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  1. BeautyJudy Reply

    I like your ideas overall but I particularly love the journal idea. Getting a new journal every Christmas was such a thrill for me. The starting of a brand new chapter! I hope your family brings light through your loss this holiday season, Honey. I know this can’t be an easy time of year <3

    • Thank you Judy <3 It hasn't been easy, but we try our best to move through the days. The journal idea is an important one for me… I always buy my sister (one of them) a journal or planner or make one for her each holiday. The journal is beautifully made and affordable for anyone.

  2. Jen Sky Walker Reply

    I’m a microbiologist by training, so I’m immediately feeling the Giant Microbes. I have a few critters myself already!

  3. Kristi Vasquez Reply

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! These are some great ideas, I still need to finish my shopping – EEEK!

  4. Georgia Geary Reply

    Just in time lol! I was getting desperate looking for something to post off to my love but pieces of me definitely looks like it’s worth trying! You really have covered off everyone here

  5. You’ve included things I haven’t seen before (other than the shaving items) so it’s a great guide.

    • They would be perfect for Mom and Father’s Day. Even if your dad doesn’t write, it would be a great way for you to interview him and write in his answers to the questions as a keepsake 😉

  6. Jenalyn Pirosch Reply

    Socks! I’ve been eyeing that brand for a long while now, I need to snag some! Happy Holidays to y’all too <3

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