In May of this year – I was sent some products from My Natural Addiction – now named Aloha Nani.  Aloha Nani is run, owned and operated by Breanna Hamilton, a young Indie Business owner who makes products like Eye Shadows and skin care items.  The item I received was the Juju Cream.  It was suggested to me by Breanna because she had watched one of my videos where I mentioned that I had eczema and that I used Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil as my Moisturizer to keep my face looking well and eczema at bay.My original review of the product was fairly positive.  There were a few things that did not work for me, but at the same time, as I mentioned in my video – I have very sensitive skin and my skin is very finicky when it comes to certain products.  Even if the product is all natural, I can sometimes have a reaction I was not expecting.  It’s a problem I do regret having because I truly have to be selective when shopping for bath & body products.  That’s why I chose coconut oil and have really been using it consistently for the last year and a half.  I have even had to change up my skincare routine – you can read about that here: 

The Day before I applied the Cream
If I do not get a bad reaction from a product, I may discontinue using it for a little while and take up using it again after a month or so or a few months.  I did so with this product (the Juju Cream) because it is “Cooler Weather” season here and it’s when my skin always needs much more moisture than normal.  Since I had last tried the product in May – I figured it would be a great time to try out the product in a different season to see if it would work for me.The product still did not have any scent (as I stated in my original review), but that was not a problem.  It still had it’s nice thick consistency I like and I lathered it on my face the day after the photo above was taken.  I used this photo to provide a comparison between what my face looked like prior to applying the cream.  The photo above was taken about 24 hours before I applied Aloha Nani’s Juju Cream.  The image was taken with my camera phone in my car.
The photo above was also taken the day before the cream was applied.  I took this in the same area as I took my “after the cream” photos and it was also taken with my camera phone.  Now – some may argue that I have foundation on… but if you have been following me a while, you will know I do not use it.  Thanks to a very good skincare routine and eliminating most face makeup products, my skin has really been pretty awesome lately.

after applying the cream

after applying the cream
The photos above are taken after I applied the cream.  I used my camera phone to take these photos as well, but as you can see – the lighting is a tad bit different because I took the image in a different area.  I applied the cream in the early afternoon and noticed less than an hour later that my skin felt like it was itchy.  I monitored my face to find that after a few hours, my eczema was starting to flare up.  I instantly washed my face and applied my coconut oil (which is my daily moisturizer) to my face.  While my Eczema flare up was still prominent – within 3 days it had cleared up pretty much completely.   My skin is still a bit sensitive but for the most part – it is gone.I know I have sensitive skin, which is why I ALWAYS try my best to try out a product for skincare through different seasons of the year.  It will allow me to really figure out whether or not a product works well for me or if it only works in certain seasons.  Prior to trying out the Aloha Nani Juju Cream, I had not changed up or added any new products to my skincare routine – so it lead me to think that the cream had been the reason for the flare up.   It was the only thing that I had changed up in a while and the reaction and itchy feeling I was getting happened very quickly after application.I think the Juju Cream from Aloha Nani may be awesome for many – but unfortunately, after trying the product again, it is not something I will be using.  I just can’t have my skin break out like this, it takes so much to get it back into order because the flare up causes redness and almost like a rash that winds up turning my skin scaly and very very unattractive.  It takes a few days before it is soft and equally toned once again.   Unfortunately the product is just not for me.  While I do attribute most of it to my sensitive skin, I would not use the product again.

I had been asked a few times by Subscribers and Readers why I had not started on my Halloween Makeup tutorials and this is the reason.   I haven’t worn any makeup in a week honestly, because I didn’t want it to trigger any more reactions and delay my Halloween Makeup Tutorials any longer.

Aloha Nani offers a wide range of products on the site and you may quite possibly find one that suits your perfectly.  Just because I have a reaction to a product, does not mean that it will not work wonders for other people.  This is just my experience and opinion and I wanted to follow up my original review with my findings.

You can find my original review here on YouTube:  You can read my blog post on this review here:

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer:  The product mentioned was sent to me for review and consideration as a gift.  I was not paid or compensated monetarily to try or review this product and my review is 100% honest and unbiased.


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