Happy Aloha Friday!  Today I’m sharing with you an easy recipe to create my Suiza sauce that we serve over my husbands homemade Chicken Enchiladas or even over pasta.  Sometimes we serve my Suiza sauce over my husband’s “broke the mouth” (a local Hawaii term) Chicken Enchiladas that include shredded chicken that is so soft and tender they will melt in your mouth.  Today I share with you my recipe (not for the enchiladas – sorry), but the suiza sauce or as I like to call it my Avocado Cream Suiza sauce.  I hope you enjoy!

Chicken Enchilada Suizas

My husband will simmer his chicken for hours until it is soft and tender and it simmers in a special enchilada sauce that he makes.  When assembled, he will place in either a corn or flower tortilla – which ever we decide we want to have that day.  We also make up a batch of Achiote Orange Rice and Refried beans topped with cheese as the sides and complete the whole recipe with my homemade Avocado salsa (recipe can be found here), though you can also choose to do a regular salsa or guacamole (I have a recipe for my homemade guacamole here).

So – what is Suiza anyway?  Suiza which means Swiss, is an adjective that indicates a dish is topped with a white, milk or cream-based sauce.  It is often a sauce used over enchiladas or burritos but my family also loves it served over pasta. 🙂  It’s an easy to make sauce and includes a few ingredients to make.

So now that I have your mouth watering, let’s move on to the Suiza recipe.

Ingredients needed:  (Please note that I NEVER measure when I do this recipe, so all of the ingredients listed are general sizes or what I use for my grocery list.  You can taper according to flavor and taste. My recipe is used to top enchiladas for a family of 5 and there is normally enough left over to top our pasta for the following night’s dinner)

  • Tomatillos – these are seasonal and I can’t normally find them in my local stores often.  I like to use the Herdez Salsa Verde in place of Tomatillos if I can’t find them in my stores but a green Tomatillo Salsa will do.  If you are using salsa, then about 1/2 – 3/4 a cup worth, if you are using Tomatillos, then I usually will use 3 whole ones.  Prefer or have canned Tomatillos, you can use one 8 oz can.
  • Heavy whipping cream – this is what gives the sauce it’s creamy texture and thickens the sauce.  Use approximately 2-3 cups of sauce depending on how much you are going to make.  If you are unable to use heavy whipping cream, coconut milk works.  I tend to pull for my Silk Unsweetened coconut milk in it’s place as it will thicken up reasonably well and the coconut flavor adds a creaminess to the sauce without going overboard.
  • Avocados – I LOVE Avocados and tend to go overboard when I put it in this recipe.  For a batch of this size, you will want approximately 2 avocados – full sized/large.
  • Cilantro – you can use the stems and leaves in this recipe.  I love the flavor of cilantro so taper as you see fit, but I use approximately 1 1/2 cups of fresh cilantro in my sauce.
  • Lime – One large lime (you will be adding the juice only)
  • Round Onion (or white onion) – I prefer sweet round onion, but you can use what you have on hand.  I use approximately half of a medium sized onion.
  • Seasoning – You will season to taste and add what you want but I usually will pull and use the following seasonings:  Garlic Salt, Pepper & Cumin.  Since your sauce will be a lighter color, white pepper will work.
  • Extra – If you are using Tomatillos – you will want to add some green chiles (your choice), but I love using the canned ones from Hatch or Herdez.  I usually get the 4oz can.  If you are using Salsa Verde, you can add more chiles if you need, but usually we find we do not need to.


  • If you are using Tomatillos, you must peel the outer layer, cut in half and place in your blender.  Same goes for the Avocados (remove the seed), Cilantro and Round Onion.  You will also be juicing your lime.
  • Take all of your ingredients and put into a blender (I use my Ninja) and blend until creamy.  You will notice that with the heavy whipping cream, the cream will thicken as it is blended.
  • After sauce is creamy, put on the side to add to your enchiladas.
  • Cover your enchiladas with your cream sauce and top with cheese and put your enchiladas into the oven until the cheese has melted.  You can warm the sauce prior to putting on your enchiladas if you would like.  Simply heat in a sauce pan or put in the microwave.  You want to warm the sauce, not over cook it.
  • If you are using this over pasta as we like to do… cook up your favorite pasta and add your favorite meat – we love it with chicken.  Add the sauce to your pasta dish and toss – done!

Note:  If you make up a large batch of this sauce and find you have left overs, it will keep well in a closed container for 2 days and you can then use over pasta.  Our favorite pastas to serve this sauce with are:  Spaghetti and Penne.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy recipe of goodness.  We absolutely enjoy this in our house and it’s so easy to make, you’ll find different purposes for it as we have.  It is not just a Suiza sauce for us so I changed the name to Avocado Cream Suiza Sauce since it is so universal.  Have fun making this easy sauce and Enjoy!


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  1. BeautyJudy Reply

    I’m so excited to know what suiza is now, I never bothered to look it up! This sounds yummy thank you for sharing!!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Sounds delicious! I would love to figure out a lower calorie version. Have u ever used condensed milk instead of heavy cream?

    • Yes you can use Condensed Milk… though it will not be as creamy and thick… so if you want that consistency – use more avocados and less milk 🙂

      • Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

        I will give it a try. I love avocados and they are so good for you!

  3. Oooh this sounds delicious, I usually see red sauces with enchiladas so the idea of a cream sauce sounds like a nice twist

  4. omg,….that looks amazing. I love avocados but don’t really do much with them other than eat them plain or make guac. I think your hubby needs to do a guest post and share his chicken recipe. PLEASE oh please!!<3

  5. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    Oh yum! Gonna save this to make for my son. He’s an avocado fanatic

  6. This sounds good enough to eat! Avocados make wonderful sauce.

  7. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    That looks incredible! I’m usually not a fan of avocados, but this looks so good I’d try it 😀

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