Facebook is such an awesome place for friends and to find out awesome things and that’s exactly where I heard about Maybelline’s new Vivid Lipsticks and the color Fuchsia Flash.  Now – I hauled my MAC Candy Yum Yum a week or two ago after I took my Back 2 MAC items in and decided to get it.  I’m happy with the fact that technically it was free *yay me!* But just a few days later, a friend of mine, Maria – posted the new Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in Fuchsia Flash and it looked so similar that I was on the hunt for it.



The above photo is a side by side comparison – MAC on the Left, Maybelline on the Right.  While my camera didn’t really pick up a difference in the sheen, there definitely is that main difference between the two.  MAC’s Candy Yum Yum (CYY) is a dry based Matte Lipstick, like most or all lipsticks that MAC offers that are matte.  It’s one of those types of lipsticks that you literally have to moisturize liberally or it can totally dry out your lips or make your lips look dry.  But – because of MAC’s awesome formulation – you can be prepared to have this lipstick for long wear use.  If I’m looking for a punch of color but want it to be toned down just a bit and last a day – I’ll blot on a napkin and it will pretty much stay for hours.  It leaves your lips with a slight stain that will give it that bold look into the night if you’re not constantly licking your lips or eating and drinking.  I love the stain – because I can add a little bit of lip balm over it and still have a vibrant color after the lipstick has rubbed off.

2038011_orig  8679597_orig

Maybelline’s lip color has a shiny finish to it – like a matte color with built in gloss.  It does slightly stain the lips, but not nearly as long or as much as MAC’s CYY.  However, what I love about it is that it really is moisturizing and leaves your lips with a little bit of shine.  For me, this is ideal because I do not really like sticky glosses or lip gloss in general unless I want to really bump up a look – so this will give my lips the right amount of shine without the sticky feel that many lip glosses offer.

Shown side by side above – the lip swatches show the different sheen of the lipsticks really well.  This also will allow you to see how close these products are in comparison to one another.

4371300_orig  1018305_orig


Above I took photos of the swatches on my hand.  One set with flash and the other without so you can see how similar they are.  Even in different lighting situations – both colors mimic one another and still show the similarities between the two.  Again – the only real difference is the shininess of the Maybelline, verses the extremely matte of the MAC one.



Now – I am very very anal when it comes to comparing colors and providing a dupe for one or the other, because many times people look at a color and think it is the same when their sheens are different, their textures and their all around color turns out to be different when applied.  However, while the sheen of the lipsticks are very different, one shiny – one matte, they offer the same type of application.  Maybelline’s shiny lipstick is more of a matte with gloss so it still holds very similar attributes.  Packaging of course is totally different from one another as is the price point.  But I would consider this to be a dupe because even with application on the lips from each – you still get the same color pay off and result as well as pigmentation from both.  I’m truly impressed and tip my hat to Maybelline, awesome job with this collection.

Of course – it is up to you whether or not you want to spend your money on a MAC Lipstick or save about half the cost and get the Dupe (Maybelline lipstick).  If you are truly looking for a dry formula matte lippy – I would spend the extra money for the MAC one, but if the sheen/texture does not bother you too much – go for the Maybelline version.  They both have the same amount of product and both offer you high pigmentation and all around coverage for a lip color.  I’m glad I have both because each will serve a purpose and a reason for why I use them, but honestly – if I knew about the Maybelline one before I traded in my B2M for CYY – I would have bought the one from Maybelline and traded in for another color when I went to MAC.  For half the cost of the MAC lipstick (MAC’s lippies are $15.00 and Maybelline’s I got mine for $6.29 at Kmart) – I thought it was a deal.

I hope this helps any of you that have been wondering or interested in this possible dupe.  I tried to take photos as best as possible to allow for the colors to be compared as perfectly as possible.  At the end of the day – you will buy what ever makes you happy – all I care about is that it makes you smile and you are happy with your purchase. <3

Have a wonderful weekend!

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