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There have been many people with business ideas in the past, but few of those actually make that passion into a reality. Of those passionate people, only a small percentage experiences real success. But of course, you don’t have to earn millions in revenue to justify your presence, sometimes a small, humble yet effective outfit can be a good signifier of worth.

If that’s all you’re looking for and aim to increase the value offered while doing the best you can, then your attitude is likely in the right place. However, getting a small, plucky business and brand off the ground isn’t always an easy prospect, especially with so much competition to consider.

Luckily, the foundations of how a business should operate are well-worn. Yet this is a new business landscape, as AI integrations, remote work, and online marketing are more important than ever, even for legacy companies with large premises to fund. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get your small brand off the ground, and make a difference while doing so:

Make Clear Your Reasons For Starting Something New

You really have to encourage people to believe in your idea, but this is harder than it sounds. A good way to do that is to condense your reasons for starting this brand into two or three simple, effective, emotive reasons. Perhaps you want to provide a better service for a particular community, you want to inspire sustainability in that space, and you feel that your personal experience in the field can help you really cater to customer needs. Of course, you can tailor these to your own branding and aesthetic, but you’ll have clarified with care and caution, and that’s important.

Address Pain Points

That said, vague ideas of worth are always less important and interesting than actualized, specific intentions directly relating to something you can improve. For example, perhaps you’ve designed a straw that is both healthy for the environment and won’t melt into mush like many of the paper variants available today. Perhaps it’s biodegradable and even tastes nice, adding a non-sugary sweet addition to drinks you use it with. That solves two pain points, one being the need to remain sustainable, the next undoing the inconvenience of paper variants. As you can see, specific, direct intent and a willingness to be the solution can help any brand seem insightful, interesting, and plucky – even if it’s as simple as a small, necessary feature, such as being able to accept payments for CBD products, or explain a new topic to a new audience well through website copy.

Celebrate Those Who Contribute

It’s good to make the movers and shakers of your brand, that is those who have trusted you enough to work on your startup alongside you, part of your brand identity, or at least to give them credit and help them stay visible. From credits on the “meet the team” page of your website to giving them the chance to practice autonomy within agreed limits, or speak at events, you can celebrate those who are along with you for the right. Of course, as the firm grows, their compensation should too.

With this advice, you’re sure to get a small yet plucky brand off the ground and benefit as a result of your efforts.

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