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So it is no secret that I’m a fan of Colour Pop Cosmetics, having posted about this brand several times and creating looks using these products.  At just $5.00 each shadow and/or Lippy Stix or Lip Pencil, these make great stocking stuffers and Holiday Gifts.  I figured I would share a few goodies I picked up along with swatches so you could decide if this is something you want to add to your Holiday Wish List or something you may want to pick up for the beauty lover in your life.

Colour Pop

I got two of the Holiday Sets still available on Colour Pop’s website.  Each Holiday Set was $30 and not only did I get free shipping with an order of $30 or more, but each set includes six products.

Check out the video embedded below where I walk you through all the goods or click here to watch directly on Youtube.

Not A Box Of Chocolates is a set that includes six single eye shadows conveniently in a box ready to give or receive.  The collection includes a variety of shade textures from satin, metallic, pearlized and matte.  The collection is limited edition so you will not be able to buy the shadows in this set individually.

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates

This set is available till the Holidays or until it sells out – but I definitely suggest it. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and great for those who want a little sparkle in their life but still want shades they can wear and get good use out of.  I love how it has Holiday inspired shades but you can use them together or on their own to customize your makeup look.

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates

Top to Bottom – Left to Right:  Halo (satin luxe), Tinsel (metallic), Partridge (pearlized), Sleigh (metallic), Drift (pearlized), Doe-A-Deer (matte).

Choosing a favorite color from this collection is near to impossible because they are all very gorgeous shades.  If you watched the video, I talk about Partridge being a possible dupe for MAC’s blue brown pigment.  The shade is slightly different with a difference in hues, but it can totally be used for similar looks.  I swatched both shades side by side in the video, so you can check that out here.

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates

Swatches from Left to Right – Halo, Tinsel, Partridge, Sleigh, Drift and Doe-A-Deer is the purple shade that is swatched on the top.

Each shade is very pigmented with one swipe and provides great color pay off and longevity.  The swatches below are the same from above, but the below photo was taken almost 10 hours later after washing dishes 3 times.  As you can see – the wear on these shadows is absolutely awesome.  The swatches were done without primer, so you can only imagine what it is like over a primer or base.  These shadows are perfect for an all over wash of color or for a quick makeup look on your way out of the door.

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates

If you are not looking to pick up a Holiday set – check out any of Colour Pop’s single shadows – again, sold for $5 each and available in a variety of shades.  Pictured below I have So Quiche, Cricket, Hammered and Mittens, though there are a plethora of shades you can choose from at the affordable $5 price tag.  Pick and choose your shades and spend $30 or more and get free shipping in the US.

Colour Pop Shadows

The second set I picked up was a Lippie Stix set in Forget the Fruit Cake.  This set includes 6 limited edition lippies, 2 in their Hyper glossy finish and 4 in their matte finish.  The shades are gorgeous and perfect for the Fall and Winter season trends.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Forget the fruit cake

Just like the eye shadow set – the lippie stix set comes in a cute gift box, ready for gift giving.  The set is $30 and includes colors that are full of pigmentation and bold colors.  Since this is a limited edition collection, once it sells out or once Holidays are over – it may not be available, so you definitely want to get your hands on them soon.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Forget the fruit cake

Left to Right – Flawless (satin), Leather (matte), Tutu (matte), Lady (matte), Cheers (matte), Confetti (hyper glossy), Tuxedo (hyper glossy), Cookie (matte).

Flawless and Leather were purchased separately – they are not a part of of the collection Forget the Fruit Cake.  I included them in the swatches because each of them are just $5.00 and available for purchase separately.  If you love wearing dark berry or purple lippies, these would be fabulous lippie stix to add to your cart.  If the Forget the Fruit Cake collection is not for you, you do have other options for lipsticks, including the Preferred To Pudding Set which includes Colour Pops best selling lippies.  You can also pick and choose the shades you want from their permanent line.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Forget the fruit cake

My hope is that Colour Pop decides to make the lippies in the Forget the Fruit Cake set and the shadows in Not A Box of Chocolates available as single shadows because each are gorgeous and would do well on their own.  I’ve been impressed with Colour Pop now since the first time I used their shadows and each color range they have continues to amaze me.  If you have six friends that are beauty lovers, it would be a great way to introduce them to this brand by choosing out 6 shades to give to each friend and put it in their stocking for Christmas.  I know I would love this as a present, so I’m sure they will love it too.  Check out what Colour Pop has to offer – a wide range of shades… and see if they will make your Holiday Wish List this year.

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  All products discussed in this post were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid or sponsored to provide any information regarding this company or their products.

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  1. Lola Seicento Reply

    WOW, seriously everything is so gorgeous, and Cookie looks like the perfect nude peachy pink lippie!

  2. MyBeautyJunction Reply

    I’m in love with the Lippie Stix Set, especially shades Cheers and Cookie.

  3. Betzy Carmona Reply

    All the colors are so pretty ! I ordered the Lumiere lippie and pencil since I watch Kathleenlights.

    • I love to watch Kathleenlights too – but skipped on her lippy. I think that I’ll pick it up soon though. 😉

  4. I have been going back and forth all day about buying some of their Holiday sets. I can’t believe how long-lasting those shadows were on you!

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