Every time a new product comes out that claims to offer awesome results, I swear I think I have seen it all… but I was once again amused and interested in a new product that I have never seen before in the U.S. Market.  Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation Tool Set is a gentle exfoliation tool with micro-groove technology and is Australian designed.  At first glance, it looks like a tool I would use to clean my glass stove top, so I’ll honestly say that I shook my head at the thought that this product would even work.  Come on now, it looks like something a painter would use to scrape paint… there is no way this thing could possible exfoliate my skin and body.




Retailing for about $38 dollars US ($39.99 AU), this product claims that it is

your own personal exfoliating mate, designed with innovative micro grooves and smooth edge technology to instantly glide along the skin with gentle fingertip control and pressure.  Use Exfolimate for perfect precision exfoliation and noticeable results.  By using your Exfolimate daily, you will naturally cleanse your pores and remove dulling surface debris to achieve naturally clearer skin that is smooth to the touch with a radiant glow.  Just add water.”

The Exfolimate comes in two sizes – one for your Face and one for your body.  It’s simple to use but at first glance, I’m not gonna lie… it looks a bit scary.  Using the products are easy… while showering or in a bath (your skin must be wet and supple), gently glide the Exfolimate with slight pressure at a 90-degree angle along the contours of your skin.  Cleaning is also simple in that you only need to run the stainless steel edge under warm running water to remove any remaining debris from under the skin smoothing edge and hang to dry using the chords that are included.

Exfolimate Body

I have been using the Body Exfolimate on areas that tend to get dry and have the most dead skin, like my knees, ankles and heels of my feet.  I also love to use this particular one on my elbows.  I use it all over my body and it’s easy to maneuver and use.  I’ve been using the Exfolimate Face for my entire face but especially places I know gets the driest skin like my nose.  It’s easy to use and definitely a great tool to have.

Exfolimate Face

When using this product, avoid excessive pressure and do not use on broken or infected skin.  Do not use for 7 to 10 days after laser or chemical peel treatments and do not use if your skin is not thoroughly wet.  I usually will wash my hair first before I use these tools to ensure that my skin is soft and supple before using.  Of course, you want to make sure to avoid the eye area at all times.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product immediate and apply a suitable moisturizer or sunscreen if you’re going outside.  Do not clean with corrosive kitchen or bathroom cleaning products and do not boil or wash in dishwasher.  Simply rinse with warm water and hang up to dry.  Since the blade is made of stainless steel, it stored away nicely in my shower without rusting or any damage.  Use your finger tip control to press down on your Exfolimate lightly at 90 degrees to the skin and gently glide in a slow smooth motion in either direction.  Maximum of 4 to 6 glides, always ensuring the skin is wet and supple.  Towel dry the skin when done.  I have used this product before my shaving and it has made a huge difference in the closeness of my shave.  I have pretty much used this on all parts of my body and it has definitely made a difference in how my skin feels.


So – what are my final thoughts on this product… Honestly, it is a little costly in my opinion, or it was before I first tried it.  While I’m still not sure I would pay the cost of it without knowing how it would work, I do think that this product is quite genius and has worked fairly well with my very sensitive skin.  After using the Exfolimate the first time, my skin was very dry after toweling off… and so I moisturized using my heavy body butter and moisturizer for my face.  I didn’t have any reactions to the products, no eczema flare ups and over all I do enjoy the experience.  I use this product each time I shower and have been doing so the last month.  It’s easier to clean than an exfoliating sponge or loofah and very easy to use.  I do however suggest, if you have sensitive or dry skin, test the product first on an area that is not as sensitive to see how your skin reacts.  My skin gets very dry after using the product, so I normally will do so only when I’m showering at night so I can use a heavy duty moisturizer to keep from my eczema flaring up.  If you have severely dry skin – I definitely suggest talking to your doctor prior to use.  I love that this product removes the dead skin on my body and face and leaves my skin soft (after moisturized of course).  It’s easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store.  Overall – I think the product itself is pretty cool and it doesn’t cause me any pain, which is definitely a plus considering how it looks. lol

Would you try something like this or have you seen something similar on the market? What are your thoughts?

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. Sometimes, simple is best… but I gotta wonder how good it is to scrape my skin with a dull blade. I mean, that’s some kind of physical exfoliation.

    • I had the same wondering feeling… but after the first use, I didn’t have any irritation, pain or anything… while applying pressure, it still felt nice, almost like shaving but without a blade… painless. 😉

  2. Betzy Carmona Reply

    It sounds very good but I would also be skeptical because of the price

    • the price is high – but if you can replace other products that you would need to get new every so often, I think the price would definitely make more sense.

  3. I thought it looked familiar so I checked my body tools cubby hole and found I already have them! I’m going to have to give it a go this week because I have some in-grown hairs that have been caused by shaving over dead skin. Bad, I know!

    • When I had my IPL laser treatment a few years ago while still working for a plastic surgeon, I noticed that there were a few patches (small ones) of hair that just didn’t take to the treatment. After talking to the tech, she stated that if you have dead skin in that area, or build up – it can often cause the laser not to work. Never heard of that and never checked to see if that was indeed truth, but I remembered it ever since. 😉 I was gonna ask you if you have tried this… I was pretty impressed with this, considering how scary it looked at first. lol

  4. I was very amazed that it worked for me… I swear, most masks make me flare up… so I definitely think it’s worth the try 😉

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