If you are like me and love hosting people, celebrations, and events at your home for both personal and professional use, knowing how to turn your space into the ideal entertainment area can help you elevate your events, entertain your guests with ease, and add the wow factor to your outdoor space to create the perfect vibe.

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So, what goes into turning your garden into the perfect entertainment space? These tips can help!

Add A Patio or Decking

To entertain people, you will need a seating area for your guests to sit at, a space for you to use for setting up tables for food and drinks, adding cooking equipment if required, and a hard surface for people to stand on, not just grass. A patio or decking, such as a sleek wooden deck with a built-in seating area or a stone patio with a fire pit, can allow you to create such a space add the wow factor to your garden, and become a focal point of your celebrations.

Add Shelter

A shelter can be something you move around like a parasol, which provides flexibility and can be adjusted to the sun’s position, or it can be a permanent structure, like a pergola, which offers a more sturdy solution. What you choose is entirely up to you. Whether you add a canopy to your verandah, a pavilion over your patio and entrance to the garden from your home, or you choose a sun shade for a fun, quirkier option, adding shelter can help to define outdoor spaces and give you a flexible garden option to provide shade from the sun and shelter from rain too.

Add Lighting

Entertaining people means creating a welcoming space with a cozy aesthetic and being synonymous with you and your home. Lighting is an integral part of creating that vibe. The type of lighting and color will perfect your home, your personality, your garden style, and the vibe you want to showcase. For example, if you want a fun and lively entertaining space, colored LED lights around furniture, etc., can be a good option. For a more relaxing vibe, add warm white lights on walls, fences, and in-ground can work better for you. Whatever you opt for, you need lighting to pull everything together. Consider using string lights for a whimsical feel or spotlights to highlight specific areas of your garden.

Comfortable Seating

No entertaining pace is complete without comfortable seating, and again, like your lighting option, the type of seating depends on the type of entertaining you do. Chilled, relaxed nights can require softer, sofa-like seating arrangements; maybe a sectional around a fire pit? This can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. For livelier events, bar stools and bistro tables could work better for you, as they encourage mingling and socializing. While loungers and Adirondack chairs are ideal for lazy summer days where the name of the game is catching some rays and doing absolutely nothing, they provide a laid-back and casual seating option.

Add Plants

Flowers and plants are the perfect addition to any space, especially outdoor entertaining spaces. Whether you opt for real-life blooms and shrubbery or you prefer the low-maintenance vibe of artificial choices, adding plant life can elevate your style and space to allow you to add some life to your garden and give your guests something nice to look at. Plants not only add beauty and color to your outdoor space, but they also help create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere. They can also act as natural dividers, creating separate areas within your garden for different activities.

Whether you are looking to have the ultimate party place this summer or just want a comfortable haven for you to escape to after a long day – making just a few of these changes to create an entertainment space in your outdoors may take just a few simple steps.  Take a few of these tips and try it out for yourself.  Use this time to spruce up your space and make it amazing!

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