I’m a sucker for nail polish with pretty sparkle… let’s face it, who isn’t?  Those of you that have followed my blogging journey for a while now know that at one time for about a year (maybe longer), I was subscribed to Julep Maven which is a monthly box subscription.  I enjoyed it but as much as I did enjoy their polishes… I have more nail polishes then any one should have and I decided to cancel.

I still get their emails in my inbox and I came across this new beauty they have on the site.  Little Lights is a part of their Holiday Gift collection and this tiny little set is super adorable.  Includes four mini polishes in awesome shades that really do remind me of little lights from the Christmas tree.  It’s on sale now for just $20.00 so if you have a nail polish addiction your shopping list this year, this is a great buy.  Check out this awesome deal today on Julep’s website.



{Informational post only – this image is from Julep.com}


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