do Girls With Curls - Curly Hair Product Line

After years of flat-ironing my hair, I have lost a lot of curl definition and I’m constantly working on redeveloping my curl pattern.  Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for a product or products that will not only help to define my curls, but also give them added moisture, shine and help to combat frizz.  I have used many products in the World to help with this and many are quite costly, so I was very intrigued to find out that the Dippity-Do Girls with Curls line was so darn affordable.  I was given the opportunity to test out the entire line and today I’m going to discuss each product in detail and how it worked for me.

Curl Shampoo – I was beyond impressed with this shampoo.  I have been using Sulfate Free shampoos for a while now and many of them do not offer the lather I miss with shampoos that have it.  This shampoo lathered up great and left my hair feeling clean.  What I enjoyed the most was that my hair didn’t feel dry or without moisture as other shampoos have done in the past.  It left my hair feeling great and I LOVE that it has coconut oil in it which is something I use in my hair consistently already.

Curl Conditioner – This conditioner was not as thick as I had expected, which is a little different than what I am used to.  I like my conditioners to have more slip to them because I tend to finger comb and detangle my hair while I have conditioner in and this was not as easy to detangle my hair with.  While it did the job, I feel like I could use something with a little more oomph… but overall – it does the job and I do like it.  You can’t beat the price point and it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry.  Each strand still felt moisturized, looked shiny after dry and my curls were soft and manageable.

Deep Treatment – When it comes to a deep treatment, I expect something that will really go above and beyond the conditioner from the same line but I felt like this one is more of a daily conditioner for me.  In order for my curls to be moisturized well without soaking it all up – I need something with a little more and felt like this was nice to use, nourished my hair – but left my hair wanting more.  I have finicky hair so I would chuck it up as my hair being difficult – but I would love to see something that is much thicker and richer to be a deep treatment.  Again, you can’t beat the price point, so I definitely think it did the job for the most part – my hair just wants more and after a few uses, I used the entire bottle because my hair drinks that stuff up.  Even as a long period mask – I felt that it still didn’t offer my hair as much quench as I would have liked.  Considering the price point though – again, still great in a pinch.

Curl Defining Cream – This particular product didn’t necessarily define my curls when used on it’s own after washing my hair, but I felt like my hair needed this product when used in combination with the Gelee to help my curls.  I love to run my fingers through my hair so if you know anything about me, I don’t use gel or mousse or products that hold my hair in place for this reason.  Because of this, I really loved the Curl Defining Cream.  It made my hair feel ultra soft and smooth and when used before the Gelee, my hair was still soft and smooth – without feeling crunchy, sticky or rough like it can be.  I was able to run my fingers through my hair with the Gelee, which would normally be difficult.  Again, it didn’t quite define my curls – but does work to make them touch-ably soft.

Gelee – Ah, this product is one of my favorites out of the whole line.  It left my curls defined with nice hold but still bouncy and move-able.  If I used it on its own (without the Curl Defining Cream) I did notice my hair would frizz up a little faster than normal and would feel a little dry.  But, used in combination with the Curl Defining Cream, my curls were very pretty, bouncy, soft to the touch and defined nicely.  This will definitely be my go-to moving forward because I love that my hair or neck and scalp do not feel sticky with use and I haven’t broken out at all while using this product.  I also love that this product gives my hair a little extra volume.  I take a little of the product and scrunch through my roots for a fuller hair look – I love it!

Curl Booster Spray – I specifically used this product on second day hair most of the time, though I thought it worked okay to finish up my hair style after applying the Gelee.  Just a little spritz on the ends of my hair helped to lock in the moisture which I tend to lose the quickest in that area.  I didn’t really use this product to boost my curls unless I was on my second or third day without washing – I would spritz at the root of my hair for a little added lift (since that is the part that tends the mash the quickest) and again at the tips in case the ends of my hair went flat from pulling my hair up in a bun.  I wear my hair up A LOT because it is so long so I used this mostly to revive my curls.  I didn’t notice any “curl boosting” on the first day when used.

Dippity-Do Girls With Curls - Curly Hair Product Line

I’m still on a journey of redefining my curl patterns on my hair after years of heat damage and constant straightening.  It’s a consistent battle because my hair is long and grows so fast, I literally cut it every 3 months to keep up with the growth and to keep my hair from getting too heavy and weighed down.  When it comes to curly hair products, I have tried most if not all of them and have spent a great deal of money on this mop I call hair. lol I miss my tight Keri Russell curls that I used to have… but I’m slowly working my way back to it again.  With products like these from Dippity-Do, I can see a great curly haired future in sight.

Dippity-Do Girls With Curls - Curly Hair Product Line

Each product from the Girls With Curls line costs just $6.99 – come on now, major steal.  While some of the products worked better for me than others, I can’t help but feel obligated to want to continue using them all because the price point really is nice.  I know I’ll be keeping the Gelee in my hair routine, as well as the Shampoo and Curl Defining Cream.  The rest all worked reasonably well – but I’m not quite convinced I still need them all, though that won’t stop me from repurchasing just so I can use them all together.   What I really enjoy about this line is that while it’s drugstore priced, it really doesn’t have crappy results.  My hair seems to feel fuller and have more body – which I love since my hair is on the thinner side.  Overall – I would definitely suggest this brand and hair care line – I was beyond impressed and didn’t expect it to work as well as it did.  These pink bottles are definitely going to be in my curly hair future.

What about you?  What kind of hair do you have – curly, straight, wavy?  What are your favorite curly hair products if you have any?

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review & consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased as with anything on this site – I keep it real.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products or to feature them however, affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. Christine C. Reply

    I have wavy, curly hair and at times it can be such a pain! Thankfully, I have great products that help out!

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    $6.99 each?! You aren’t kidding that this is a major steal! Sounds like a perfect line for my curly hair! Thanks for the excellent review, Honey!

  3. OMG! I neeeeeed this. I have been with my diffuser for a month (and have another month to go!), so I have been having to straighten my hair whenever I want to look presentable. I am going to have to hunt this down! <3

  4. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I’m not the target audience for this, but your hair sure looks fabulous!! I used to use Dippity-Do, the pink gel in the clear plastic tub, when I was a teen when I’d curl my hair with rags to get sausage curls. That was the only stuff that worked. So glad they’ve developed a product line for Girls With Curls since they definitely know how to make curls last

  5. Your hair is so pretty and shiny! I have naturally wavy/curly hair that I usually fight with to straighten. I’ll be on the lookout for these products when I need some curl enhancing.

  6. The deep treatment sounds okay for the price. I also tend to use a large amount of DC when doing my hair. I think companies should make the conditioner bottles larger than the shampoo.

    • YES… definitely larger would make such a big difference. I go through conditioner like a nut, but shampoo lasts forever for me.

  7. My hair is stick straight and I swear it only holds curls / bends when I don’t want it to, like from my pony tail holders!

  8. Lisa Marie Heath Reply

    That price is amazing and your hair has me all jealous!

  9. I feel ya with the having purchased just about every product available for curly hair! lol. The struggle is real. Sounds like the gelee and defining cream are a great pair of products, but I need a conditioner with more slip because if I don’t detangle in the shower, it doesn’t happen!

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