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Let’s face it, as the only female in my household I am always looking for fun and creative ways to express my feminine side without cramping the style of my guys who live under the same roof as me.  Since we share a bathroom, I know that it can be a challenge for them to have my “woman hoohah products” staring them right in the face so I normally keep them concealed in the cabinet, until now.


On The Dot The Perfect Spot

So – what’s the deal with this box?  The On The Dot is a designer storage box to keep your feminine products like Pads, Panty liners and tampons all in one place.  Designed by mother and daughter – Audrey and Sonja Unrau, they wanted to ensure that women’s feminine products were right within reach without sacrificing discretion and compromising decorative appeal. 

It’s a great mother-daughter story.

One day, high school student Sonja left an unusual box on the floor in the bathroom. Audrey, Sonja’s mom, noticed it and had to take a look. She opened the box by pulling on the handle and found a unique inner compartment filled with tampons and pads.”Great idea,” Audrey smiled. Audrey knew Sonja had stumbled on a truly great idea, and she decided they needed to run with it. Audrey and her artist husband helped further develop Sonja’s original design, adding an upper drawer,lower storage compartment, a sliding feature as well as a plastic protective base and handle. Their project has gone from a box in the family bathroom to a decorative dispenser, ready to be shared with women everywhere. Now you, too, can be part of this great story. On The Dot will conveniently store your feminine hygiene products at home, at the office, or in your dorm room. Our stylish, discrete designs will bring a little luxury to your bathroom, period. Plus, 10% of all On The Dot profits will go to women’s charities, worldwide!

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On the Dot

The goal of On The Dot Perfect Spot, is to add some dignity and design to all women needing a feminine hygiene product. We would like to see On The Dot Perfect Spot in as many bathrooms as possible – not only home bathrooms, but bathrooms in offices, libraries, coffee shops, yoga studios, doctors’ offices, restaurants, etc. Anywhere there’s a woman using a bathroom, we want her to find an On The Dot Perfect Spot full of the personal products she needs.

The large butterfly handle is not only decorative but also allows you to easily pull open and close your On The Dot unit.  I think that the handle is creatively designed and definitely unique and fun.  It’s easy to use – simply pull up and it will expose the compartments below that are hidden within the unit when it’s closed up.

On The Dot

The upper drawer gives you quick and easy access to the things you will need quickly.  It is the perfect size to fit my tampons and panty liners so that is what I use that drawer for most of the time.  You can easily fit a full sized pad in that drawer as well, so anything you need quickly – it’s right at your fingertips.

On The Dot

The lower compartment is large enough to store your back up items like your pads, panty liners and other things.  It is even large enough to store a basic size toilet tissue roll.

The box iteself is made of a sturdy recycled chipboard.  It will not bend, crease or tear without having a strong force applied to it.  I kept my On The Dot in the bathroom and since the men in my life use hot water in the shower, I was pretty worried about the cardboard starting to warp because of the steam.  While I did notice a little bit of compromise, it still held up really well after consistent steam in the area and after a month of being exposed.  I have since removed it from my restroom completely since I am worried it would affect it more in the future, but was amazed that it held up as long as it did.  It is pretty sturdy for sure.  One note, do not get any water on the actual cardboard of the object because it can warp if it is exposed to water drips consistently.

On The Dot

The decorative plastic base keeps the On The Dot off of the floor or other surfaces.  This is perfect for those of you who will be storing your unit on a counter space where water could be present… this will help protect your On The Dot.

On The Dot is 10″ tall (without the handle), 6.5″ wide and 4.25″ deep.  It will fit on most vanities and counter tops depending on the space available.

On The Dot

On The Dot is available in three different stylish designs:  Monarch (pictured), Dream Duskywing and California Sister.  Each unit costs $24.99 and you receive Free Shipping on all orders.  The designs are simple and you can easily find one that will fit in with your bathroom decor.  Please note that at this time, On The Dot ships within the US only.

On The Dot donates 10% of all profits to Women’s Organizations Worldwide.  So you are not only supporting a genius idea for storing your women products, but you are also supporting Women!

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  1. That’s a neat idea – currently, I use a shoebox, and it’s woefully inadequate. I would want it to be a little more sturdy for $25, though!

  2. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    Good you mentioned about the steam from the shower and the possible effect on this box… I was gonna say the same thing.

  3. Shelley Polarbelle Reply

    I sure wish I’d had something like that for my locker when I was in school. The box is so danged cute! What a great idea.

  4. What a cute idea! I don’t share a bathroom, but I too am the only female in the house too. Even the pets are all male! LOL! Thanks for the review!

  5. I have this same unit, too, and love it! It’s funny that we took pictures from similar angles, great minds think alike 🙂

    • Really… I wish I had chosen a different design though… nothing in my house is red. lol Thank you – great minds certainly think alike. I had the hardest time photographing this thing and had no choice but to take it outside and try to take the photos. My bathroom is so small – I couldn’t get any good photos :/

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