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  1. It’s crazy how far they’ve come with Play doh! I remember babysitting my little brother and teaching him how to make things with Play Doh; we used to spend hours making whatever he wanted!

  2. Kristi Vasquez Reply

    Oh my, they didn’t have all the cool contraptions they have now for play doh! We ended up using things around the house and then getting in trouble for getting play doh on it LOL. The scent of play doh is so nostalgic (an even the taste! haha).

  3. Stacie Wacie Reply

    I’m 30 years old and I still love Play-Doh. This looks like a really fun set!

  4. I’m such a big kid at heart! I LOVE playing with Play Doh! LOL! I’ll have to pick this up for me and the kids,

  5. FairyTales Nails Reply

    I can’t wait to play with play doh with my little girl when she’s old enough x

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