While out shopping on Saturday, a friend of mine tagged me in a post on Ipsy.  I took the second to read it since I was waiting in line at the cash register.  Low and behold… Ipsy featured my Leopard Halloween look on their page.

 For me, it was definitely an awesome moment.  I have been featured on a few sites before and I’m always so thankful, but I was very honored to be featured on a Facebook Page like Ipsy since there are so many beauty and makeup lovers that follow the page.  It was also awesome to find out that my picture received over 80 likes. Yay!Sometimes I forget that other people notice my work.  I love doing what I do because it is fun and I love sharing my love of makeup and beauty with others, so it is definitely a great thing to be featured knowing that others see your hard work and commitment to it as well.Have you heard of Ipsy?  If not – click on the link and check it out… it’s  a $10 a month subscription where you get 4-5 Beauty Product Samples or Full Size items each month.  In the past I have received everything from Urban Decay and Benefit to NYX and so much more.  It’s definitely worth the cost each month and you can check out some of my “Is it Worth It?” Videos on my YouTube Channel.


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