Fresh Homemade Salsa

I LOVE homemade Salsa.  As a plus sized girl, this is the type of snack food that allows me to indulge in a whole lot of flavor without sacrificing a lot of calories or fat intake.  I swear I could eat salsa every day like a bowl of cereal – especially if it is fresh and homemade.  I make many different variations of this salsa and add and remove different ingredients as seasons change and as my supplies are readily available for me.  I have posted in the past how I do a similar version where I use canned ingredients and add in a little bit of freshness by using some fresh picked from my garden.  This one is a bit different and I wanted to share it with you.

Ingredients / supplies needed – yields about 5 to 6 servings:

2 Whole tomatoes – diced to the size you like

1 bunch of cilantro – about 10 to 15 sprigs, chopped to the size you like

1 whole avocado – seeded and diced to your size preference

1-2 whole limes (depending on the size, smaller limes – use 2) – squeeze out all of the juice

1/2 Round Sweet White Onion (depending on the size, if it is a small onion you can use a whole one) – dice to the size you like

1 can sweet corn or 2 corn on the cobs (whole corn)

Combine all of your ingredients in an air tight container.  Season your salsa to taste.  It is optional for you to add some green peppers or jalapenos, but since i have little ones, I like to take a little Tabasco or Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and add some to the mix.  It gives just the right amount of kick without being too hot for my littles to enjoy.  I add Garlic Salt, Pepper, Oregano and Italian Seasoning and a pinch of Hawaiian (rock) salt.  You can decide how much of each seasoning you want to add – it’s all about taste anyway.

Fresh Homemade Salsa

I make many different variations of my salsa (as I mentioned above) and since Spring and Summer is just around the bend, I’ll be making them each as my ingredients are fresh and in season.  I’ll be sure to post those variations and recipes here so you can test them out as well.  The salsa will keep well in the air tight container for about four days and in some cases longer.  I like to add a little extra lime to not only keep it fresh but keep the avocado green.  If you like the taste of lemon, you can also add a splash of that in the salsa for the lemon flavor.

Fresh Homemade Chunky Salsa

Enjoy this salsa with your favorite chips – we love Stacy’s Pita Chips or we love to make our own in our house.  I especially love Salsa and pita chips with a nice cold beer – a great way to relax after a long day.  Use this Salsa to top off your favorite Taco salad recipe or some Cilantro Lime Rice with Black beans (I’ll post the recipe for the one I make soon).  These are fun and festive and so great for those warm summer nights while hanging out and enjoying the sun.  I hope to have my Mango Salsa recipe posted in the next month (similar ingredients with a little sweet addition).

For those of you reading this on St. Patty’s Day – I’ll be having an ice cold green bottle to celebrate and wishing you all an awesome “Lucky Green” Day!

Fresh Salsa and Stella Artois

Hope you enjoy creating your own Salsa and fun delicious memories! Have a wonderful day and happy cooking!



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