It’s no secret that I am fond of Colour Pop Cosmetics and their squishy shadows that I love so much.  I recently did a haul and picked up a few blush shades that I knew I would get some use out of, some that are newly released which I just couldn’t stay away from.  I wanted to share these awesome fun shades with you so that you could use for Spring and year round with you so you can pick them up while they are still available.

Colour Pop Blushes

First we have two gorgeous blushes.  I really wanted to pick up their new purple blush (Rain) because I figured I could get some dual use out of it.  This gorgeous bright and bold blush is matte and while it looks super bold in the pot, it can be applied with a light hand to create a cool effect on the cheeks.  The pink blush (Prenup) is a mid-toned pink with a soft plum like undertone and is one that I think will be universally flattering on most people and skintones and definitely a blush perfect for every day use.  Prenup has a satin finish with a soft almost gold shimmer shift.

Colour Pop Blushes Swatches

As you can see from my swatches these shades are fun for Spring and I love that I can use both as eye shadows as well.  I have been using Prenup almost daily and I love it.  Each blush is just $8.00 and the application reminds me of that from the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes… so I apply them with my fingers.

Note – if you are looking at applying these blushes with a brush, I suggest the ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Small Stippling Brush.  Pat your brush into the pot to pick up color and stipple your brush onto your cheeks.  Take your time to build up the shade.  When I use a blush I like to have a flush of color so it looks natural, so you can apply to your desired effect.  If you don’t have that specific brush, any synthetic brush will work and your fingers are surely your best tools as well.  I love that Colour Pop blushes offer me all day color and wear and if I want it to last even longer, I will set it with a corresponding powder blush.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix

While this was originally all about the blush, I have a few lippies I think you would enjoy as well.

Colour Pop Westie

Westie, a soft and wearable baby pink shade which wears matte and quite comfortable on the lips.  If you enjoy matte lipsticks and are looking for a pink that you can use everyday, I think Westie is a great one.   It’s a shade that will be quite flattering on many and I love that it is so handy to take a long with you for touch ups.

Colour Pop Westie Swatch

Tootsi is a little less traditional.  It is one of those shades that not many people can pull off but is popular.  That muted brown/grey toned lipstick that everyone is coveting for.  This shade is gorgeous, but I make sure to use it with a smoky eye or something bold on the eyes to balance out the lips otherwise I look a little… deadly – lol.

Colour Pop Tootsi

This grey-beige is all over the internet, Instagram and Social Media and if you are looking for an alternative to a more expensive brand shade, you can’t beat this one.  I find that if I use it along with a pink toned nude lip liner, it actually makes the shade much more wearable for me.  It’s a gorgeous one that I think could be pullled off year round.  This is a matte shade and since the color is interesting… I definitely suggest you moisturize and exfoliate your lips prior to use for this one.

Colour Pop Tootsi Swatch

Each Colour Pop Lippie Stix Lipstick is just $5.00 and you can easily find a shade that will work for you.  Overall, I think the price point is nice and I am always in love with the pigmentation on these lipsticks.

So – have you tried any of these products from Colour Pop yet?  Is there anything on your list of must-haves or wants?  If you have tried Colour Pop, what is one your must have list for me to check out?

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  1. Why oh why haven’t I tried Colour Pop yet? I want the baby pink lippie and the pink blush!!!!!

  2. BeautyJudy Reply

    I’m super impressed with Colour Pop’s lippies! I am dying to try the blushes. I love your picks!!!

  3. Oooh, those two lippies are so pretty!! I also really love that purple blush. I have a few ColourPop blushes already, but I never remember to reach for them!

  4. Cindy Ingalls Reply

    So pretty, and so perfect for the season. I think the blushes are my favorite. ColourPop has such unique colors and pigment payoff.

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Very pretty! I still have to order something from ColourPop

  6. ValiantlyVarnished Reply

    I have so many Colour Pop items on my wish list – including Tootise. They have such amazing colors and I’ve only ever heard great things about the brand.

  7. Color Me So Crazy Reply

    Westie is gorgeous!!! I’m such a pink and purple girl that I could really see myself wearing all of these colors. Very pretty A!

  8. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    Those blushes are everything. I NEED Rain in my life asap.

  9. I look at the site but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I like the look of those lip colors a lot.

  10. I love their matte lippies, though they are a bit drying. They wear like iron on me, though, so it’s worth it! Their eyeshadows are really good, too. I haven’t tried the blushes, but that lilac one looks so pretty!

  11. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    These are so gorgeous! I just got one of their lippies and love it!

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