It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics.  So, when I heard they were releasing the Melted Lipsticks this year, I knew I had to have it.  After reading a review from Phyrra – I knew, I was destined to buy at least one of them.  After looking at swatches and reading up on the formulation and texture of the product – I settled on two shades that I knew I would enjoy… Melted Peony, a wearable shade and something perfect for Spring and Summer and Melted Violet, this purple addict needed this purple lippy badly.


Too Faced Melted Violet LipsticksThe packaging itself is pretty eye catching as each box dawns the shade of the lipstick color.  I am pretty sure if I walked into a Sephora and seen this in the display, I would be attracted to it immediately.  Each lipstick retails for $21.00 – not bad for the amount of product you are getting – 0.40 oz total.  This line includes a total of 10 shades, four of those ten shades are exclusive to only.

The lipsticks come in a tube with sponge tip applicator.  You squeeze the tube and the liquid like lipstick comes out through the sponge allowing you to apply it to your lips.  I wish I took the time to research or think about the applicator before using it on my lips because now that I know I can’t clean it the way I would like, I would have used a lip brush to get product and apply to my lips if I had known what I know now.  While the applicator does apply the product to the lips nicely (I don’t have to go back and blend or fix it at all), I have no idea how to clean the applicator without causing any effects to the actual product.  I’m afraid the lipstick may harden or worst, so I normally just wipe it off on a napkin after use.   While I do enjoy applying with the built in applicator and think it’s still genius, I’m also not fond of it… if that makes any sense.

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks

These Too Faced Melted lipsticks are said to offer the staying power of a stain and the intense color of a liquid lipstick with the high shine of a gloss.   Check out my thoughts on the Too Faced Melted Lipstick via my video embedded below – along with swatches and try on or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  Details and swatches also posted below.

So – are these lippies too expensive or worth their cost?  Honestly, I think that while these are quite a bit costly – my lips absolutely love them.  I use Melted Violet on my lips quite often.  If you are looking for a liquid lipstick that is long lasting and offers great color pay off with just one swipe – I think these would be a great buy.  Application for these is easy and I actually like the sponge tip at the top of the lipstick for applying, but I don’t like the fact that I haven’t yet found a way to clean or sanitize it in any way.  The color goes on as strong and as bold as it does when you squeeze some of it out of the tube.

While these do offer a slight glossy texture, they dry on your lips and appear to be almost satin or matte so longevity is nice and I enjoy not needing to touch up for the most part.  On several occasions, I applied Melted Violet in the morning and through snacking and having some drinks, the product lasted and still offered great color payoff, and if it did wipe off, it still left a nice stain on my lips.  If I didn’t eat or drink for a while, the color payoff would be vibrant and still quite visible on my lips for hours.  The texture is so creamy – it feels like a liquid lipstick but in my opinion it doesn’t have that funny slip or sticky feeling that some liquid lipsticks have done to me in the past.  It wears like a nice matte lipstick without the drying feel.  Did I mention that with one swipe you have “wham bam” color?  The color pay off on the two I have is phenomenal.

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks

Overall I love these because they feel so comfortable on my lips and after several hours of wear, my lips are still soft and moisturized, never feeling dry or cracked.  I can say that with bold shades like Melted Violet, I do suggest a transparent lip liner (Milani has a great one).  Though I didn’t experience any feathering for the most part, there are times when applying with the applicator included, it can be a challenge for bolder shades.  The transparent lip liner will help to keep the color in place while applying and make it easier as well.

Melted Violet lipstick Too Faced

I’m still unsure if I’ll be picking up more shades as the price tag – while I think is worth it, is not something I am fond of.  There are a few other colors I have my eyes on so they may be next on my list.  You can purchase these Too Faced Melted Lipsticks at, or Sephora Stores and Ulta.  Have you tried any of these lipsticks before?  If so – what shades have you worn?  If not, which ones do you have your eyes on?

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  1. I totally did the same thing. I was all over the Melted Lippies after Phyrra posted about them. Then this weekend at PHAMExpo I totally stocked up on more. Addicted!!!! lol BTW they look AMAZING on you!!!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    You are rockin’ that violet lipstick! Perfect on you. I wish I had better luck with my peony. It fades within a couple of hours on me and dries out my lips. I’m disappointed because I wanted to love it.

    • thank you Allison. Oh man – I’m so bummed for you… I love these and they last so long on my lips. Did you try over a lip primer maybe – something to use as a barrier to protect the lips and add longevity?

  3. I saw that review on Phyrra too and It made me want all the colors. The ones you picked look wonderful on you!

    • Thank you Kimmi… I think anything looks great on you – but I hear that often about purple lippies for light colored skin.

  4. Both of these lippies look amazing on you, Honey! I’m still undecided if I need to buy one or not, because I’m totally overloaded right now, but if I do it will be some boring wearable everyday color 🙂

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