Product Reviews

This website accepts products for consideration of review from brands and Public Relations representatives. This does not in any way sway my opinion of the product(s) received. I pride myself in being completely honest in any of my reviews or content produced on this site, whether positive, negative or neutral. I reserve and exercise full independence over product reviews, whether the product has been gifted to me or not. While my thoughts and content may differ from others, please note that everyone has a different experience with products and what ever is stated happens to be mine. Receipt of a product, whether solicited or unsolicited does not constitute in any way a contract for a published review of the product or for the substance of any content produced that discusses the product(s).

Honeygirl’s World is a Lifestyle site that discusses and posts on topics to include a plethora of subjects not limited to: Beauty, Fashion, Motherhood, Cooking, Inspiration, etc. While open to testing and reviewing products in a wide range, I do make all attempts to accept products that fit the site’s interests and demographic in hopes of lessening negative reviews. This site does not guarantee or promise a favorable review or any review at all. The site and writers complete all reviews based on honest assessments of each product. All and any content (included YouTube Videos) for the site will not be provided for pre-approval by the PR representatives, brands, etc. nor will reviews be edited after the fact based on requests to do so. Products, brands, etc. that impose such limitations will not be accepted for review but may be eligible for inclusion as a sponsored post with compensation.


Timeline for all product reviews is currently 4-6 weeks from receipt of the product unless otherwise stated upon agreement. This is especially so for Skincare related products to allow for a proper testing of the product. If you require a sooner timeline, while it is not guaranteed, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Receipt of Product Not Contractual or Compensatory

All items received by Honeygirl’s World & HoneyXO are deemed to be gifts / commercial samples that do not form a contract for review and are not deemed to be compensation for any content that is written.

Advertorial & Sponsored Posts

Honeygirl’s World & HoneyXO on occasion will include compensated advertorial or sponsored posts. All such posts are disclosed as being sponsored or advertorial in the post. Please note that these sites do not accept sponsored or advertorial posts for less than a flat rate of $250 and the rate may increase if a large amount of photographs and content is required or created or if the advertiser wishes to pre-approve content. All links in such posts must and will carry a rel-nofollow tag and all posts must be disclosed as sponsored. There are no exceptions.

Affiliate Links & Advertising

Honeygirl’s World & HoneyXO is a part of several affiliate programs. I do receive a small (teeny tiny) commission when you click on my banners or affiliate links. Please note that this commission is not going to make me a millionaire or buy me a new shiny car, so feel free to click them if you are comfortable. These sites run advertisements from time to time for various companies as well as Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. These sites do not accept products for review that intend to restrict the use of affiliate links or advertising of these sites.


Honeygirl’s World & HoneyXO are protected under the U.S. Federal Copyright Act. Majority of the images seen here were taken by me or I have received permission from PR companies to use their images on the site for advertorial reasons. In no way are you allowed to STEAL, COPY or distribute the images seen on this site. If you are interested in reposting any images from this site – you MUST first email me at beautybyhoney@gmail.com for approval. Approval is in no way guaranteed.

Referral Links

Honeygirl’s World & HoneyXO have several “referral links” listed through out, including posts. I do receive some form of credit if you choose to sign up using my links – i.e. Store/Shopping credit, money or free product.

Some of the referral links include: Ebates.com, Shoplately, Hautelook


From time to time Honeygirl’s World hosts giveaways where the prizes are purchased by myself or sponsored by PR companies. When you enter any Giveaway by Honeygirl’s World (on this site or via YouTube) you are required to abide and follow any rules outlined in the specific giveaway as well as those listed here.

  • If at any time an entry violates any rules or the conditions of the giveaway, I reserve the right to invalidate any entry.
  • At any time I need to make changes to the rules, change or substitute prizes or terminate the giveaway for any reason – I reserve the right to do so without notice.
  • From time to time you may have the opportunity to win a skincare, food or other related type of prize. I am in no way liable for any allergic reaction, injury or damage resulting from the use of the products received as prizes/gifts in the giveaway.
  • I do not own, operate or work at the mail and transit system. Therefore, I will not be liable for loss or damaged goods during shipment. I take all precautions when shipping your prize to you to ensure it arrives in awesome condition, therefore, I will not be held liable for damage or loss. I will provide tracking or insurance for products if I deem they are required. This is on a case by case basis.
  • I am not responsible for Taxes and/or custom fees required for any International Shipping for winners located outside of the U.S.
  • All winners are selected randomly (unless otherwise stated) but utilizing sites like Classtools.net and Random.org to select the winners. I reserve the right at any time to contact the winners and ask that they provide additional proof or information required for their win. Prizes provided for such giveaways can exceed an excessive amount in costs and therefore I will take the time to validate all entries and winners prior to awarding the prize.
  • As a winner of the giveaway – you will be responsible to pay any income taxes as required by your State or Federal Law.
  • This site is a Against Bullying, Harassing, Hate and Discrimination of all forms and that includes all Giveaways.
  • Computers, Software, Internet, etc. do and can have issues from time to time. This site will not and cannot be faulted for issues that have resulted in technical errors or malfunction with regard to the entrant not being able to participate.
  • If for any reason you are unable to provide your email address, mailing address or First/Last name to obtain your prize – DO NOT ENTER. This information will allow me to provide the shipping information or information required to the companies to mail out your prize. In no way will your personal information will be used in any other way.
  • Lastly, I have hosted many giveaways in the past and all of my winners have been very happy with their prizes. You are in no way required to enter any giveaway but I welcome you if you meet the criteria required. If you do not win, please do not be mad or a sore loser. Come back again and enter another one.


This Policy and Disclosure was completed on 10/30/13 and will be in effect moving forward.