I had a lot of fun creating this nail look and tutorial the other day.  I created it to enter it into the Zoya and Ipsy Halloween Nail contest.  There are so many awesome entries and I’m sure I will not have a  prayer to win, but I just couldn’t resist submitting and entry and I’m happy with how my nails came out.
Easy Gradient nails for fall
The photo above was taken outside about 3pm in the afternoon.  The sun was bright but thanks to the contrast of the background I used, the lighting worked out awesome.  The photo below was taken in doors near an open window where the sunlight was shining through.  I did not use flash for that photo and it gave a much more natural looking image – this is what my nails look like in doors.  The top photo, my nails look much brighter outdoors.
Easy Gradient nails for fall
Check out the nail tutorial posted below.  This look is so super easy to create and lots of fun to use with a plethora of nail polish shades.
The photo below was taken at night with funky lighting… I just love how these polishes take on awesome looks depending on the light that you display them in.
Easy Gradient nails for fall

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